Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I believe in miracles - Monday, June 27, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

Well it seems once again that everyone had a fantastic week. I hope all is going well. Mum, Kynsie, and Kendra I am so glad that you enjoyed New York City. It seems like you all had so much fun. Tanner and Dad you took me back to the good ole' days of Timberline. I hope I am able to go up again. Tanner I hope you know that the experience you had up there was Heavenly Father working through you to help that young man and help all the other young men. Your influence will be with those young men the rest of their lives. Kylee I hope you had a blast as well.

This week has been a week full of miracles. We have seen so many miracles it is insane but I guess the Church is all about miracles. The only sad part about the week is that President Pilkington goes home on Wednesday. :( He really helped me a lot. I am so grateful for the things that he taught me. 
Karleen is doing so good. She still loves the church and is reading and praying. We are working with her right now to help her quit smoking. She only smokes a few but the addiction really has a hold of her. She really wants to get baptized. So we are hoping that we are able to help her so she can get baptized on the 9th of July. Keep her in your prayers. Any good ideas to stop smoking?

Aimee is doing good as well. She has been to Church so much and absolutely loves coming. It is as if she is a part of the ward already. She just looks the part. We weren't able to see her this week but we are planning to teach her on Tuesday. She is still struggling with her nerves a bit. She is afraid she doesn't know enough yet. We are just trying to help her realize that she doesn't need to know everything to get baptized. But she will get there. The members are so involved and her Dad is really supportive. She really wants to get baptized but she just wants to know a bit more.

So remember Golden that I told you about last week. Well I couldn't get him out of my head. It just kept ringing and I was thinking goodness the lesson we had with him was so good. What happened? Well I was praying that we would be able to teach him again. We were knocking the block of flats that he lives in and we were in the staircase making a phone call. Well Golden comes walking up and we get chatting. We talked about what he was told and explained to him that the way to know is to sincerely read and pray. He told us that he doesn't know what happened, he says that he doesn't feel negative towards the Church or to the things that we are sharing so he invited us back. We went by and read Alma 32 with him. The spirit was strong again. We were able to commit him to start reading and praying everyday. He said he would. Well as we were leaving he told us that he feels really good when we are around and knows that he needs to read the Book of Mormon more. He then asked us if we could come around more often. :) I think things will go well with Golden. We are seeing him on Wednesday.

We also met this lady named Isabelle. She is from Portugal. Well we were talking to Isabelle about the Church on the street. She said we could go around. So we did. Well we were running a bit late and she was heading out the door. So we set another time up and we taught her the Restoration. She told us that this is what she has been looking for. She told us that her husband who is a devote Catholic has been trying to get her to pray for ages and he will be so happy that we got her to pray the first time. She started crying and was holding the Book of Mormon near her heart saying that she is so grateful that Heavenly Father has answered her prayer. We are seeing her on Tuesday.

We started working with a former named Ammad. Well this is an interesting story. Ammad has been taught by the missionaries for a long time. He has been to Church loads and loves the Church. So members of the Church kept asking about Ammad and we were like who is this guy. Anyway, one day a few lessons flogged and Ammad's name popped into our head. We decided to try by and he was in. We set up a return appointment and we taught him about baptism and scheduled him for July 02 which is the end of the week. We are going to push it to July 09 though because President has asked to give him a bit more time. Anyway back to the miracle. After we taught him he was telling us that he had been praying only a few days earlier and asked Heavenly Father to-* have the missionaries contact him again. Well Heavenly Father answers prayers and we just pointed out that it was an answer. We are seeing him this evening.

So many miracles are happening. It is incredible the blessings which we are seeing. Heavenly Father really does bless His children and it is because He loves them. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. No matter what we have done or who we have been He loves us. He will always be with us. I love you all and hope you are well. If you need anything let me know.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Car Contacting! :)

" Doing the Great work of the Lord.  Elder Cottrell is happy even though he isn't smiling.  Haha"

Miracle after Miracle - Monday, June 20, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

Well I think all you do is party all the time. haha. At least you are all staying busy. Tanner tell me all about how Timberline went. Man, also Boy's State is pretty intense, but you do learn a lot and it looks really good for Universities and for jobs. Kylee you gotta tell me all about Camp Big Springs as well. And everyone has got to tell me about how there week went this past week. I am excited you are all having fun. To answer your question, area booking is white washing. President Pilkington is trying to get rid of missionary lingo so we call it area booking and instead of greenie we call them stars. But yeah Elder Cottrell and I have "white washed the area" I have done it quite a few times on the mission. I did it in Leeds with Elder Zheng and in York with Elder Bailey and now here in Meltham with Elder Cottrell. But it has been honestly great. The ward is great and we aren't getting lost anymore. We are lucky because we have a car to go visit everyone in the Zone but it makes it easier to get around places in the area.

