Monday, October 27, 2014

Ups and downs...its all a big roller coaster.

Hello Love, 

Alrighty then this week what have I done...its been kind of a blur honestly! We have done so much and so many things have happened. To start of the week. Last preparation day Elder Ferguson and I went to Trinity (its a mall) and we got some jumpers (sweaters) the other thing we were looking for was a small side bag that could just carry scriptures. This is because our bags are so bulky and they get heavy...but all we need is our scriptures most of the time. So we check every single shop possible that may have a small side bag. For about 2 hours we looked around. Either the shops didn't have any or they were way way way out of our budget. So we decided to check one last place and then we were done. Walked right in and on the back wall there were bags we were looking for, for very cheap. Well you could say it was inspiration from the Lord. Okay maybe not but we were very happy we found them. 

All week we stopped by peoples houses and shared messages with them. Lots of people flogged us, you know how the mission life is...up and down, good days, not so good of days. But we were meeting with this African guy named Sadge. We ran into him on the street and just asked him how his day was...well he told us how his day was. We talked to him for literally 20 minutes on the path. He has had so many problems within the past couple of months and he said he was praying to God for help. So confidently we told him that we were the answer to his prayer and had a message for him. We have seen him 3 times already. The first day we just kind of tried getting to know him and let him vent to us (he wouldn't stop talking so we couldn't say much..haha) The next time we talked about faith and he already has an insane amount of faith. The next time he started talking about repentance...we were going to talk about something else, but of coarse that was the direction we were going. We talked a little about repentance and he said he has already started repenting and has felt forgiveness. He says he prays every night and is reading the Book of Mormon. Well I had the feeling we needed to schedule him for baptism. So I said Sadge you have so much faith and he agreed (very humble ;) haha) You know about repentance...will you be baptized by proper priesthood authority from God? He said, I want to follow Jesus Christ...I will do anything God asks me. At that point we set a date for November 14. But then I was about to ask him to pray about it, so he can receive an answer, if this is the right step, and before I could say anything he said I will be baptized if God tells me. So I will read and pray about it. 

Oh man Sadge is so perfect. He is a real nice guy as well. We invited him to church but sadly for some reason he wasn't able to make it. But i'm still very hopeful. 
So there was an here is the down. 
An issue was brought to our attention by our relief society president. A member has a crush on Elder Ferguson...we don't even know the whole story. So we decided to call President Pilkington about it and sadly but it was the right thing to do, President decided to Emergency Transfer Elder Ferguson, for his protection and for this young girls protection. He was gone the next morning. I have a temporary Companion, Elder Sim, he is such an amazing missionary, but he will only be with me for a few days until they sort another companion out. It was hard for Elder Ferguson to leave because we had so many good things in the making. But it definitely was the right decision before things got out of hand. I'm a little nervous because although I am still being trained I have to take over the area! I'm very nervous. Elder Ferguson was such an amazing, dedicated missionary and I learned so much from him. I know that I will keep growing and learning from these experiences.
As you can see this week has had ups and downs, really its been a crazy roller coaster. But something that I have kept in mind this whole time is that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. He has a plan for each one of us and His plan for us is what molds us into the person we were sent here to be. Trust in the Lord and rely on Him in everything you do and say. He knows what you need and will help you and carry you the whole way. Elder Ferguson told me he had been praying for a challenge and he said he got it. President Pilkington sent him to an area that hasn't baptized or had any success of any kind for 2 years. But he had a good feeling that Elder Ferguson will do great things. So there proves that everything happens for a reason. We don't see the full picture but Heavenly Father does. He is the artist and knows what colors to choose and where to put those colors! 

Well I hope your week has been just amazing! God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Dear Mummzy and Pops, 

Thank you for the emails. It makes me happy when I get them! :) Is Nick doing alright? Is there anything I can do for him? I won't say much because I basically explained everything already. Oh man you have no idea how much I love you guys. That is awesome that Landon got his call to hong kong. Say congrats from me and tell Brother Ledgingham Hello back! Is there anything I can do for you all? I'm doing well! Thank you so much for the Spiritual Dissertation. It will help me alot. It is so crazy how you sent it to her on October 27th and I got it on October 27th. Well I love you all and miss you. But know I'm always praying for you and I'm out here for a reason! :) I love you. 

