Monday, February 22, 2016

You are probably tired of hearing from me!

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

Dad congrats of finishing the puzzle. I talk about you and building your puzzle with investigators. To flaunt my family as well as to teach the principle of enduring to the end and how it may be hard. You can't see the whole picture, you may not know what pieces to use at first but as you keep trying.. keep enduring... it gets more rewarding. That doesn't mean that you won't run into problems but it means that you start to see the bigger plan that Heavenly Father has for us. I will still worry about Grandma. That is just who I am. I get that from Mum I think. I hope she is okay. I know that Heavenly Father will bless her. She still has a great work to do. Sounds like everyone is super busy with life. Ken don't worry, you are critiquing your presentation probably worse than they are. Well suits are cheaper here than they are in America. A quality suit is about £120, I don't know what that is in dollars. I could probably find a discounted one though. My suits are getting holes in them and they are very very discoloured which I don't think shows that I am a very good representative of Christ. Don't rush about getting the money in I can make the suits last for a bit longer. It is amazing how knackered they have got though. haha. Well I have some good news for you all!!!!! Ready for it...I don't know it is pretty crazy. Alright I will just tell you because I can't drag it out. I was accepted to BYU for the Fall 2016 semester!!! :) Now what do I do? haha.

The week has been good. Zone Conference was an inspiration and I was able to see where I need to improve and make some goals to be better. I am excited for the coming weeks.

Oh my, Mel she is just amazing. So she unfortunately won't make her day for Baptism on the 27th because she relapsed but she has taken some major steps forward. I am amazed at it. So we had a feeling to go by. Well she was really depressed and was about ready to give up on everything. She was very drunk but because she is so use to the drink she knew what she was saying and thinking. (She told us the next day all that we said.) So when we went over she had all these concerns and was like "Its not true. What if Joseph Smith is a "liar"? and Why drink? Why tea and coffee?"  We kept resolving her concerns and she kept trying to come up with all these other concerns. Well finally we just said, "Mel do you believe that The Book of Mormon is True and that this church is True?" She paused for a long time and just looked at us. She then said, "yes I do". We explained to her that nothing else matters. She opened up to us loads about how she gets down when she messes up and how she doesn't think that Heavenly Father could love her anymore. We taught her about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how no matter what Heavenly Father will always love her. We invited her to meaningfully pray before she goes to bed. She accepted it. Well the next day she said that last night was the first night that she actually prayed with all her heart and she said that she knew she was talking to Heavenly Father. From that point forward her whole countenance has changed. She knows that she will be able to stop the drink and that Heavenly Father really does listen to her. This is all because she decided to put her complete trust in Heavenly Father. She has taken a huge leap of faith and is trusting completely and fully in His grace and mercy. Mel knows that this is true and she is working so hard to stop drinking so she can get baptized. I am so excited for her.

We also are teaching a few lads named Ben and Ethan. Well we were considering "dropping" them because they weren't keeping any commitments at the time. We went by and taught about the Book of Mormon and how important it is. We read from the Book of Mormon and discussed what the chapter was about. We then were talking and Ethan told us loads of things that have happened in his life and said that he has a hard time trusting because of what happened, but that he wants to find his right "path". He then said when he is around us and sees us, he feels something different (the Holy Ghost) and told us that he wants to serve a mission because it seems like it has helped us so much (which it has) he said that he just wants direction in his life but has a hard time having faith. So we gave him Alma 32 to read and told him to pray intently and ask Heavenly Father if He is there. So we are praying that he does it. We will then schedule him for the 19th of March.

So many other things have been happening but seeing as you are all probably tired of hearing me I will end now. But I want you to all know that prayer is powerful and if we ask with a sincere heart and real intent what is right, Heavenly Father will answer us. It is so simple and yet somehow we make it complicated. Prayers are answered and Heavenly Father does love us no matter who we are or what we have done. I love you all and hope all goes well.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Sincerely, Elder Tyler Rife

Elder Rife and Elder Price
"Elder Price is one of the most humble and Christlike people ever. He is going home this transfer."

"Sunday Selfie"
I see pictures like these and I think to myself...that boy hasn't changed a bit!!! :)
Ohhh How I LOVE him!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Don't go back to Egypt. Zone Conference - Friday, February 19, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

Well surprise another email. It was Zone Conference this past week and so as always President Pilkington has asked us to write home about what we learned and let me tell ya I learned many many many things. This is what I wrote to President, it is what I learned. I hope it makes sense. Also the reason I resent the email (Monday's email) is because apparently myldsmail was down last week and didn't send some emails so President also told us to resend the emails that we sent on Monday.  

