Tuesday, December 30, 2014

White Boxing Day...Crazy - Monday, December 29, 2014


Well this will be short but soooo many things happened this week that were amazing, truly miracles! First things first, Talking to the family on Christmas...I have to say is the best Christmas present one could ask for! 

I went on exchange with Elder Larson. He kind of looks like a younger Eminem, and he is from California! But he is really cool. Well the few days I was with him we saw so many miracles! We taught Lena. She said she got an answer to her prayers and wants to be baptized she knows that with Gods help she can quit smoking and she has the desire to quit. It was one of the best lessons we have had with her. We then went to Grahams. We had a really good lesson with him about prayers being answered and the Atonement and much much more...it was kind of all over the place. But in the end we scheduled him for January 24th. It is a month away but he is working of quitting smoking. I know that he can. We then went street contacting because an appointment fell through. We were talking to everybody and we got 3 potentials out of all of it! they all told us that they were looking for something more and wanted us to come by. With all 3 we got return appointments! SO MANY MIRACLES THAT DAY!

Christmas then came around and obviously I got to talk to the family which was amazing. That day I prayed for a White Christmas! Well it was the hottest day ever! But from what I hear it snowed in Provo so I am counting that! We then got a text from Caroline one of our investigators who has been trying to quit drinking but hasn't been able to. Well we randomly got this text, she said she was 6 days sober and staying strong! What the heck!! She is doing this on her own and told us that she is taking baby steps! Flippin' amazing. 

Time for Boxing day...probably the biggest shopping day in England. Well for some reason the earth has its days mixed up because it snowed that day and it was beautiful. So I am also counting that as a white Christmas even though it was a day late. :) Well many more things have been happening and I love it. I love the mission. Being able to know I am helping hasten the Lords work and building his kingdom is awesome! 

Miracles happen all the time! Ether 12:12, But they only happen when we have faith, when we trust in Heavenly Father and then when we do something about it. Enos 1:12. We miss 100% of the shots we don't take. Miracles happen everyday, we just have to open our eyes, they are right in front of us. Take a leap of faith and trust in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He is the way. I love you all and hope you had a Merry Christmas! Remember to always pray and read your scriptures!! :) 

God be with you. on our way. #10sof1000s. We represent Jesus Christ. I love you all! :)

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Obviously of the snow
Christmas Eve with the Atkinsons-They asked us about our Christmas Traditions back home and then did them all for us. 
Christmas Dinner with Sol and his family.

Dear Family, 

Well it was really good to see you guys! I loved talking to you and seeing all your faces. I will say though it was weird talking over skype...I felt like I couldn't really talk to you but no matter. I still enjoyed every second of it and to ease your worries, everyone was in the room next to me! I wasn't breaking any rules! Oh Dang...is Kylee and Dad doing better? Just a reminder, if you could put some more money in my account that would be great. I had to take  £80 out for a new bus pass, I will get reimbursed but I won't however be able to put it back in my account. Thank you Kate and Nick for the wonderful email...don't worry you don't have to write me, but it is good to hear from you and I am glad  you are all doing so well! KINLEY HAS HER EARS PIERCED?!?!?! What she is too young! Mila already is so big! It is going to be so weird seeing them  in 2 years. Well I am glad to hear you are all doing well other than a little bit of sickness. DAD DON'T MESS UP YOUR BACK!!! yes that is me cranking you!! :) I love you all and am so grateful to always hear from you and am grateful for your love and support! If you need anything please let me know! I love you and miss you. 

God be with you until we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. We are representatives of Jesus Christ and as such we wear his name on our hearts. 

Love, Ty-dye

p.s. you should tell matt and austin to email me! 

December 26th
"It snowed that day and it was beautiful!"

Christmas Eve with the Atkinson's 

Christmas Dinner with Sol and his family

Monday, December 22, 2014


Dear Rife family, 

I got Kynsie's Skype. My name is ty_rife. I'm excited to see you as well. That is so weird for it not to snow during Christmas. Well hopefully you have a white Christmas! :) Here it will be rainy...it is weird for me to not see snow. A lot of things are still green, it is very unusual! I remember that Christmas book, (In our email to Tyler...we had told him about how Tanner had wrapped up some of our books and we opened up one last night and read it as a family.  It was called "Bah Humbug".)   it is good. My favorite one is the Crippled lamb, or the candy cane one! I love those! I still haven't gotten Sister Rawcliffe's parcel. I got the one with peanut butter and honey and loads of sweets, but I haven't gotten the other yet. Hopefully it is just slow because it is around Christmas time. I will keep looking for it as well as Grandpa's. What were the prizes that Tanner and Kylee got? Oh my goodness...Sloane has here mission call??? That is so weird!! When does she leave? How many of my friends have mission calls now?  It is crazy that Matt is leaving in a few weeks! how were they? Probably really good. Did they get my letters? Well sounds like you all are having a fun time and staying busy like always! I won't tell you everything that has been happening because I will see you on Thursday. It will still be 7 o'clockhere...which I guess is 12 there! I love you guys and miss you guys. Merry Christmas!

God be with you until we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts, we are disciples of Christ. 

Love, Ty-dye


This will be short but I just wanted to tell you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! This week has been pretty awesome. First off...our zone got together in Leeds City Center and we sang Christmas Carols!! Pretty much the best thing ever! We wrapped up Book of Mormons and passed them out and passed out the He is the gift pass a long cards. It is amazing how many smiles we got from people. Another funny thing is as we were singing people would leave money...we ended up basically chasing them down to give them their money back. The look of surprise that was on their faces when they found out we were singing just because was so funny. Obviously they ended up talking to us trying to figure out why a group of young people were singing. Music is special. It reaches out to everyone and can bring a smile to their faces and help them feel the Spirit. It is a language that everyone knows. Speaking of music, President Pilkington showed us a commercial about the Christmas Truce that is really special to him as well as all of us. Look up on Youtube "The Christmas Truce Sainsburys advert" It is very good. 

