Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Whistle while we work

Dear mum, dad, and family,

I forgot that it was memorial day but it is actually a bank holiday here as well! That is why I am emailing today, because everything was closed yesterday. Tell the whole family hi for me! The BBQ sounded really fun, that is something that I loved doing, I loved having family BBQ's. Congrats Kylee for getting 3rd place...you may be better than Kynsie and Kendra in photography! :) Tanner I can't believe school is almost over! You are going to be a Junior in no time! Don't let time slip through your fingers though...spend it wisely and spend it doing the right things building yourself first spiritually and then temporally and physically! I promise you that if you spend time growing in the gospel all things will be possible! You will see many blessings and you will grow exponentially!

Now for my week! :) The week started out really long....finding and finding and finding. But the whole time we were trying to be diligent and "whistling while we worked" We were getting doors slammed in our faces and people were cursing at us and all kinds of things. But we were positive that we would start teaching people again. Slowly we started finding people to teach and finding people who have a desire to learn more about the gospel. I will tell you about some miracles.

Janet: Elder Barendse and I met Janet knocking doors. She is a really nice lady and let us in. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation because it seemed to fit her situation. Quite a bit was going on in her life that was stressing her out. She told us that she really liked it, she then said I want to learn more but I am going away on holiday for sometime...about a month. So we lost contact with her. Elder Smith and I were in the area and so I decided to try-by to see if she was in. Well she was and she told us that she wants to learn more, that she was talking to her cousin and her cousin has a lot of faith. She said that she wants the faith that her cousin has and the happiness that she has as well. We bore testimony to her and invited her to be baptized! She said she would and is working towards June 20th. So we have set up more appointments with her to teach her and we know that she will receive an answer that the church is true.

Tom: We decided to take an American Football out finding with us. We were throwing it to people asking if they can catch and then stopping and talking to them. Well we stopped this guy Tom, he started teasing us at first and then got really serious and was listening really intently about what we were saying! We set up a time to come see him. He told us we can only come if we bring the football and play catch with him. So we did, but we also figured out a way to teach the restoration using the football! It was really fun. He then told us that all of it makes sense. We asked him what he expected from us coming by and he told us enlightenment, just to know the truth. We told him that we have it, and invited him to be baptized if he found out it was true. He told us he would and would do anything he could to find out if it was true. We decided to schedule him for June 20th as well!

Scott and Adam: We were walking home one night and these guys said hello to us from their window and we said hey, then Scott asked us what we do...so we told him. We were going to be late for home, so we just asked him if we could come around some other time and teach them and they said yes. We set up a time and left. We went by 2 days later and they were in (which was actually surprising because most of the time people forget) We were teaching Scott and Adam, they both have a religious background but have sort of "put up walls" if you will, and are confused. They said if God told them what to do they would do it. So again, we invited them to be baptized and taught them the Restoration! We got a return appointment and are going back tomorrow! So many good things are happening. I loved your quote Dad about not being rote....because when one gets robotic in anything they do...nothing moves forward, especially in the Gospel and there is not a time when we are stagnant. Miracles were happening everyday during the week, and now I am completely and utterly tired from all the finding but on the other hand I am excited to keep finding to keep seeing miracles! I love being out here on the mission and seeing my testimony grow as well as being able to help others come closer to Jesus Christ and gain a testimony themselves. I love you all. If there is anything you need let me know!

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"Finding with the football!"

Monday, May 18, 2015

Where's Waldo?

hiya family! :)
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAN TAN THE LADIES MAN!!! I am sending a happy birthday letter to you...it just hasn't gotten in the post yet! Mum, Grandma have you guys gotten your Mothers day card? Tanner tell me about how your birthday went!! You are getting so old!! I can't believe it! What film did you watch? Kylee, I wish I was there for your dance recital, but I know you did awesome because I saw your picture and you looked beautiful!! :) I just have a few favors! So this past week, I have had to dip into my personal funds quite a bit. We have been traveling everywhere and with me driving it has taken quite a bit of money...to the point of being broke! ah not good. So could you guys put money in so it doesn't go into debt, I will get all the money reimbursed but I won't be able to put it back into my bank account. Could you also maybe just make sure in the future that my account stays full with about $150. I will not be taking money out for quite awhile now!
My new companion is Elder Smith. He is from Missouri, near Joplin. We actually were in the MTC together so that is cool! He is a good missionary and I know that good things will happen while we are serving together. There are 4 of us in the district and although I am district leader I am a normal missionary doing all the normal things! Which is amazing!
This week not much has happened. Carl is still doing good and Caroline is still doing good! But unfortunately all of our other investigators have either dropped us or we have dropped them. Which is sad but good to start completely fresh again. So as a result of that Elder Smith and I have done loads of finding! But within the past 3 days we have found about 10-15 potential investigators! They all seem pretty solid. We were able to turn 3 of those into new investigators and are starting to teach them now. Their names are Janet, Roan, and Danny. They all have a desire to find out the truth and said that if they found out it was true they would be baptized. So keep your fingers crossed! We were knocking doors last night and weren't having much success...we were knocking and doors were being slammed in our faces. This guy was walking by who had a red striped shirt on and so I said something about wheres waldo and all he did was started laughing. We then got into a conversation and he asked us...he asked us what it is that we do. We told him and he seemed really interested and when we asked him if we could come around and share the message of the Restoration, he said yes and was really excited about it! His name is Kurt, so hopefully we will be able to start working with him as well! Good things are happening and I am really excited for this new experience with Elder Smith. I loved that thing you emailed me about change...it is completely right! Change is good, success only comes from always changing, learning, and growing! I love you all I love this missionary work and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I miss you and hope you are well. Miracles are happening and I will update you on miracles in the coming week. I love you all.
God be with you till we meet again. on our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES
Love, Elder Tyler Rife