Much of what was said made me think about what I am doing and who I am as an individual. I thought a lot about if I was a true follower and servant of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. For the past few months I have felt like I am going in a circle, I plateaued. I didn't feel like I was progressing much or learning much. I couldn't figure out why this was the case. I tried everything that I knew how to do. I went back to the 12 weeks and to studying more intently the scriptures, to making my prayers more meaningful. I still wasn't going anywhere. Sister Pilkington talked about how we need to have a sound structure. It reminded me about the bible story of sowing seeds. How some will hit rocky ground and not become rooted. I then thought about what had been happening in life. I would say that I am rooted in the Gospel. I know that the church is true and that this gospel is true. So I got a bit more confused than I already was. But then I was reminded of when Alma speaks about growing a seed of faith. I learned that a seed is grown from consistently feeding it and watering it. I came to the conclusion that I had rooted my seed but because it was flourishing so much I got complacent and decided to stop feeding it or only feed it occasionally. My plant started to wither. I thought... but I am studying and working hard how could it be withering. I remembered back to what Sister Pilkington said about not cutting corners. We have been talking loads about obedience. I do my very best to be obedient or so I thought. I came to realize that I wasn't being exactly obedient with small things. Such as not working out vigorously or getting out of the flat on time, because I had to get my stuff ready. It didn't happen all the time but I would justify these things and say its okay I am working hard. This is what has been wrong. I had an epiphany at Zone Conference. "Being almost obedient will almost bring blessings." I told myself that now was the best time to start being completely obedient. I am happy to say that the first day to my regrowth has begun and so far been very successful.

You then mentioned many times how the mission will determine the person I will be later. If I am obedient to commandments now then I will be obedient to commandments later in life. I know that this gospel has blessed my life. I don't know everything but I know that it has blessed my life immensely. I know that I would be nothing without it, especially the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am not perfect, I will not be perfect until I return to my Father in Heaven but I hope that when that day comes I will be able to stand tall and say I did my best and that He will turn to me and say well done my son, you have been faithful in a few things. Now is the time for me to make 180 degree turn and "sell all I have and follow my Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ". I know that it may be hard at times but I want to do this. I want to be on His side, this is all because I have truly felt Heavenly Father's love and I want to make Him happy. Now is the time for me to change. There may be moments when I want to "go back to Egypt" but I know if I hold onto the feelings I have already had I will be able to continue in righteousness.

I have mentioned this before but one of my favourite sayings in "Hakuna Matata". It means leave the past behind you. The Israelites kept looking back and wanting to go back because things were hard. They forgot what God had done for them. But if we don't look back even when things are hard we will always go forward no matter how long it takes. My Dad sent me a quote at the beginning of the mission. I can't remember it all but it was talking about a bow and arrow. The quote explained that "in order for an arrow to go far it has to be stressed, it has to be pulled back. But when that arrow is released it flies and lands in the place that it needs to be". God is the Archer. He knows exactly how much opposition we need to help us become what He wants us to be. It will be stressful to the point where we feel like we might break but if we hold on and don't look behind us, if we trust God then we will without a doubt fly further than we expected. This doesn't mean that it will be smooth sailing after He releases us, we will still have the wind in our faces and the hard impact when we hit the spot we need to be but we will experience great joy and see the distance we have gone. I love my Heavenly Father and I hope that I will be able to continue to be strained so I can go forward. I also hope and pray that one day I will be where My Father wants me to be. Now is the time and today is the day for me to change. I will not go back to Egypt.

It is incredible how much I learned. I feel a little overwhelmed and I can't put into words many of the things I learned and many of the feelings I had. I hope you all know that I love you. I want you to continue to hold to the rod. Trust in Heavenly Father, He knows the way.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. He Lives.
Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Along with Tyler's insightful email from what he learned at his zone conference, I'm also going to add 
an email to Tyler from his Dad.  I wanted to share Steve's response to Tyler so we would have it on Tyler's blog.  I feel like it is really insightful as well and I want to always have it to refer to. 
(My goal is to have Tyler's blog printed into a book for him when he returns home.)
Whoever is following Tyler's are pretty lucky! You are reading this email from his Dad even before Tyler gets to read it!  Hope Tyler doesn't mind!!! :)  I'm sure he won't!