Love, Ty-dye

Elder Ferguson and Tyler  

Don't know much about this picture!
He didn't say anything about it...
but he sure looks happy!  :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Miracles do happen! Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello my friends, 

Well let me tell ya...this week has been very long and slow. We started out Tuesday and Wednesday with meetings that took up almost the whole day. So as you can imagine we didn't get much done in proselyting. The rest of the week we got flogged quite a bit. But all is well, it happens. Thursday, we tried every single person that we have taught, are teaching, and could potentially teach. Nobody was in, or they said they were busy. We decided to go back to the flat and have tea (dinner). Well it was about 8 o clock and we didn't have time to go anywhere but around where we lived. So we decided to stop by a potentials house. We got out the map and went out in the dark, cold, and rain. We got lost and had no idea where this guy lived. We were in a little neighborhood. We stood there for a bit and Elder Fergurson turned to me and said "We are here for a reason" I then looked at him and said what? He again said "We are here for a reason, pick a door Elder Rife" I was thinking pick a door...there are so many doors and I don't know which one to pick. Well I stood there scanning these houses. My eyes past a house with a blue door but I kept going, I then looked back at the door and I had a feeling that we needed to knock that door. Now remember it was 8 o'clock at night...pouring rain...dark....and NO ONE wanted people coming around, especially people with a message about Jesus Christ. We knocked the door and a lady answered. Before we could say anything she said I know you guys. Elder Fergurson and I looked at each other surprised and we said back to her, "you have". This lady and her family had friends that were Mormons and they said we have been to church with them multiple times. We then inquired more about the knowledge they had. She said her daughter really wants to be a Mormon. And she said that if she were to be any religion it was Mormon, but she just can't stop drinking. We told her that we could help her. We haven't been able to get in touch with them since Thursday but we are very hopeful that everything will work out. Miracles happen everyday. And let me tell you...this was a miracle (mostly because we got out of the rain) ;) just kidding...but really! 

Another miracle happened. We are teaching this Hungarian named Yonash. He doesn't speak very good English. We went by his house and decided to invite and schedule him for baptism. We didn't know how we would do it but that was what we were going to do. We started teaching him. We turned to 2 Nephi 31 with him, it talks a lot about baptism. I started teaching him and discussing with him the ordinance and Elder Fergurson said he was praying that Yonash would understand. In the end we did schedule him and he said he understood everything and told us he would quit smoking and start coming to church. We left and both of us had a really good feeling that he understood everything. Miracles happen my friends...miracles happen. 

Although we didn't have much going on, we did have a few things that boosted our confidence and we are very hopeful that all will work out with this family and with Yonash. It is so crazy how the Lord works. As we are strictly obedient to everything we are asked to do, Heavenly Father blesses us with so many things that we can hardly comprehend. We just have to trust in the Lord. This months Ensign President Henry B. Eyring talks about Praying in Faith. In it he states that we must be in line with the Fathers will. It is so true. We need to stay in tune with Him and His will, with faith we pray for guidance and direction. With Faith we trust that He will provide a way for us, even if we don't understand it and even if it is not what we want. Trust in Him. Have faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement. As we do this, as we strive towards it and put 100% faith and trust in Him, when the time comes and Jesus Christ returns, "He will have no problem recognizing us" He will accept us with open arms and say you did well. 

Trust in Him. God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. We all wear the Name of Christ on our hearts. I hope all is well in Provo, Utah. And hey...always remember I like letters! Just saying! ;) I apologize I don't have any pictures this week. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Dear Mom, Dad, and Family, 

Thank you for answering those questions. That is really interesting! I will have more questions coming! :) That is so awesome that you got the job dad...but too bad you probably won't be coming over to England. It is also good, because when I get back...I can go on business trips with you! ;) We can visit England....of course it would be strictly play whatsoever. It is so amazing how the spirit works. I'm still working really hard to know how I myself feel the spirit, but I have been able to recognize it more often. How is everyone? It sounds like you are all doing really well. How is  Provo High football doing? That is too bad that BYU isn't doing so hot. Hopefully things will pick up, and maybe BYU basketball will do better. I have heard of Meet the Mormons and everything that I have heard has all been good. President Pilkington actually said we will most likely be able to watch i'm pretty excited! How did Jacobs talk go? How are Matt and Austin...and all my friends? do you see them often? Everything is going so good here. I really do love it. I'm trying so hard to learn as much as I can. I know I can't be a perfect missionary but I want to try my hardest. :) Well send me letters!!!! By the way I forwarded a message about Christmas stuff...I didn't really read it...haha! Hopefully we will be able to skype...I know that's a long time away..but it will come quick for me. People are already setting up  Christmas stuff here! I love you all and hope all is well at the Rife residence! God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. We wear the name of Christ. 