This week we have seen a lot of miracles. Karleen unfortunately won't be able to make her date for baptism but she is working really hard to quit smoking. She knows that this is all true and she loves the church. She loves everyone at the church. She is basically a member of the church. She gets involved and the ward loves her. We are hoping to make some more plans to help her stop smoking. We were told some ideas about drinking a glass of water or a glass of orange juice before smoking and apparently it puts you off a cigarette. We are hoping to re-schedule her for baptism for the 16th of July.

Aimee is doing great as well. Each lesson we have is just so spiritual and uplifting. She has nothing against getting baptised. She just wants to know a bit more so she too is working towards July 16th to get baptised. She fits in at the church as well. All the Young Women love her and get her so involved with everything. We are planning on seeing her on Tuesday with her dad. We are hoping to try and get her Dad involved in the lessons.

Well this week we found a guy named Golden. He is so cool. He is from down south but is originally from Zimbabwe. We knocked on this guys door who wasn't interested but then as he started closing the door we kept talking to him and Golden popped around the corner. He told us that he wanted to know more. He told us that we could come to his house in the evening. So we went by. We started talking to him and he informed us that he has been looking for the truth. We taught him about Joseph Smith and explained to him that he can find truth as he does as Moroni directs us to do. The spirit was so strong it was incredible. Golden said that this is what he had been looking for. His prayer was amazing as well. He accepted baptism and is working towards the 16th of July. Unfortunately we have not been able to meet with him. He got some anti stuff from his friend. But we are still going to see where this takes us. I know that he felt the spirit and I don't think he can deny that.

We are also working with Akmed and Alana. Akmed is from Egypt and Alana is from Romania. They are ace. We met them street contacting. Akmed is Muslim and Alana is Christian. They are both very open minded. So, at first Akmed kinda was bashing us but then we gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon and we told him to read it. Anyway, the next time we went by he said that he has been reading the Book and that it has been keeping him up at night. He said that he is interested in learning more. So we took him on a chapel tour last night. We asked him if he would pray about it and he said he would. We are seeing them on Tuesday.

Well so many other miracles have been happening. Thank you for your prayers and support. Because of them it has kept me going. Well I love you all and hope you are all well.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Elder Cottrell and Elder Rife
with Elder Laborero. 
 "He was my Zone Leader in Leeds.  I lived with him.  He helped me so much on the mission.  What a legend."

"This was our selfie with President and Sister Pilkington.  One time in a Zone Conference Elder Allen from the Seventy came and was talking about Ipads.  Anyway, they got a selfie with President and Sister Pilkington.  Later President got up and the first thing he said was, "I'm now a selfie man". haha!  He doesn't like technology at all."

Can you see what's happening...What? Monday, June 13, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family

Okay okay okay I forgot to send my address last time. But here it is 9 Brookland Apartments, Mill Moor Road, Meltham, Holmfirth, HD9 5NF. Hope to hear from ya'll soon. Thank you for putting a bit of money in my account. Tell Sue I am doing fine! But let her know I am thankful that she worries. Haha. Oh my goodness I can't believe she sent those videos! Haha. That was a fun day. During lunch we were really bored. I had just finished my food and so I started singing and dancing. haha. Tell me all about Timberline when it happens. I miss it. Happy Birthday Kylee and Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad. Kylee is there anything specific that you want? I was able to have a final interview with President Pilkington a few weeks ago. As far as the transition. President Pilkington says once President Turvey is over the boundaries He is done. Haha. They will have about 2 hours together to discuss the mission and then the keys go to President Turvey. I don't know much about him other than he is a really nice guy. We will see.

Elder Cottrell and I have had so many miracles this past week. We are getting to know the area and getting to know the members which is so good. This ward is so keen on missionary work it is so great. They are so willing to help out and just want to know what we need. So Karleen wasn't able to make it to Church this past week. :( Her phone died and then she had an electrical problem so we couldn't contact her. But we finally got in touch with her and we are seeing her tonight. We are excited. She is doing so great. Her prayers are so good. Probably better than mine. You can really tell that she is communing with our Heavenly Father. She is working really hard to quit smoking so she can get baptized on the 25th of June. Miracles are happening.