Steve Rife                                                                                                         

Thank you for your insights and testimony....  You have grown significantly in knowledge and wisdom!  You are becoming a fine tuned instrument in the Lords hands.  Keep up the great work!  You definitely are on solid ground!  As you put your faith in the Lord.... As you truly humble yourself and willingly submit to His will, trusting that He will not let you fail... believing that He will give you the necessary gifts. knowledge and resources to do ALL that He desires, you will become a powerful tool in hastening His work.  It's not easy.... but the lessons and blessings are worth it.  I hope you realize that you are being blessed significantly!  There are great things that lie ahead for you in life.  You are developing strength as well as spiritual and physical stamina to accomplish these great things.  You are becoming TRUE to His purposes and designs.  By doing so you will become a strength, and an anchor, even a light for those who fall under your stewardship as a husband, a father, a provider, a faithful leader and servant in your church, community, country and world.  Can you see the vision as to where you are going and what your are preparing to do?  The key is to be TRUE and FAITHFUL in ALL things.  As you are obedient you obtain and maintain the Spirit.  The Spirit will enable you to withstand the winds of adversity and you will become a shelter from the storm... you will become a beacon or a light to those who are wandering or who lost.... You will have the strength to uplift the weak and the weary.... You will indeed become THE SERVANT that the Lord would have you become.  Bless you son! Keep up the great work!  The right things are happening in your mind, heart and life!

Love Dad

          I feel so blessed to have these worthy priesthood holders to influence my life.  I know that my Heavenly Father LOVES me and is watching over me and blessing our family. 

This picture is almost a couple of years old.  So everyone has changed quite a bit! :)
It was taken the month that Tyler left on his mission.  August 2014

Daft Days are Over Inbox - Monday, February 15, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!! Sorry I haven't sent valentines day cards yet. I dropped the ball with that. I will send some late valentines day cards. I am glad to hear that Kylee's presentation went well and that Tanner had fun on his date. I always loved going to dances. I hope you had fun. Is there anything I can do to help Grandma? Kendra did you get the job? It would be awesome if you did. I am so happy for you. I was thinking a bit about what to do. I think I want to be a pediatric Surgeon. Hey so I have a quick question. I was hoping that I could buy a suit because mine are knackered. I was hoping that maybe I could borrow a few quid from you mum and dad. I promise I will pay you back, the conditions of my suits are terrible though. If it isn't possible don't worry about it.

My valentines was probably the best last valentines on the mission. Haha. We were able to go and just work! I loved it. Yesterday it was so amazing. Mel finally came to church!!!! :) She loved it as well. She said that it really helped her and enlightened her. She felt stronger and more capable of quitting the drink. We later went over to her place. She told  us that she has only had 1 beer and said that is what she is keeping it at. Mel honestly is doing so good. She has cut down so much and she loves learning about the gospel. It was really cool to see her praying during sacrament. (don't worry she wasn't sleeping) haha. We have just been going through the Addiction Recovery Program with her. She really wants this and you can tell that she wants the gospel in her life. It is amazing to see that when the Spirit testifies to someone of the truth all they want is to have the Spirit with them constantly. That is all Mel to have the Holy Ghost with her always. She is doing so good.

Unfortunately the Beever family has asked us to stop coming. They said that the "Mormon thing" isn't for them. We were so confused and really down hearted. We were trying to think why they would make that decision. Well we were talking to a Sister missionary who is a convert with her family. She told us that her family "dropped" the missionaries multiple times for 9 years. At that point we were reminded that seeds are planted. And hopefully in a few years the Beever family will invite missionaries back and have a desire to be baptized.

Alex, Anna, and Maggie are doing so good. They are so cool. Alex knows that the church is true. He has felt the spirit and you can tell. Last week we gave them a chapel tour and he told us that, that night he went home and couldn't sleep because he was thinking about what we were saying. He has read to 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Alex is afraid of praying because he is afraid of the answer he will get from God. This past week we were able to teach about faith. We talked about how it is like building a bridge. How gradually you build a bridge, plank by plank over a huge cliff. Or gradually as you pray and read and come to church, he will be able to build a bridge to bring him closer to God and that is what he wants. I just have a really good feeling about Alex. I know that his family will follow him if he takes this leap to pray about what we are saying.