Sol FINALLY came to church and is trying hard to quit smoking so hopefully he will come around here soon...hopefully! Graham, for the first time prayed in front of us. We have been trying to get him to pray for the longest time. He prayed to know if the Church is true and to know a date that he should get baptized on, it really surprised me honestly. He is doing really well, trying to cut down smoking and everything. We met this really nice lady, her name is Sarah. We were walking down the street going home one night and she was standing outside her door in her robe and Pajamas. So I just said her robe looks good (it had stars all over it) I know I know stupid approach...but I just said what came to mind. But it got her talking to us and we talked for probably 15 minutes she was asking about why we came over to England and the lot. We obviously said we had to leave, and before we could ask to come back she said would you guys like to come back sometime and we can have a cup of tea...we said sure...obviously we can't have tea but we are definitely going to get her baptized!!! :) Be careful what you ask for...especially if it is two missionaries! :) 

Yesterday was an odd day. Started out normal. We went to Sacrament and then Priesthood...then the primary teacher asked if we could help her...we didn't know what we got ourselves into! We said sure, she then said alright we need wise men and shepherds, can you be both. So as you can gather, we were shepherds and wise men for the nativity! :) fun stuff! I was sitting there thinking to myself why do we have to do this with a bunch of primary kids...we have investigators here and less actives. There are not many primary kids so they needed us. It didn't turn out very good but then I was thinking it doesn't matter. Christmas is not about how good of a nativity you can put on or how many gifts you get or how much food you eat, or how big your tree it, how many lights you have. Christmas is about Christ. I invite everyone who reads this to read the First Presidency message in the Ensign. I want everyone to think about how they can make Christmas more focused on Christ and how we can serve other people. This year make someone else's Christmas better, Serve one another, love one another but most of all remember what Jesus Christ has done for us. He loves us. How can we show our love for him? 

God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. We all wear the name of Christ on our hearts. Merry Christmas everyone. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"Our zone got together in Leeds City Center and we sang Christmas Carols!!
Pretty much the best thing ever!"

Each week we send Tyler an email from home and most times Steve will include what he titles "Dad's Doctrinal Dissertation".  Last week Steve didn't send anything to Tyler and Tyler made mention in his email that he missed it!  
I think that made his Dad feel pretty good...to think that what he usually shared was valuable and worthwhile. 
Well in Tyler's email for this week Steve shared some very insightful Christmas thoughts and I decided I would include it on Tyler's blog this week.
Perhaps those of you who take time to read Tyler's blog might enjoy what Steve shared with our missionary.

Love you all
Now for Dads doctrinal dissertation.  I’ve been thinking about the true Spirit of Christmas.  One of my favorite Christmas Hymn’s is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”.  It speaks of peace on earth and good will towards men.  True peace comes from aligning with Heavenly Fathers will through obedience to the commandments and repentance.  As the people in the book of Mormon witnessed Christ’s coming… heard His teachings… and exercised their faith, by repenting and being baptized, they experienced complete peace that lasted over 150 years!  The people had all things in common and there were no poor among them (what a great state to be in).  The people were significantly blessed!   As I think of “good will towards men”, I think of the joy that comes through selfless service and giving (exactly what you are doing on your mission).  There is no greater joy than to earnestly and sincerely give of yourself, your time, talents and resources (this is what it means to truly sacrifice).  Peace on earth and good will towards men is wrapped up in the two great commandments – Love God and Love our fellowmen.  As with all blessings this state of peace is dependent upon our willingness to love and obey. I’m sure the extent that we feel this peace is in direct proportion to the level of service that we give and sacrifice we make. 
Below is a little more insight into this hymn.  It comes from my bosses boss, Blaine Maxfield who recently posted the following on his CIO blog:
 “Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an American poet and educator whose works are vast and popular.  His life, however, came with many challenges and much heartache.  His first wife, Mary Potter, died in 1835 from complications after a miscarriage; she was only 22 years old.  His second wife, Frances Appleton, also died under tragic circumstances.
One night she was trimming their daughter's hair and wanted to preserve some of the curls.  She put the hair in an envelope and heated some wax to seal the envelope.  Hot drops of wax fell onto her dress, and a breeze ignited her dress and set it on fire.  To protect her children, she rushed into Longfellow's study.  Longfellow tried to extinguish the flames, severely burning his own face, arms, and hands.  Despite his efforts, his beloved wife Fanny died the following morning.  She was the love of his life.  His grief and injuries were so great that he was unable to attend her funeral.   
That Christmas, he wrote in his journal: "How inexpressibly sad are the holidays."  Devastated by his wife's death, he later wrote that he felt he was "inwardly bleeding to death."  The following Christmas (in 1862), Longfellow wrote: "A merry Christmas—say the children—but that is no more for me." 
The next year, Longfellow's eldest son, Charles, who was in the Union Army, was severely wounded by a bullet that nicked his spine.  In December of 1863 Longfellow made the journey to Washington to care for his son, who was in critical condition.  That Christmas, his journal was silent.
Then, in 1864, something changed: On Christmas day, Longfellow wrote the words to my favorite Christmas carol, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day."  He wrote how the bells ring out the message of "Peace on earth, good-will to men!" 
I have often wondered what could have possibly changed between the previous years and 1864 that altered Longfellow's perspective from despair to peace.  He wrote that the bells play "old familiar carols."  He had heard these bells many times before; they were familiar.  These were the same bells and the same songs that he heard in 1861, 1862, and 1863.   During those years he only heard the sounds of despair: 
“And in despair I bowed my head;
‘There is no peace on earth,’ I said;
‘For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!’ ”
What was different this year?
We may be able to gather some insight from one of his earlier journal entries.  On the July anniversary of his second wife's death, his journal states: "I can make no record of these days, better leave them wrapped in silence.  Perhaps someday God will give me peace." 
It was in the song of the bells in 1864 that Longfellow was given peace from God:
“Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
‘God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men.’ ”
This wonderful gift of God's peace was given to Longfellow, as it is given to each of us at Christmas time and throughout our lives.  This message is given by the Prince of Peace, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Many of us, like Longfellow, hear the messages of loneliness and despair ring loudly in our lives.  But the message of the Prince of Peace always rings "more loud and deep."  This is the great message that was heard in the ringing of the bells that Christmas—the message that good will overcome evil, and that Christ will overcome all.  And because of that we have hope.  Because of that we have peace.
As we focus on the message of Christmas, of Christ and his redeeming power, I testify to each of you that Christ was born and that He lives; that He died for us and that He was resurrected; that He made an Atonement for us and that He lives even still, and that because He lives, we will return to live with our Heavenly Father. 
Wasn’t that insightful?  I love Blaine Maxfield’s testimony and I add my AMEN and AMEN to his words…. I now have even a greater love and appreciation for this wonderful Christmas carol. 