Love, Ty-dye. 

P.S. I took out £80 for sweaters and emergencies. I didn't buy sweaters last time...even though I said I did.

Well....Since Tyler didn't send any pictures...
I'm going to add a few of my own!  :)

This past weekend our family had the opportunity to attend a missionary farewell for one of Tyler's good friends.  Jacob Lesa was taken to the airport by his family this morning (10/23/14) to report to the Mexico MTC and he will be serving in the California Long Beach Mission.

Sunday we were able to visit with several of Tyler's friends which was so much fun and of course I had to get a few pictures! :)
Tyler had many fun times with these kids over the years and as a parent I'm so thankful for this wonderful group of future missionaries! 

The girls were looking at Zac Jarman's and Tyler's missionary pictures in the display case so I asked if I could take a pic! 

Kelly and a few others missed out on getting in on the first pic so we had to get another!!!  :)

Austin Buckner, Jacob Lesa and Matthew Boyle
(Matt has his call and will be leaving to serve in Mexico on January 7, 2015)

Slowly but Surely - October 13, 2014

Ya alright,

ANOTHER ONE DUNKED!!! :) Janine Taylor was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this week. Like I have said multiple times...she really and truly has been prepared for this moment in her life. Although she knew it was right, there were a few times that she almost gave up. Satan was trying so hard to make her fail, he knew that she was doing something good and he wanted her to fail and to be miserable. She told us 3 days before her baptism that she woke up and everything was going wrong and she was confused about if she was making the right decision. She said almost all morning she was contemplating giving up and changing her mind. She then said I remembered something you told me...."how satan will try all he can to drag me down because I'm doing something right, how it will be hard, and I may want to give up, but all I have to do is keep pushing forward. I remembered Jesus Christ and what he has done. I feel so much better right now." She started crying and the spirit was so strong with her bearing her testimony. Janine is such a good lady. She really knows that Christ's Gospel is true and that it has been restored to the earth. She is already doing missionary work with her son.....outstanding right! She was given to us on a silver platter!!

Well Janine's baptism took up a lot of time during the week. We have seen quite a few members. We saw two old guys by the names of David and Roger. They are brothers and converts in the Church. Their conversion story is pretty cool. So David and Roger are twins.  When they were babies their mom didn't want David for some reason so they took him to a mental institution or something. When Roger was older he found out and he spent all of his time and all of his effort looking for David. They found each other and became Jehovah Witnesses. They were very high in authority in the church, very successful as well. But they were told something by one of the main guys in the church that they did not agree with at all so they left, friends, lifestyles everything. And they went to search for the true church...well of course we know what happens next. They are funny guys. They have never left each others sight either! They are crazy! haha

I have been very lucky for the first part of the mission. Now things are starting to slow down...we are having to find a lot. I'm not that good at it but I can see that is coming...slowly but is coming. I decided I'm going to by some tennis balls or something to juggle for a contacting approach!! :) so If you have any other Ideas I am more than happy and very open to hearing them and trying them out! Please pray for Sol...he needs something to happen for him to gain a desire to quit smoking. Elder Fergurson and I are very hopeful with weeks to come. We are working hard and putting in every effort we have. I'm very excited for weeks to come! This will be great!

Our flat is actually very really looks big, but is very small! My companion and I are getting along great! We both are doing well and he is awesome. Thank you for sending birthday cards to him...I think it will make his day. I see the assistants quite often because they are near my area...I haven't gone on exchange with them but they always come to our district meetings! They are so cool and so loving! Truly amazing missionaries and such good examples! I don't see President Pilkington very often...he is always traveling but I have seen him probably 3 times. My area is pretty big. We cover places called Beeston, Morley, Middleton, Belle Isle, Hunslet, and Holbeck, It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get from Morley to Hunslet by bus.  But we try and spend the day in a certain are so we can get the most out of it. I was sick but I'm all better now. I have a coat and everything! I'm doing very well. It has been an eye opener though, having to do things on my own and not having the help from mom or the family. I'm learning and growing so much everyday. It has been such a good experience.