I thought that since Tyler didn't include any pictures this week I would include the section of our letter that was emailed to him. It was the part that Tyler said he really loved about change...
Hope he sends a picture or two next week.
I LOVE it when he does!!!  :)

Change Is Inevitable -- Embrace It
Only when you embrace change can you find the good in it. You need to have an open mind and open arms if you’re going to recognize, and capitalize on, the opportunities that change creates. You’re bound to fail when you keep doing the same things you always have in the hope that ignoring change will make it go away. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. When things are going well, appreciate them and enjoy them, as they are bound to change. If you are always searching for something more, something better, that you think is going to make you happy, you’ll never be present enough to enjoy the great moments before they’re gone.

Well son, it was exciting to hear about the changes that have come to you during this past transfer.  You get to learn how to get along with a new companion/personality and at the same time you get to start taking on some leadership responsibilities.  This change brings lots of opportunity for growth and learning.  Your opportunity to positively influence and motivate others has grown significantly.  Remember they Saviors leadership pattern… he was a shepherd not a sheep herder. People followed him because of His love, understanding, and example.  He invited change and obedience by reaching out in service and compassion.   It’s time for another Stop, Start, and Continue exercise.  It’s time to think about how you want to be remembered as a missionary and a leader.  It’s time to think about what you liked in people who successfully lead and then make plans and choices that will help you to be the type of leader your Father in Heaven wants you to be.  We pray for your safety and success.  Let us know about all of the changes and how you are feeling about life.  Also, where is your companion from?  What are some of your new responsibilities as a district leader?  How many people are in your district?  And….any other exciting news you can think of telling us.  J  Have a fantastic week and know we LOVE ya , miss ya and are ALWAYS praying for you.

Love you lots,
Move and Dad

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here we go, here we go again! - Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Howdy ya'll oh wait I'm in England...Hiya mum dad and family,

I loved seeing you guys on Sunday! It was nice talking with you all and seeing how the family is doing! It looks like everyone is doing really good and loving life! Well I basically told you all what has been happening so this email probably won't be that long! First off...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MUM, GRANDMA, KATELIN, AND ALL THE OTHER MUMS OUT THERE!!! I love you all, and everything that you have taught me and done for me! Alright here is the bad news for the transfer...Elder Barendse is leaving me and I have been asked to serve as a district leader. But the good news is that I am still in Bridlington! :) But good things will be coming. Miracles will be happening! I am serving with Elder Smith, he was in my district in the MTC so that will be good!

Carl's baptism was a success! He was baptized and confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And it was so good to see him take those steps out of complete faith to come closer to Jesus Christ! He loves the gospel. You can just see it in him. His love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is just beyond comprehension. He knows and trusts in prayer and says he is praying all the time. He also just did missionary work yesterday so that is so amazing. He told us that his friend is looking at a bunch of different religions and so he told her about "Mormons" and gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read it and find out for herself. Carl is just so solid!

Caroline was excited to see you guys as well on Sunday. She is doing so good and loves coming to church. She says she feels good. She can't see a change in herself but I think she really knows the good that is coming from the gospel coming back into her life. She too is doing missionary work. She is helping her parents come back into re-activation and is doing a really good job at it. Miracles are happening all the time. I will let you know more about what happens with her parents as we continue to work with them.

Lately we have just been finding people who are willing to listen. It is slow but they are coming and I know that we will be able to see more miracles as long as we are obedient and diligent in doing the work of the Lord. I love you all and hope you are doing well. Let me know if you need anything!
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES!

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Carl's Baptism - May 9, 2015

Can I just say....WE LOVED hearing from this boy on Mother's Day!

He is doing great and seems soooo...HAPPY!  

Monday, May 11, 2015

May is full of miracles - Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dear Mum, Dad, and family,

First things first....I have forgotten every week, but now I won't!  ON sunday if it is okay I will be skyping @ 7 English time and I think 12 Utah time! I know that is right during church but it is really the only time that is available for me! I can only Skype for 40 minutes so you will be able to make it back to Sacrament if you want! Be there or be square! :) I hope it is okay for you all! So many things have happened this week! Congrats to Morgan! Elder Turner my MTC companion doesn't live too far from Auckland New Zealand! I am still learning to get my license, it is different on the opposite side of the road but it isn't as bad as I thought! And the guy that is teaching me is very good and very patient! I was able to pass my theory test so now I am just waiting on a practical driving test. Now for the miracles of the week...although I think me driving and not causing chaos is a huge miracle! :)

Bob-We were walking home from church and Bob stopped us. He tried "bible bashing" us abut we were just really chill with him and kind of turned his own questions and comments on himself. Well in the end he turned out to be a really cool guy...we asked if we could come over sometime and he said "Yes, why not". We went over and taught him and he is really open to knowing more. We are excited to work with him.