Below are a few more worthwhile quotes from my friend’s daily posts that we have been sharing in your weekly letters:  

Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won't make it 'white'.               (Bing Crosby)

A simplified Christmas isn't about circumstances as much as it is about focus.            (Ann Voskamp)

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.               (Charles M. Schulz)

If you desire to find the true spirit of Christmas and partake of the sweetness of it, let me make this suggestion to you.  During the hurry of the festive occasion of this Christmas season, find time to turn your heart to God.  Perhaps in the quiet hours, and in a quiet place, and on your knees – alone or with loved ones – give thanks for the good things that have come to you, and ask that his Spirit might dwell in you as you earnestly strive to serve him and keep his commandments.  He will take you by the hand and his promises will be kept.               (President Howard W. Hunter)

Well Son, have a great week!  May you feel the true spirit of Christmas and the peace that comes from being faithful and true to our Father in Heaven and His Son.  The gospel is true – we believe it with ALL of our heart.  The missionary work you are engaged in is very important… it will not only bless those who respond to your invitation but you are being sanctified as a person and we are being blessed as a family. You are making a difference in this world of ours!  Remember that we LOVE you and are praying for your safety and success!  We look forward to our visit on Thursday!

Love, Mom and Dad

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Everything is flying by! Monday, December 15, 2014

Dearest momsie and Popcicle, and familia, 

President Pilkington allows us to watch Disney films at members houses. So a member invited us over last week and let us watch How to Train your Dragon 2. I'm lucky to have that but I would rather be seeing the sites of England! Well how have you guys been? I like the tree! I loved putting up the tree, it was one of my favorite things to do. I also loved at night when I couldn't sleep going out to the front room and just watching the lights while I would think. It is crazy how it is the small things that I miss the most! So we planned to be at a members house to skype at 7pm over here...I think that is 12 noon in America but I'm not exactly sure....
Has it snowed yet in Utah? What is going on in the life of all the Rifes? It sounds like you are all staying really busy as usual! Thank  you for the Money. Tell sister Carter and Grandma thank you as well! You guys do too much for me and I hardly do anything for you! Dang I missed dads doctrinal Dissertation! I always enjoy those, but it is alright. I'm glad to hear everything is going well. I'm excited to see you guys next week! :) Be safe and if there is anything I can do for you please let me know! What is Kynsie or Kendras skype? or who should I call for it so I can skype you on Christmas? Well I love you all

God be with you till we meet again. On our Way. #10sof1000s. Remember we wear the name of Christ on our hearts. We are disciples of Christ. 

Love, Ty-dye

Hey ya everyone, 

Well I swear it was just December first and in 1 week it is Christmas!! What the heck. Time is flying by and everything is flying by...even birds. There are a ton of pigeons over here and even though it is cold they still fly right in front of your face. I'm telling you they are trying to kill me! I have been lucky enough to not get hit in the face by one, but on very many occasions they almost hit my face and out of pure desperation and a want to live I am able to dodge the killer pigeons! But really like time is going so fast it is crazy! 

This week has been crazy as well. So many things have happened. First the Christmas Truce! Last week Leeds stake was packed so the missionaries weren't able to see it. President Pilkington insisted on us seeing it so he persuaded York stake to let us come. We traveled to York on Friday and sang again for the Christmas truce. It was really good. Then we had to hurry home before we turned into pumpkins! 

Sol-oh my goodness! We scheduled Sol for the 27th of December. He is still working really hard to quit smoking but it is coming really fast. He is just on the E-cig which is a good improvement. He knows that the church is true, he just has to have a desire to do what the spirit is telling him what to do. I'm hoping that everything goes good and I have faith that he will be able to quit smoking and be baptized if he relies on Heavenly Father for help. 

Graham-At first graham kind of lost the desire but we were talking to him the other day and he told us he hasn't had a Cig for the past 3 1/2 hours! OH MY! Miracles are happening everywhere. He then told us he went to the shop to by some beer and he stood there looking at the beer and said to himself why is he doing this and walked out of the shop with out anything. He felt really good about it and I think he has got the kick back in his step and is trying really hard to quit smoking so he can be baptized when he receives an answer. 

The branch threw a Christmas Party this Saturday. Elder White and I were scrambling to get rides for investigators and Less actives and trying to invite more people. Well what happened goes to show blessings come out of diligent work. We got 2 investigators there and 2 less actives! They really enjoyed it and met loads of members and established really good relationships with them. It is really interesting as well, almost everyone of them said that they had a really good time. I know that it was the spirit. You could feel the spirit and the party and the happy feelings. Again miracles are happening, especially during this Christmas season. 

