Monday, April 20, 2015

Another week has passed and we are ready to go!!

Dear Mum, Dad, Family

 I am glad to hear that everything is going well!! Everything here has been going good as well. For driving I have to pay about $100 which equals out to about £80.

Well another week has passed and we are ready to go....we are standing here outside your door, inviting you to be baptized!! (sing it to I'm leavin' on a jet plane!) :)

You know I have learned something life changing this week. As I was thinking about it, a quote Dad gave me last week came to my head. It was given by Alexander Graham Bell, he states: "Sometimes we stare too long at the door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open."

This is what has been happening...I have been staring at doors closing and haven't noticed the doors opening. I got bummed out because some people who were progressing have stopped progressing. We have lost contact with some people who were so prepared and not that many people have wanted to talk to us. I was thinking what is happening.....What have we done wrong? Then I thought, I'm stupid...I have to rely on the Lord. So I decided to fast! I fasted for a miracle that day. I had faith that something would happen. It started getting later and later! That night, I came into the flat and nothing had happened. I was thinking why didn't anything happen? I prayed and fasted for a miracle but we didn't get one! Why didn't we get one?

The problem in the world today is people are all too focused on receiving a big answer, or miracle, something that is undeniable, and they don't get it...and then they wonder why and blame God. But we know that by small and simple things, great and marvelous things are brought to pass! (Alma 37:6) I was so distracted by wanting a huge miracle and looking for a bolt of lightning to happen with someone who we have been working with, but I didn't see the small miracles happening, the doors that were opening!

This week miracles happened!!! I missed them until I looked back and saw them. There were a few miracles that happened. First, is I think... one of the best!!!  We have been working with Caroline for a long time. We have been trying to help her re-build her testimony and help her know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her so much. Well after 8 weeks of working with her I think we have gotten somewhere. We were at church and suddenly she shows up!! What a miracle! She told us that she knows Heavenly Father loves her and we can see her testimony has sparked again. She knows what she needs to do next.

Next, Carl made it home safely and is doing really well! HE has not smoked for a week and a half now! How amazing is that. He is really looking forward to his baptism on May 9 but today we are going to see if he wants to move it to May 2!

We have also met so many good people who have been prepared to receive the message of the Restoration. Emile who walked up to us and asked us who we were! Julian who loves talking about God!  Ryan, Tia and Zoe who all want help to quit smoking!  So many things are happening but the problem was I wasn't seeing them. But now I know that Heavenly Father did bless us this week! He really does answer our prayers but we have to remember it is after all we can do and it is in His time.

I invite all of you to keep going, put in all that you can and trust in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Stop looking at the doors which are closing and go to the ones that are opening. I love you all and hope you are doing well.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. He lives!

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Elder Rife and Elder Barendse "knocking"!  :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

So fast

Dear mum, dad, and family,
Wow what a week! It went by so fast!! I can't believe it, it feels like just yesterday that I was sitting here emailing you, and now here I am again. Your spring break seems productive and relaxing. England had something similar...they call it half term. There were so many people out, with it being a nice week and on the beach, and a carnival going on there were so many tourists...not many people originally from Bridlington, but good things happened anyway. I am glad to hear everyone is doing so well and good things are happening. So the new elder is Elder Gurney...he is actually from Provo, except he went to timpview!! He is pretty cool. He goes home in June! Kendra....he is home in June!!!!! He is a nice guy.
Well for me this week is has been fast but very very tiring. For some reason I have just been exhausted this has been really weird. But good things are happening all the same. I learned this week from preach my gospel in diligence. It says something to the effect of diligently working even when you are tired...and you will find joy, and happiness. So I have been trying really hard to work even when I am tired, and honestly it works....As we work, we forget about ourselves and the days just fly by.
Many things have happened, good and bad. Carl is still progressing really well. He still has a big desire to be baptized. He is away on a business trip but we are trying to stay in contact with him as well as send him reading assignments. He is going to watch General Conference as well. Carl also has done something that has been a big step for him. He has been having a hard time with smoking, but he has gone away to sail a ship for the business that he is in. We asked him to keep working hard to pack in smoking but he then said well I won't have a problem because I am not taking any cigs. Elder Barendse and I sat so amazed and happy for him. He said it will be hard but he is just going to have to deal with it because he won't be able to buy any on the ship. We are so excited for him and have seen him come really far.
Becca and Poppy on the other hand have said that they want to wait to be baptized. We have tried resolving all their concerns but the truth is, they told us they just don't want to commit right now. So we decided we will still work with them but not as much. Until they have a desire to commit, they won't progress anywhere. Well we are still praying for them.
Caroline is finally going to come to church and she is doing amazing! She is even doing missionary work and is inviting one of her friends to meet with us!!! How cool! Her Mum and Dad are also less active, they have been really cold towards the church, but she asked them to have a meal with us!! WHAT!!! They haven't seen missionaries for 10 years! This is a miracle!!! We are so excited!
We have been finding quite a bit this week and have been running into some pretty crazy characters! It is weird how many different names we have been called! the past week I have been called really bad names, a salesperson, a police officer, an agent, and a criminal! We are also famous...apparently we are all over facebook, a member told us that somebody posted about how the mormons are knocking on peoples doors!! So heck yeah for us! I'm facebook famous!! :) We found this week a really cool family. They are very kind to us and we are hoping that we will be able to start working with them more to help them come closer to Christ.