I will end by saying this church is true. We can know for a surety if we search the scriptures, pray, and attend church. These 3 things will be the tools to anyone who is searching for the truth. Also, I  know that Jesus Christ lives and that He died for us. That He not only atoned for our sins, but every trial in our life. As we trust in Him we will never fail. I love you all and I am sorry that this email is quite short and confusing. If there is anything that you need let me know.

God be with you till we meet again. On our Way. #10sof1000s. He Lives.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"Elders Lauti and Withers.  We went to their nightly planning.  
These guys have the greatest attitudes in the world!"

Mel (she is the one closest to Elder Rife)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Continue in Patience

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

To answer your questions. I guess I was just trying to figure out how to teach again. I had taken a step back I think, but I have been studying more intently and trying harder to understand the things I study. That was the stretching part. Elder Miles and I are being 100% obedient. The reason we are up usually that late is because we are on the phone with the Assistants talking about the Zone and how we are going to help them for the coming week. I am getting enough sleep. Don't get me wrong I am tired but there are loads of things that keep me going. Like the love of the Gospel and the people we meet each day. It really is crazy how many people we meet who are so prepared to hear us out. We have had quite a few experiences of that this week.

We are working with three separate families, they are all so amazing. We have been working with Mel. She is so good. Mel has an amazing desire to learn about the gospel and learn how she can be made clean. Sometimes she gets down because of her stumbling blocks, but she keeps pushing. She is trying really hard to stop smoking and drinking. The last time we saw Mel she was feeling overwhelmed about the 27th of February to be baptized. She didn't think she would be able to make it. She got really scared. We talked about how Heavenly Father will help us. That through him all things are possible, we then felt it better to make some goals with her to quit easier. She most likely won't make it on the 27th but is still wanting to be baptized within the next month. I know she will make it and she felt better about taking smaller steps to cut down. She is an amazing lady and her prayers are so good as well. You can really see her desire.

Quick tidbit Nigel from Hull is doing amazing. I heard that he has cut down on the smoking and he has been to church 2 times now!!! :) Also we got some bad news from Hull, one of my favourite investigators passed away. Tony, he has family in the church and was really trying to figure out if what we were saying was true. But I know that he has accepted the gospel. He was an amazing lad.

So we are also teaching the Polish family still. Alex, Anna, and Maggie. They are really open minded and really love God. We took them on a chapel tour. We were showing them all the paintings around the Church. They saw the one where Christ is giving his apostles the Priesthood. They took loads of interest in that picture. We taught them again about the Priesthood authority and then it lead into the Holy Ghost somehow. Alex expressed to us how he wants to feel "good". He said he has felt this "happy" feeling in the past but doesn't know what it is. We explained to them that it is the Holy Ghost and that they can have that feeling with them always. We taught them about baptism. The Spirit was so strong you could really feel it. Oh my they were listening to us so intently and asking so many questions. They said that they would pray about baptism. We asked them to pray about the 27th of February and they said they would. We haven't seen them since Saturday but we are hoping to see them a few times this week.

So the Beever family... These people have been prepared. I told you a bit about them last week. Well we wanted to schedule them on Friday so we decided to fast for them. We fasted that day and we were feeling really good about it. We got there and the lesson just didn't go how we planned whatsoever. It was really frustrating. We didn't know what happened. It was just chaotic. We left and we weren't able to invite them or schedule them for baptism. I was really confused. I kept thinking "Heavenly Father is supposed to bless us" "we are doing our best" I just couldn't figure out what happened. I shamefully have to say I got a bit upset. We decided to go and see them on Sunday, just to pop by. Well as we drove by Joanne (the mum) was looking out the window almost as if she were waiting for us. haha. We walked in the door and one of her daughters was leaving. She looked at us funny and then left. Well we taught them the Restoration and it went perfectly. We were able to schedule them for the 27th of February and they are really excited to test it out. Well then her daughter that left came back. She started asking us loads of questions and then expressed to us that she thinks that it is a sign from God for her to test it out too because she is never home on a Sunday. Well who knows but I know that they will get an answer. I got a slap in the face though. I realized that I just needed to be patient. I should have just waited a little longer. Heavenly Father does bless us but it is in His own time. If we continue in patience like President Uchtdorf exhorts us to do we will be blessed. I know that it is true.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

YIPPEE...We got pictures!  