So something I learned this week, 
Someone told me something about the church that sounded really good, and fit perfectly but I didn't feel good about it. Something was wrong. I took the question to a high council men in our branch and asked him. I told him how I felt and asked him what I can do to learn more of the truth. He then looked at me and asked me this question..."what do you ask your investigators to do?" I answered him, "we ask our investigators to pray and read the Book of Mormon." He then turned to me and said "are you not entitled to that same invitation?" My eyes were immediately opened and I realized of course I am. Whenever we have questions, we need to ask them. Go straight to the source. That is how we will find answers that is how we will find truth. We are entitled to the same revelation as everyone else. Heavenly Father will answer our prayers and our testimonies will be strengthened. 

God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember that we wear the name of Christ on our hearts, be an example, be a true disciple of Christ. 

Sincerely, Elder Tyler Rife

The Christmas Truce
"The memorial is really good."

Oh dang how I miss that cute boy!  I think Kynsie misses him too.  Last night while driving home from her concert with the MCO choirs we were talking about Tyler and she asked if I had seen this picture of him and she made mention of how she thought it was such a good picture of him and she said, "Oh I miss him."   Then she asked me, "Mom, don't you sometimes just miss him so bad???"
I also know a week or so ago Kylee asked, 'Mom, when is Tyler coming home?"  I kinda smiled and responded to her, "oh Kylee sweetie, not for a long time!  (Big Sigh!!!)
And... Tanner on a number of occasions has just wished for his big brother to be here with him! 
We are so happy and feel it such a blessing to have Tyler serving our Heavenly Father and the people of England,
your heart just aches to see your missionary son or brother!  :)

Tea with the DelaCruz and Calonge family.
"They are the best and so I took a selfie!  :) "
Yup...That is still our goofy son!!!  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....maybe it will happen - Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Grandma, Katelin, Nick, Kynsie, Kendra, Tanner, Kylee, Kinley, Mila, and Maddie!!!

Oh my I did that all in one breath! Impressive right!! :) Is Sister Rawcliffe doing better? Is she out of the Hospital? I got one parcel from her, I don't know which one...everything in it was wrapped in gift wrap paper. I also got the parcel you sent me. The mission office was holding onto all parcels until Christmas but then they decided there were too many so they distributed them out and I couldn't wait until Christmas so I opened them! :) Thank you for it! I hung the tree up and the little note ornaments are so awesome! :) Thank you for the deodorant as well! Tell Sister Rawcliffe thank you for all the things she gave me, as well as say I will still remember 1 for each hand! She will understand it. Her idea is if you eat biscuits (cookies) you have to have one for each hand! :) Well I'm very happy that I got all I did, you really didn't have to send anything..except the deodorant...I needed that! :) I will let you know about skype for Christmas...I think we will do it about 6 or 7pm here which would be 11 or 12 am there..I don't really know. I will sort things out and let you know next week! :) 

We live on £29 a week...I don't know what that is in $. It is sufficient for what I need! I'm doing really well. I have bought some things. I bought some winter boots, and a proper english suit, it was really cheap (£40) which over here is very cheap!!! So thanks for that Christmas Present!! :) um and then your gifts but i'm not telling you what they are!!! I pay for food and grooming with missionary funds and then really everything else that I use for myself is out of personal funds. I don't know if that made sense. I'm glad Mila got her card!! :) I did see the pictures...I thought it was the card but I couldn't really tell, thats why I asked! Well I hope you are all doing awesome! Keep doing good work and I love you all. If you need anything please let me know! It sounds like the week has been very productive! I love you. 

God be with you. On our way. #10sof10000s. We all wear the name of Christ on our Hearts, choose to represent him in all we do. 

Love, Ty-dye


CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!! I hope you all have been good for Santa Claus to come! I have had the song White Christmas stuck in my head like for the past 20 days!! I don't even know why I haven't heard it over here once!! But I really am dreaming of a white Christmas because it seriously looks like spring time. There are flowers blooming and everything is still green, it is crazy! Granted everything is soaking wet but there is no snow! :( Has it snowed in Utah yet? I like sledding! (there is a random fact for ya). During this Christmas season, remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas. He is the first gift. Don't worry about the sales and dinners. Christmas needs to be about Christ. Serve others and love others You can make such a big impact on peoples lives during this season. Always remember Jesus Christ and what he did for us. I challenge you all to show the pure love of Christ everyday. I would love to hear stories of how you helped someone remember Christ this year or how you know you were able to serve someone and help change their lives! Please send me your stories! 

Sol- Well dear sol is taking baby steps, and by baby steps I MEAN BABY STEPS! But I am impressed with all that he is doing. He bought an E-cig to help him cut down smoking and he has told us multiple times that he knows and has seen Heavenly Father's hand in his life the past two weeks. 

Lena (sols mom)-We have been teaching Lena for quite a while now. The other day she was telling us about how stressed she was and that all she wanted was some peace. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and prayer and how it can help. She committed to start reading again and praying because she remembers that it did bring peace to her when she started. She then out of the blue said I think I'm going to come to church next week, I can't come this week but I will come next week! WHAT THE HECK!!! RANDOM! I got this big smile and all I could say is that is amazing we would love to see you there. I was speechless. She has never wanted to come to church! Slowly but surely...even if it is just baby steps. 

We have so many other people that we are teaching, like Caroline, and Sarah, and Drew. Every single one of them are taking baby steps. But something I realized was this: They are coming...although slowly, they are making a difference in their lives and trying to change so they can come unto Christ. I remembered that it is Heavenly Fathers will not mine, as long as I am trying my hardest to help, they will do their part and progress will come. Baby steps people...baby steps!!! Miracles happen everyday! 