Carl-We have been preparing all week for Carl's baptism which is May 9, 2015! He is really prepared and we have had the opportunity to see him progress towards this wonderful date. His testimony has grown and my testimony has grown with it. Now we are just sorting out the details. He told us a miracle that happened to him. He has had a hard time with smoking. He finally gave it up but he told us that on Thursday he was having a horrible day. He said he pulled a cig out to smoke and he lit it but he couldn't take a drag! He said that he almost came to tears, because he was able to feel the spirit so strongly. Carl put the cig down and he said he felt complete peace. He felt good and happy! He knows that it was the Holy Ghost warning him. He is so prepared, Heavenly Father has helped him so much to come to this point.

Caroline-WOW! for a moment I thought Caroline was going to drop us. she was giving up. But we had a really good lesson with her about doing everything in Heavenly Fathers timing, we watched with her the Mormon message continuing in patience! Well we prayed and she left. We then got a text later from her about how she has finished 1st Nephi for the first time in her life! She was really excited and ever since that lesson her attitude and whole countenance has changed. It is amazing how Heavenly Father works.

Speaking about how Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. About a month ago Elder Barendse and I ran into 2 girls, Melanie and Melisa. We had a good conversation with them and asked if we could meet with them again. They told us that they were leaving for a month but would like any leaflets that we have. We gave them Mormon.org cards and a Restoration leaflet. Well we then lost contact with them. One week ago we ran into both of them again. They told us they looked at Mormon.org and read the Restoration leaflet and want to know more. So we taught them about the Atonement and gave them a chapel tour. We then felt impressed to invite them to be baptized. They said yes...we want too!! We have taught them again and they were both still wanting to find out more and more about the church. Miracles are happening.

I can't tell you in words how much I care and love the Gospel and my Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ. It is all 100% true. I know it! I love the Atonement. The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet, he did restore the truthfulness of the church to the earth! How do I know this? I will quote Brother Larsen (Tyler's Seminary teacher from Provo High) on this "I already know it because, I have been taught the truth my whole life" and because the Holy Ghost has borne a confirming witness to me that it is true! I love you and hope you are all well. Moroni 10:3-5 Alma 37:6
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

I LOVED his simple but sweet testimony at the end of his email. 
It is such a blessing to have a missionary serving our Heavenly Father.

No pictures again this week but HOPEFULLY tomorrow when he emails 
some will be included with that email!  
for those of you who read this far, 
I'm so sorry for being SLOW in posting these last two weeks.  :)
I'll try to be better.  
Life sometimes just happens!!!  

On the road again - Monday, April 27, 2015

Hiya family,

Congrats Kynsie for getting into the Photograph class. You are really good at taking pictures so I think you will succeed!! Sam is already back!? That is so crazy! She just left! WOW. Your week sounds like it has been good! You all are amazing! I love you guys!

Well this week went by so fast and now we are on the road again! It is weird how fast the week always go. So many miracles happened this week. Miracle after miracle! We have been so blessed! First off, Carl is just so good! He is just loving the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has grown so close to him. We have been able to see him through to the end. He is still looking forward to being baptized. Unfortunately he is working on  the 2nd so he is still being baptized the 9th. But he is ready and his testimony is so strong. We actually had him teach with us this week. He bore very solid and strong testimony about knowing that Heavenly Father answers prayers and how He loves each and everyone of us. I was just so amazed at the power of his testimony. He really knows what he is doing and is so excited to take more steps closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

We had a miracle this week. Well we have miracles every week but this was so good. So about 6 weeks ago Elder B. and I contacted a girl, she was pretty interested but was leaving town. We gave her a restoration leaflet and we went our separate ways. Well last week we ran into her sister and she told us Melanie was coming back into town. She said she would set up a time to meet with us. Well nothing happened and then we ran into them again and set up an appointment. We met with them yesterday and the spirit was so strong. Melanie told us that she is really interested and that she read and studied about Joseph Smith and wants to know more. She told us that she wants to start over, and feel peace and hope. We then were prompted to invite her and schedule her for baptism! immediately she said yes and told us she really wants this! WOW, she was just given to us! We are going to start working with her more and we are really excited to see her come closer to Heavenly Father as well!

We are teaching so many others who hopefully as we are obedient and put Heavenly Father first we know that things will happen and we will be able to witness happiness come into their lives! This is so amazing, being able to be apart of a work so powerful, to know that the true church is on the earth. Knowing that there is so much more to what we have now. Having hope, and true happiness! I love this. I love you all and hope you are all well! If there is anything I can do for you let me know!

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Sorry no pictures this week. But I will be emailing on Tuesday the next two weeks because of bank holidays.