Well miracles are happening in little old Brid! I am so thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and this gospel. It truly is amazing!! Keep being awesome! Love you guys and Miss you guys.
God be with you till we meet again. One our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES!
Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Not sure what this son of ours is doing---
I think just being a little goofy and having some fun in England!!!
Being very serious as he stands next to this character 
as he shares the Book of Mormon!  :)

I heard Tyler's email being sent to us at 4:52 AM this morning and I laid there thinking, "Go BACK to sleep....Go BACK to sleep!"
I just couldn't!  The more I thought about Tyler and perhaps being able to chat with him for a minute or two, I just had to get up and try!  Forget about Sleep!!!

It was soooo fun getting his response that stated, " HEY how are you doing?"

I asked him how he was doing and if things were going good?
his response....

"I honestly am doing really well, I am not going to lie, sometimes it is hard but that is apart of the mission. But I honestly am doing good.  I miss you guys!" 

He has always sounded good and very positive in his emails and in the letters he sends home but it was good to hear this as he kinda REALLY talked with me.  :) 

We continued conversing for a few more minutes and then as I was typing a message to him (and of course I'm a little slower... come on a lot...slower in responding than he is) his message to me popped up...

"Well I have to go!  Bye Mum, I Love You!  :)"
I remember when our daughter Kynsie was out serving her mission there were many times where I just would ache inside to see her/visit with her.  The same as occurred with Tyler.  Today was one of those times!  :)

So grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ who suffered all for us that we might be happy. I'm very thankful that a young 14 year old boy went into a grove of trees to pray and saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ and that later that same boy, Joseph Smith  restored the gospel in this dispensation. I'm very thankful for a living prophet, Thomas Spencer Monson that leads us and guides us today.  I LOVE my family... and lastly today... I'm grateful for ALL of these wonderful missionaries who are sharing these wonderful truths with others. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless them.  

Now, my experiences today have made me so excited and I'm
LOOKING FORWARD to Mother's Day when Tyler will get to call/skype with us!  
It is really right around the corner!!!  :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hello Family,

Tanner you are becoming quite the cook aren't you! You will have to make me food one of these days! You should make your own little cafe. Kynsie I haven't been able to send a birthday card so this is it to you! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ELDER RIFE TO YOU! You have to sing it as you read it! Sorry to hear about the washer, hopefully it gets fixed! It sounds like you all had a very fun Easter! I did too, it was amazing, being able to hear from the Prophet and Apostles and being able to go see people to help them come closer to Christ was just wonderful! I love General Conference. I had so many questions that were answered straight forward and clear it was amazing.

Well for the week, it was transfers again, and I am staying but Elder Manwaring is going...I'm going to miss him, he is such a good missionary and a wonderful teacher. What happened this week. Well to be honest loads of things and it honestly has been quite a stressful week but very eventful all the same.

Carl - We taught Carl and WOW he is just doing so amazing. He is progressing so much and loves learning about Jesus Christ and His gospel. It is so amazing seeing him progress and change. We talked to him about the temple and about Priesthood and he is really excited to receive the blessings that are there for him. He is doing really good. He loves Heavenly Father and knows that he can rely on him!

Becca - Becca has had a desire to be baptized and has felt the promptings of the Holy Ghost and knows that Jesus Christ died for her. But recently she has had concerns which are scaring her and making it so she doesn't want to be baptized. What Elder Barendse and I have been trying to do is take her back to the feelings that she has received when the Holy Ghost has testified to her that this is all true. We know that as we rely on Heavenly Father we will be able to be vessels in which the Holy Ghost will resolve her concerns and she will again have a desire to be baptized. She knows this is true, she just needs to feel it again. We are praying for help that Heavenly Father will work through us.

Caroline - We have been working with Caroline for some time now, she is a less active and she doesn't believe that she has a testimony. So we have been trying to work with her to re-ignite the testimony she does have. Because she does have it, Satan is just trying to make it seem like she doesn't. After weeks, Caroline finally knows she has a testimony and she knows she has to come back to church. She wants too, she is just trying to get up the courage to come back but I know in time she will. Caroline is amazing.

General Conference was definitely amazing. I loved hearing from the Prophet and Apostles. I had so many questions and they were all answered 100% and so clearly. It was just so wonderful. I Love conference. I love this gospel and I love my Savoir Jesus Christ. I know the Atonement is real and I have been able to use it so many times, it has carried me. Jesus Christ is there. I hope that you all use the Atonement because it truly is amazing. Jesus Christ is there for you, he will not leave you alone and he loves us. He will not let us Fall. I love it. Well I love you all and hope you are all doing wonderful. If you need anything let me know!

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Elder Rife and Elder Barendse with Carl

Elder Rife and Elder Barendse with Caroline