The missionaries sang at a Christmas Program yesterday it was called a Christmas Truce that happened during WW1. On Christmas the British and the Germans ceased firing on each other and met in the middle of the field and played a game of Futball. There were many non members there. President Pilkington wanted us to sing two songs to open the program because his family was impacted by the war, his grandfather was apart of the Christmas truce. and this is what I learned from it and now I am telling you! We were singing and it was so powerful. The spirit was so strong and I know everyone could feel it. I then thought of how missionary work isn't just teaching and baptizing. We represent Jesus Christ, we have his name on our hearts and as such we have been set apart as disciples of Christ. Christ asked us to follow him and do as he did. Well the biggest part of his "missionary work" was being an example, loving, serving, doing all he could to share the gospel. As disciples we must do as he did...that is be an example. Missionary work shouldn't be teach teach teach teach and if we aren't teaching than all of our efforts are going to waste. Yes, missionary work is trying to share the gospel, but missionary work is also being an example, loving, serving and doing all we can to represent Jesus Christ and help people understand that they can be happy, that there is a plan for them and that the Book of Mormon is 1000% true, that Joseph Smith restored Christ's church back to the earth, and that we have a living prophet today, but most of all Jesus Christ lives. That is missionary work. As we do all this, when we put it all together and make it not just a two year thing and only do it when we have to but to make it our life. When we do that, when we apply the principles we are trying to teach, that is when we will be able to leave a legacy and help people come unto Christ.

I love you all and hope all is well across the big blue. God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

P.S. Christmas season, calls for Christmas tree from the family!! :) 
We found a cat and I wanted to knock some doors with it and ask if it was their cat and then get talking about the gospel! :) Elder white wouldn't let me....

We sent Tyler a little Christmas Tree with these fancy little ornaments!  
The ornaments are actually notes from family and friends.  
The notes are under the decorated Christmas paper and hooked together with a brad fastener.
I'm sure he enjoyed hearing from us ALL!  
Merry Christmas!

Tyler and the cat he found

Thursday, December 4, 2014

SURPRISE...ITS TUESDAY!!!! December 2, 2014

Hola, Come esta, 

They sent me to Spain for a bit and I learned Spanish....ok ok, they really didn't. Well it is Tuesday and not Monday. This is because Transfer calls happened and I'M GOING TO....stay here!! hahaha gotcha! You all thought I was leaving. Well because Transfers are this week preparation day is Tuesday instead of Monday. I'm really happy I'm staying here for Christmas. It is going to be weird not being home honestly but I'm excited.
I'm an awful person...I forgot it was Thanksgiving until someone said, isn't it Thanksgiving this week?!!! But we did something really cool and it was super fun! We were talking to Caroline and her family (some investigators) and we said we will have a family home evening with them at the chapel and we will cook them a Thanksgiving!! It wasn't quite Thanksgiving but it was as close as we could get it. Turkey is very very expensive so we substituted it with chicken and made it look like turkey. We made mashed potatoes, cooked carrots and parsnips and an apple pie. We made this in all under an hour!!! Crazy I  know! Well we sat at the chapel...and sat there...and sat there...and sat there! They didn't show up! We found out later that something came up, don't know what but I will give them the benefit of the doubt! :) But on the bright side we got a thanksgiving dinner and it was quite good if I do say so myself! :) The picture is us cleaning up and I got distracted by the big pot of mashed potatoes!! :) they were good, not as good as Dads, but good! 

On Friday we helped Lena (sols mum and an investigator) put up her Christmas tree! It was basically awesome!! We had a lot of fun and got talking about the Plan of Salvation. I don't know if I told you guys but her sister is a member in Scotland and Lena is moving up there after Christmas! So we won't be able to baptize her here but we are going to get her all prepared to turn over to the Scottish missionaries! She then later told us she was having a hard day and prayed for us to come by which I think is cool because it strengthened her belief in Prayer. She has told us she doesn't pray because she doesn't think Heavenly Father has answered her prayers! Well that will change now hahaha!! But she really is an amazing lady! She made us curry afterward and flip it was so spicy it was making my nose run!!! 

Last week I went on exchange and we went by a less-active. Interesting story but I won't go into that. She smokes and says she doesn't know if she believes anymore. It was stake conference and she came. After I walked up to her and asked her how she was doing and how she liked it. She said that she was doing well and that stake conference was for her. I then asked her what she was going to do now. Right before stake conference she bought a full pack of cigarettes. She pulled them out of her pocket and crushed them and said I'm done. She said I know I'm a hard person and I'm sometimes a nuisance but I believe! I know this church is true! I was astonished, I was speechless! It helped me realize something. There are many people out there, that struggle and seem as though they are not worth the wait and worth trying to bring back because they are long gone! DO NOT GIVE UP ON THEM!! They may need a little extra nudge and help because they can't do it on their own. But no matter what never give  up on them. They are all children of our loving Heavenly Father and have just strayed a little. It is our, I would say, obligation and duty to be their friends and help them realize that they can be happy, help them remember the feelings they had when they were baptized. Never give up on anyone, including yourself. If you struggle and feel lost, don't give up, rely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They are there for you, walking right beside you. Keep going, keep trying because in the end, everything you do will be worth it! 

God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

P.S. Selfie with Elder Smith!!!