We are also working with a girl named Aimee. She has been coming to Church for a little while now too. Last Tuesday we taught her about Prayer, Scripture Study and the Importance of Church. It was one of the most powerful lessons we have had. The spirit was so strong. We discussed the feelings of the spirit and we were able to point them out to her at that moment. It was so good. Everything was just standing still. It is so hard to explain the feelings. But then we taught her about the importance of baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. We asked her if she wanted to feel peaceful always. She told us yes and so we invited and scheduled her for baptism. She is working towards the 25th of June. I am confident that she will make it. Miracles are happening.

We are also working with a Mum and a son. Veronica and Luke. They have gone through everything in their life. They work hard and really don't get much in return. The first time we went over we found out that Veronica doesn't really trust herself or trust God. So we have been really focusing on trying to strengthen her relationship with Heavenly Father. She has been looking at all the bad things which are happening in her life so we invited her to write down every night 1 good thing that happened in the day and then 2 things she is grateful for. She started doing it and you should see the changes. Her and Luke seem so much happier. It is amazing how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes people physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is all because Heavenly Father loves us and cares so much about our welfare. He knows us individually and will do anything for us.

We are working with so many other people. We are finding loads. Can I just say I love finding. It scares me sometimes to talk to people but I absolutely love it. Well you will have to forgive me because I really didn't take any pictures this week....I am sooooooo sorry. I promise I will take some next week. Love you all. If there is anything you need let me know.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Surprise Zone Conference - Friday, June 10, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

Surprise!!! It was Zone Conference again. President Pilkington asked us again to email home the things that we learned. I thought I would just send the email that I wrote to President Pilkington. These are just some thoughts that I had. I don't think I could ever write the things that I felt and learned into an email. I will try and share some more experiences with you all on Monday. Love you all and I hope you are having a wonderful day. 

Dear President Pilkington, 

Another very planned and prepared Zone Conference. The things which are said never cease to amaze me. It always seems that what is said is always just for me. It was also really nice to re-learn many of the things that have been taught in the past. It really gets the plate spinning again. 

To be honest there was so much said that I really don't know how to bring them all together and put them into one email. But I will give it a go. This zone conference many of the things which were said I have heard from you in past Zone Conferences but it was just so nice to hear them again. I still think one of my all time favorite things you talk about is giving. I think that this is key to life and really everything. The more we give the more we are able to learn and to grow. I think when we give we not only grow emotionally and mentally but we grow the most spiritually. This reason is because we are able to experience the pure love of Christ. We are exercising charity. It is something that I wish I was better at. I guess that is what I learned; that is at every given and secret opportunity always be in the position where I can give to those around me. I need to learn how to give selflessly and just completely forget myself and go to work in the service of my fellowmen. 

The other thing that really stuck out to me again was never giving up. Always keep going. One of my favorite quotes, which I have probably told you before, is by Rocky Balboa; "Life will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it, you me or no one is gonna hit as hard as life, but it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done." I really love that quote. It kept running through my mind as you were talking about Marching North and not going back to Carmel, and never giving up. I think that this is something that we need to learn as a society. Far too many people give in when life gets hard, and that includes members of the church. Many times we expect life to be smooth sailing, that if we are baptized all the hard things are swept away and you will never see them again. But this is not true. We miss out that the last principle of the gospel is endure to the end. Heavenly Father expects us to put in an effort...To try. He does also promise us that he will be there to help us but we need to be willing to Endure this life. After all, it is a time of prohibition and preparation. I have experienced this a lot on the mission. There have been many instances when I have wanted to "give up" so to say because it is hard or because we aren't seeing "success" but then I look back and realize that I have become something greater than I was. I have realized that Heavenly Father has been molding me into the person that He wants me to be. I hope that I continue to be molded and I also hope that I will be able to always accomplish Heavenly Father's will. 

There are so many things that you have taught me, which you say you have learned from the people in your life. But, I also think that is just how you are as well. I am so grateful for the things that you have taught. My invitation to myself is to take everything and try my best to apply it to the last few months of the mission and then to continue using it throughout my life. To teach my family and the people I come in contact with. I hope that I can be "On the Lords Errand".

Thank you for everything President Pilkington, 

Sincerely, Elder Tyler Rife

Steve responded to Tyler's email below...