Elder Miles and Elder Rife
in a random field near where Mel lives

Elder Rife and Elder Miles 
preparing for Zone Training -- "It was quite boring. HaHa"
Not sure what is going on with that look of his! He definitely makes his Mom smile! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

What time is it?! - Monday, February 1, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

First off I can't believe Kinley, Mila, and Kylee put their hand in the same box as a spider. I really do not like spiders! They are very scary. You all are brave girls, I wish I was as brave as you. I am sorry to hear that they both have Chicken Pox. :( That is not very fun at all. Tanner congrats man. You are doing so good with swim. I am so happy for you! I don't think I will be able to beat you. Haha. Buddy all you gotta do now is put all the effort that you are putting in swim into preparing for a mission as well. Tanner, the mission is the best thing that you can do. You learn and grow so much. You have no idea how much I have grown. I have become a more of what Heavenly Father wants me to be and I know that my testimony has grown immensely. It is incredible. Every week it sounds like you are doing so well. I know that sometimes there are bumps in the road but I think that without the bumps life would not be interesting. So be grateful for the bumps and learn from them.

My week has been so good as well. It has been a pretty tough week, as far as learning. I have learned so much and have been stretched quite a bit. I just recognized it today during personal study but I know that I am still growing. Elder Miles and I are doing so many good things but first I want to tell you a funny story. So we share a flat with 2 other Elders (Stahle and Lui) They are great guys. Well anyway Elder Miles and I have to follow up with the Assistants every Sunday night about how the week has gone for the Zone. Normally we are up on Sunday until about 11 or 12 because of it. So we ended last night and it was about 11:45 pm. So we thought we would play a joke on the other elders. We set an alarm that would go off at about 11:47 pm. We got in bed and waited. Well it went off and we acted like it was half past 6 in the morning. We went out and pretended to exercise. Well Elder Stahle knew what was going on but we got Elder Lui to start preparing for the day. Eventually we couldn't stop laughing and told Elder Lui what time it was. He was like "Oh my gosh you guys, you are dumb" haha but he was laughing along as well. Oh goodness it was one of those things that you would have had to been there. It was great. I am learning but I don't think I have matured much! :)

We have been doing loads of finding. Who knew that you found in England as a missionary. Haha that is like the only thing that you do. I love finding though. It is so great. We found so many good people and loads of Polish people. We are now teaching a Polish family who are really nice. Their names are Alex, Anna, Maggie, and Daniel. They are amazing. They are Christian and go to another church but are really interested in reading the Book of Mormon and finding out if it is true. They said they really like that we are so "in" our religion. I assume it means like involved, or we have our roots deep. They really like that. They are great.

We are also working with Mel still. She is fantastic and doing amazing. She has come so far. She has such a great desire to get baptized and just wants to start over. She keeps saying that she wants to get baptized on the 27th of February but she doesn't think she will make it because of her drinking. So she started doing the ARP (Addiction Recovery Program) We told her that we would do it with her but she has done it on her own and has cut down dramatically on the drink. She has become a different person. She has a new found motivation for life and just beams with a happy countenance. It is so good. Her prays are just amazing as well. She sure has a desire to be baptized and have a new life. Her Daughter Kira also wants to be baptized because she sees that her Mum has changed so much because of it. They are so good.

Elder Miles and I had such a cool miracle this week. So we were knocking and not seeing too much success. We then got a referral and had a feeling to try by them. Well we figured out that she lived about a half hour car ride away. We still felt like we should go try by. So we went out. On the way we were thinking it is probably fake because her name is Sydnie Beever. We were just doubting. Well we decided to stop doubting and started describing how she would look. We said she would either be a young girl who is interested in the gospel or a middle aged woman who already has a belief in God. Well we got there and knocked on the door. A Young girl answered it with her Mum who already believes in God. We started talking to them. Sydnie the young girl said she just typed in "free stuff" on Google and came up. She ordered a Book of Mormon. So we were let in, gave her a Book of Mormon and started teaching them about the Book of Mormon. They were really interested and they said that they wanted to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it to see if it is true. We are seeing them on Friday again and we are going to invite them to be baptized. The spirit was so strong, I know that they felt something.

My week was really good and I was able to learn a lot about myself and how I can become better. I hope you all have a wonderful week as well. Let me know if you need anything.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES
By the way the Provo Temple is Beautiful.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife
P.S. I can't figure out how to put pictures on this computer, it is a funny one. I will try and figure it out and send some.

 I can't get too frustrated with him for not sending any pictures....
He tried!!!  :) :) :)

Guess it makes me appreciate it even more when he does send pictures!!!