Dear Mom and Dad, 

Thank you for the emails each week. I know you are busy and life is hectic but you still make time for emails!! :) I'm grateful for that! This past week has looked like a fun week for you all!! It seems like you packed in a lot! Thanksgiving looked good. Where were the Cherry's? Did Mila get her Birthday card? sorry it was so late. Have you got the Christmas parcel I sent? How is everyone doing? What was Tanners PR? I Would love to do the Christmas thing with you guys! I will update you on service, words and attitude, as well as personal goals! I will try my best to do that. Something that I started that you are all welcome to do as well... What is the point of just saying things you are grateful for on just one day of the year? I don't see the point. Everyday I write 2 things that I am grateful for, or at least I'm trying and I think that when we feel down or like everything is going wrong we can look at those things that we write everyday and it will remind us of why we do things and that we have been blessed greatly!! So black friday isn't really a thing here. It was weird. Dang Kylee I want a picture with Elsa!!!!!! You are a lucky girl! Well I hope you are all doing well and are having an amazing week! Look up the Mormon Message the spirit of Christmas. That is a good one! And don't forget to watch Mr. Kruegars Christmas! I love you all and miss you. I hope that you re-read those letters that Santa Clause gave us last Christmas. I hope we can all think about how we can make our CHRISTmas' more focused around Christ. I love you and hope all is well! God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts!

Love, Ty-dye 

Giving the mashed potatoes a try as they were fixing Thanksgiving Dinner!  :)
Trust him!!!  He was ALWAYS trying to grab a taste before the prayer was said here at home too!!!
Only I actually think this was when they were cleaning up so perhaps it was staged!  

Selfie with Elder Smith  :)

Monday, November 24, 2014


Dear everyone who cares to tolerate my very unorganized letters, :)

Oh my it just seems like yesterday I was writing home, it also just seems like yesterday that transfers started and now they are over in a week! What the heck, where did the time go!? To answer your question about my companion. Elder Sim was my temporary companion for 3 days and then Elder White is now my companion. I don't know if he will get transferred again or not. Transfers are the 3rd of December. Thank you so much for the package, unfortunately I will not know if I have gotten it until like a week before Christmas. The mission throws a Christmas party, and they said that is where we will get our Christmas packages! But I'm very excited to get it! :) I'm sending you one as well, it is not very big but I decided to send a little bit of England back home to you! :) YOU CAN'T OPEN IT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! :) haha I'm going to torture you! Speaking of Christmas, we get to skype but I don't know the full details yet....so yeah! 

Well this week has gone by soooooooo dang fast! It has also been a very interesting week. Every single day we have had a meeting and the doctors. I had to go to the doctor to refill my prescription because it was American..Dang yanks (thats what English people call Americans) I get called it quite a bit! But although it has been weird it has been very productive!! Which is good. 

We were able to teach a new investigator named Sarah. She seems like she is really interested. I'm so embarrassed though. You can't make fun of me when I say this. We were teaching her the first lesson, and I started talking about Joseph Smith...well of course I have James 1:5 and the first vision memorized. So I said Joseph Smith read James 1:5 and it says "if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not and it shall be given him" and then I went on, well I then said Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. My first thought was let her read the first vision out loud...and then I was prideful...so I started saying it, but instead of me saying the first vision I started saying James 1:5! I realized what I was doing half way through...well I'm going to stop there. Luckily I was saved by my companion. Don't worry even though I messed up she is still interested. Goes to show you listen to the spirit or he will definitely embarrass you bad and will never let you forget it. Oh my! It was a good learning experience. 

Sol and Macy are going through a rough time right now, but I know that it is because Heavenly Father is preparing them for something greater. Sol needs this, he has been relying more on Heavenly Father and has been having more faith. But it is really hard for me to watch them go through this.  Please keep them in your prayers that everything will work out according to Gods will.

Well Lots of miracles have happened this week and I can see the Lords hand in everything that we have been doing. It is truly a blessing to be a missionary and I hope and pray everyday that I will become better and rely on the Lord more fully. 

I love you all and pray for the best. Keep moving forward. Always rely on the Lord and remember that He is always there even when it feels like you are alone. God be with you until we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. We all wear the name of Christ on our hearts. 

Oh yeah we were knocking and we knocked Cruella's house and got a picture with her car! :)

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Dear Family, 

I basically told you everything in the email! I'm glad to hear you are all doing so well and having fun! Watch out for a package coming your way! remember DON'T OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! hahahaha :) I love you all! Thank you for all you do! I am enjoying the pictures! :)

In front of Cruella's De Vil's car!!!  :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Days are shorter and some how I'm more busy.

Dear Everyone across the pond, 

Again I apologize this week, the email won't be too long. It seems like days are getting shorter, but I'm getting more busy. Although I'm getting more busy, I can never think of anything to write home. 

I guess I will start with Graham-He was a former investigator that told the missionaries he had found the church that was right for him. Well a couple of weeks ago we ran into him and he said he was miserable and realizes now that he wants to try again. He asked for our number and said he would call us. Well weeks went by and he didn't call us. Then this past week we got a random call from Graham asking if would come by. We went and were planning on teaching the restoration...well instead of us teaching him...he taught us. He knows so much and really wants to try and understand more and receive a feeling that this church is true. He is prepared, so prepared he invited himself to church before we could. Before we could tell him that he needed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, he said that he knew if he was to get an answer he would have to put in an effort and that it will take time. Man he is prepared. All we basically did was invite him to be baptized on November 29th. He then said okay and he would work towards that date. Unfortunately we will have to push it to December 6th because stake conference is November 29th and 30th. Graham is really funny, and he loves Doctor who. I feel confused whenever he talks about it because I don't know what is going on. He is awesome and knows what he is doing. We have seen him 3 days now and he came to church and really enjoyed it. Graham is definitely trying to investigate the church. 

This week we also did quite a bit of knocking.  We didn't get anyone, but work pays off. We got a call 2 days ago from the mission office. Some other missionaries were teaching this older couple and family was sitting in on the lesson (the couples daughter and 2 grandchildren),  Well they liked it so much they asked if missionaries could come by. Well they live in our area and we have a visit scheduled for Wednesday. When we talked on the phone she seemed so positive and excited to learn more. It was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord. Hopefully all goes well. 