Sounds like your mission President has served you well... Giving service... Showing true charity to God and your fellow man (all of the laws given to the prophets fall under these two great commandments) and then of course enduring to the end... Not just hanging in there and maintaining but actively engaging to use your gifts and talents to build up the kingdom and to apply the lessons of life.... Your are a great young man with lots of potential... Just remember that life is not a sprint, it's a marathon.  As long as you are breathing the breath of life there will be things to learn and do.  You will make mistakes ( we all do) but we have repentance and the atonement to make all things right again. Experience life and enjoy the process... Count your blessings and express gratitude, and recognize Heavenly Father's hand in all things.  Be happy and quick to engage in the work/plan.  This is one thing you definitely know how to do..., you are a hard worker... You are quick to roll up your sleeves and engage!  Bless you son and thanks for the email!

Love you and pray for your safety and success!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Utahans Rollin' through the Country side

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

Before I forget about these things. So lately I have had to spend quite a bit of personal funds on travel and such things. I am now officially almost broke. I have £10 to my name. Haha yay for me. I guess this is me hoping that just out of safety you could spare maybe £1 so I have £11 rather than £10. :) I love you guys! Haha. Also I was thinking one night whilst trying to sleep. You said that the swim coaches are quitting. Do you think I could apply for the job? If you could get back to me on information and such things that would be great. If not its okay. Last thing did Kynsie have a chance to register me for my classes. Wow that was weird talking about things like work and school. Kylee of course I will bring you something. Anything in particular? I will see what I can do. Tanner are you excited for Timberline? Remember something very important. Those boys are looking at you as an example. Be there to uplift and inspire them to do great things. I remember one of the first times I had an inkling of a belief in Heavenly Father was at Timberline. We were sitting on the side of the Mountain and hearing many of the testimonies. I felt the spirit so strong. From that point I have changed so much. Kylee don't worry about camp big springs. You will have so much fun. When I went I was worried about not being able to sleep as well, but when I got there I just had so much fun and got involved with everything. Before I knew it, the end of the week was there and I didn't want to leave. Just have lots of fun. Also remember that no matter where you are Heavenly Father is there looking after you, you can pray whenever you want and ask for comfort. But also remember to be safe. Ah it seems like you all have had so much fun. 

This week has actually been really good. Even though it has been really busy. I am serving with Elder Cottrell from Centerville Utah. He has been on the mission for a bit over a year. He actually came to England but got ill and had to go home for a bit. He is a great missionary. So funny as well. We both area booked in the area and are just trying to find our way around. The country side is beautiful and we are using it to our advantage. We ask people what two Utah boys can do in the country side and say that it reminds us of back home. It is so beautiful out here. We were luckily left with a few people to work with. 

So first Karleen. She is from Jamaica and is a lovely lady. She loves God and Jesus Christ. We went over for the first time and she just expressed how she has felt as she has been meeting with the missionaries. It was so good. We then taught her about faith repentance and baptism. She said that she wants to work towards baptism so we scheduled her for the 18th of June. She has been to church the past few weeks and has thoroughly enjoyed it. The ward just took her in. It was great. We barely had a chance to talk to her. She is just trying to stop smoking but I know that she will be able to make it.

We also went by a guy by the name of Ben. Ben is great. We were able to teach him about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and praying and attending church. He understood it all. He said that he never really believed but now he does. He prays and says that it is like he has done it his whole life. We invited him to be baptized on the 25th of June. He said that he could see himself getting baptized. Well we weren't able to see him this weekend but then on Sunday he called us and asked us when we were free to meet with him. Wow what a miracle. We are seeing him on Wednesday.

So we also went by a less active girl and her family. Her family aren't members but they are so interested. Verona the Mother said that she knows she is going to get baptized but doesn't know when. We told them that we were going to do an American BBQ, because they like BBQ's and that we were going to teach them about Joseph Smith. We are seeing them tonight and we are going schedule them. We are so excited to work with them.

We have been seeing so many great miracles. Finding has been so much fun and we have found a lot of good people who we hope to see very soon.

Well I know that this church is true. I miss you all but this is where I am supposed to be and I am staying. Love you all.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

I love Meltham but I miss my York Family! 

Yippee!!!!! He sent PICTURES! :)
I'm soooo HAPPY!  

Elder Rife with Sue before he left York 

Elder Rife with one of his investigator's in York