3 Nephi 13:33 "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." We don't need to worry about what will happen in life and how we will do it. We don't need to worry about the world. As we follow Jesus Christ, as we seek to be righteous and seek the Kingdom of God, blessings will come. Like Elder Holland said...they may not be now, or in a year, or until the next life, but they will come. As we seek wholesome things and follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ...strive to be like him, we will be blessed with an abundance of blessings and miracles in our lives.

God be with you. On our Way. #10'sof1000's. Hope all is well, be safe and take care. We all wear the name of Christ on our hearts.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Dear Mom and Dad,

This won't be long but I want to thank you for the pictures and for everything you do for me! I always look forward to hearing from you all. It sounds like an eventful week! Don't worry I wasn't too sick and I'm taking care of myself! I won't send the pants home! I will give them to the mission office or something! I love you all and hope you are all doing well and being safe. :)

Love, Tyler

Monday, October 6, 2014

Its raining, Its pouring - October 6, 2014

Hello Everyone, 

Lets see where to start....I guess with its starting to get cold here as well. It rains a ton in winter. Its actually raining today, but its the first day it has rained while we have been working. I'm staying nice and warm in my 12 layers though..okay its my suit, sweater and coat but still...layers! 

Janine-Last Sunday Janine left the chapel and she looked like something was wrong but she said she was fine. We later learned that there were somethings that bothered her. Someone said something in a talk that made her feel guilty and like she wasn't good enough. We had a lesson with her and sorted everything out. She said she wasn't going to come back to church. Luckily the spirit was able to have her concerns resolved. She is strong again and still planning on being baptized this Friday. She is such an amazing person. She acts like a mom to Elder Fergurson and I...always asks us if we are eating right and staying well. Its really funny. She is awesome. She really knows that this gospel of Jesus Christ is true and I know that she has been prepared to receive it for a long time. It was just like a light switch being flicked on. The Lord truly prepares people from the beginning to receive Him but it is our job to accept Him. She came to General Conference with us for 2 sessions and watched it on her own the others. She loved it and already loves Jeffery R. Holland...but who doesn't!

Macy-She is staying strong. She came to General Conference with us. We were told that she talks about us at her school and we are what everyone talks about. When people tease about us she always stands up for us and she says to her friends "they are my brothers, don't talk about them like that." Looks like my family is growing. 

Sol-We are still working hard on Sol. He told us that all he has to do is quit smoking and swearing and he will be called brother, he then said I want to be baptized after December when i'm less stressed. What he doesn't know is we are going to change it to be sooner...shhhh don't tell him.  Sol is a lad. He is so amazing. He acts like he is tough but he is such a softy. 

Drew & Robyn-We taught them and invited them to be baptized. We haven't set a date yet and they are still looking for a strong confirmation. Please pray for them. 

Lena-We invited and scheduled her to be baptized on October 24. She is really scared of water, we promised her that as she read the Book of Mormon she would know that she needs to be baptized and that she will overcome her fear. She reads the Book of Mormon every night...she said it took the place of her bible on her night stand. She loves it and said that she has never slept better in her life. 

Well thats about it...we got flogged a bunch. Please keep praying for all of these people. 

3 Nephi 18:24 "Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up-that which ye have seen me do." We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we have a responsibility to be an example to those around us. People look at us and watch us closely...never let anything distract you or make you less than what the Lord wants us to be and wants us to do. We are His disciples and we need to hold our light up and let it shine so all men may see it....that light which we hold is Jesus Christ, for He is the light and life of the world. 

Heavenly Father has provided us with prophets and apostles to guide us and direct us. They spoke to us Saturday and Sunday. They revealed truths from God the Father for you and me. Ponder there them...they will guide us and direct us. When you have pondered their words ask God in the name of Jesus Christ if their words are true and like Moroni promises, if you have real intent and a sincere desire, Heavenly Father will answer you through the Holy Ghost. You will receive a witness and you will gain a better knowledge. 

I love you all! Keep doing good work! God be with you. We are on our way. #10'sof1000's

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Macy's Baptism 
September 2014
Elder Fergurson baptized her and Tyler was able to confirm her a member of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.