We also were able to attend a Birthday party for a member with LOADS of non-members. It was crazy how many people were walking up to us asking who we were. My thoughts were when they asked.."well you asked...so I'm telling you" they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. We left them with mormon.org cards and hopefully they look into it. Unfortunately none lived in our area, but it was still a really good experience and blessing. The other really random detail but very cool, there was a nine year old girl who sang at their talent show. She sang let it go from frozen....OH MY GOODNESS SHE IS GOING TO BE FAMOUS! She was nine and I was surprised how good of a singer she was. 

Well here is my doctrinal dissertation for the week, although it will not be as good as dad's. My thoughts this week have been a lot about missionary work in general. From Zone Conference to a Mission Presidents fireside we had last night, I have been thinking a lot about missionary work. Many people think Missionary work is just teaching people the gospel of Jesus Christ, which it is but, it can be really anything. Every member a missionary. It doesn't matter how small, tall, old, or young, every single person can do missionary work. We are asked to follow Jesus Christ...well didn't Christ teach by example? That is what we can do, teach by example. People are looking at us, everyone is looking at us. Missionary work is the example we set. By small and simple things great and marvelous things will take place. It can be as simple as saying hello or doing a simple act of kindness for someone that will hasten the work. That is missionary work, not shoving what we believe down peoples throats, but it is by our actions in which we accomplish His will. Teach by example, through small and simple means, by that, great and marvelous miracles will occur. 

Until next time, God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts, choose today to represent him (through examples) ;) Take care. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife 

Dear Family, 

Oh no Sister Rawcliffe!!! She is one of my best friends. Is there anything I can do for her? Do me a favor...go by as often as you can. I did get her letter...I have not got the package yet. I hope she is doing well. I need to send her another letter. I have got a email from kira and that is it. Janine is truly amazing isn't she? She will do great things in the church. I'm sorry to hear about all the hospital visits. Katelin and Nick were definitely wanting a date! ;) haha of Mila she is so funny. How is everyone doing? I hope alright. Tanner trust me when I say this...don't push the curfew thing...mom and dad WILL NOT BUDGE...all that comes is chaos when disobeying and cheating the freedom that we have been given. I promise you don't want to mess with them. All it is will be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. You don't know how much freedom they have given us already until you look back and again trust me when I say this...it isn't fun looking back, you will wish you were different! Learn from my mistakes young grasshopper! :) I hope you are all doing okay! I can't remember who's turn it is for letters so I will just write the girls this week. Well all is going well here. I miss you all and hope you are all staying strong. Love you all and God be with you. On our way. #10s of1000s. We wear the name of Christ on our hearts. Ki Kaha (stay strong in Maori)

Love, Ty-dye. 

P.S. sorry no pictures this week! :( 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SURPRISE Email for us today! Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We Got a fun surprise today!  I had just dropped Kylee off for school and had stopped at my Mother's like I usually do each day.  I checked my email over there for some reason and WOW... I was so surprised to see that Tyler had sent us an email at 3:48 AM!  I opened it quickly to make sure all was okay and found this:

Dear Mom and Dad,

You can share this with the family as well, I was just being lazy so I only sent it to you two. We had Zone Conference yesterday and President Pilkington told us to write our parents and tell them what we felt. (just to explain that I'm not being a dodgey missionary) ;) 

Well this won't be long. I know people say that things which are said are meant for them, but when I say this I mean it. What was said yesterday was meant for me. It was kind of a slap to the face really. Lately I have been a little stressed, and I started getting down on myself a bit, I was still working hard but I just kept thinking things were going wrong. I went to Zone Conference with kind of a bad attitude which I shouldn't have. Yesterday was the 100th year anniversary of the armistice of World War 1. Millions of people died during this time, young men especially. It was hard for them and hard for their families. I had the great opportunity to stand for 2 minutes in complete silence and give reverence to all those men who sacrificed their lives so you, and I, and everyone would have the freedom that we have today. Sister Pilkington was talking about this and she gave us this song that the soldiers would sing, it goes like this: "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile, Just think of all the happy times we'll have, smile boys, that's the style. What's the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile. So, pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile. That hit me hard because it made me think that I should't be so down. Like the song says what is the use of worrying? it never is worthwhile. It then got me thinking about the mission. A mission is going to be hard, this is going to be hard for me, it won't be easy and I don't know why I thought it would be easy, because in reality we are serving the Lord, we are doing as Christ did, and when you think about it, it was never easy for Him. This is something small that we can do. When things get hard, when we want to give up and stop trying, just remember to smile, remember that its not easy but because it's not easy we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest person that ever lived. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with Christ. He has our back. Smile today, because tomorrow you may not have teeth! I learned so much more and wish I could explain more of my thoughts but for now this is all I will say. When things get hard keep going. My favorite quote is by Rocky Balboa which I'm sure I have shared with you multiple times, "life will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it, but it doesn't matter how hard you hit, what matters is how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That is how winning is done" 

I love you all so much and I hope that made sense. President just told us to email you our thoughts...so that really are my thoughts, all over the place. Remember to always move forward no matter what, we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We wear His name on our hearts and we must choose to follow Him. We are representatives of Jesus Christ, and we will not be shaken. God be with you. We are on our way. #10sof1000s. 

Love, Tyler 

It was a wonderful reminder for me today!
So thank you Tyler for your thoughts. I'm so glad your mission president felt like it would be a good thing to share your thoughts with your family.
I will remember to smile today....because I definitely DON'T want to be without teeth!!!!  
(LOVED that part!  Silly kid!!!)

Also, Yesterday we received a very sweet email from a lady Tyler and his former companion Elder Fergurson had the blessing of teaching and baptizing earlier in October.
Quite a "payday" for us as parents!

Good Evening

You don't know me and I hope you don't mind me intruding like this.

My name is Janine Taylor and I live in Leeds, UK.

I got your email address's from Elder Rife.

I just wanted to write to say what an amazing young man you have brought up, Elder Rife is indeed a credit to you both. I am very new to the Church, being introduced to it in May by some dear dear friends from Provo, Utah. I attended church with them from May until September when they flew home for the Winter. This meant I had to find my own branch of LDS. This is where I had the privilege of meeting your son along with his companion Elder Ferguson, (they made an awesome team). They became my Elders, looked after me, taught me and eventually baptised me.

I have a bond with both these guys that is inexplicable. The sharing and being involved with my baptism gives them a special place in my heart.

I am a Mum to a 16 year old boy and they remind me so much of him. I am perhaps a wee but mumsy and look out for them a little.

I hope you didn't mind me writing but I am so honoured to have met such a wonderful young man, I feel truly blessed. He is doing you guys proud over here and is an exemplary missionary, hard working, caring and so  funny.

We carved pumpkins for Halloween for the church trunk or treat, I shall send you a photo of Elder Rife's. we were so impressed, he has a hidden talent.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards

Janine Taylor

And Then....
to make the day even BETTER...
Kylee got the mail as she came home from school 


Fun Week!  Thanks Tyler... 
We Sure LOVE that boy!

( Hope you all don't mind me posting this pic of our missionary again...but I just LOVE that cute smile!!!!)

Monday, November 10, 2014

43 sleeps till Christmas...WHAT?!?!?!

Pillow...I mean Yellow...ah HELLO!!!

So England of course doesn't have Thanksgiving, so they are already getting ready for Christmas...WHAT! I walked into the store and there were Christmas things up and on the Christmas tree it said 43 sleeps till Christmas!!! Woah there calm down England, Christmas isn't for another 2 months! That was a surprise for me! 

This is probably going to be a short one this week! So I apologize in advance. 
Quite a few things happened this week that made the week really good! First off we were able to see way more people than last week. That is always good. 

Drew-I think I have told you about Drew and Robyn. They are atheist...when I say atheist, I mean HARD CORE atheist! They rely and only believe in science. Very nice people but annoying when it comes to intellectual things because it is just way over my head! We have been teaching them and finally Drew has opened up. He is willing and wants to know if what we say is true, so he showed up to church and told us that he had a lot of preconceptions of the church worked out. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and has been praying. He really is trying. I am confident that he will come around soon. He will receive an answer. 

Caroline and her family- We met Caroline in the pouring rain while knocking...I think I told you how we met them. Well we have been going by ever since and she just loves us, as well as her kids! We went over and had a family home evening with them ( there are pictures attached). We played minute to win it games and had a blast! We then started talking about families and being together forever and how it is the most important social unit that God has given us. We talked for about a half hour about families. At the end we scheduled them to be baptized on November 21st. They told us that they would pray about it to make sure that it is right. The kids want to be baptized, but Caroline is having a hard time believing that she has a loving Heavenly Father. We went over on Sunday as well and talked to them about Heavenly Father and Charlie (he is 8 and is reading the Book of Mormon) said that he believes it and is being 100% honest about it! I'm excited for them and hoping that they will make it! 

Well many other crazy miracles happened this week but I will leave it at that. "And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do" 1 Nephi 4:6 I like this scripture a lot. There are many times that I don't know what to do, I don't know if it is the spirit guiding me or if it is just me or what. It can be hard for me to discern. I never know what to do, but then I came across this scripture and I thought man I am an idiot, it was kind of a slap to the face in a sense because we don't need to know, isn't that why we are here on earth? We chose to come and leave behind the knowledge we once had. We chose to walk by faith. I chose that and so why am I worrying. The Spirit will guide us, as long as we are worthy of it. We just have to be willing to take a leap of faith, willing to take reasonable risks, that is when the Lord will guide us, when we trust in Him that if we jump he will be there to catch us. So today and this week lets all rely on the Spirit. Keep in mind that we don't know everything, Keep in mind that as we learn from mistakes and we come unto Christ, we can be perfected in him. Remember this quote "paths are made not by waiting....but by walking on them" 

Until next week. God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. We all wear the name of Christ on our hearts, we represent Him. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife. 

Dear Mom, Dad, Grandma, Katelin, Nick, Kynsie, Kendra, Tanner, Kylee, Kinley, Mila, and Maddie, and anybody else that may be joining our family in the near future...cough cough ????? cough, sorry I had something caught in my throat, 

Well first off before I forget, I need you to go to missionary.lds.org and sign into my account and put my social security number in. It is probably bad that I forgot my social security number, but whatever! I am in the Leeds 5th branch. I think London is like 2 hours away from Leeds....I don't really know! Um I can't remember if I told you this already but friends can email me! It sounds like you all had a crazy week and very productive. Tanner how are you doing in swim? Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Mila, Happy Birthday to you!!! :) You probably will be getting a birthday card pretty soon!! ;) Just out of pure curiosity...I need the dirty details about blank?  who is he? whats going on? I'm probably weeks behind on the gossip! What do you all want for Christmas, I need to get it off soon!? How is everything going? Sorry my emails haven't been too long the past couple of weeks! I will try to add more! How are Matt and Austin? and everyone else? How are you guys doing? I love you guys and miss you!! P.S. Janine is going to be emailing you soon. She asked for your email...I hope that is okay!  Well I love you all and will be sending letters! They are all random but, letters will come! If you need anything let me know, I will do absolutely anything for you all! :) Love you. God be with you. We are on our way. We wear the name of Christ on our hearts! #10sof1000s. I hope all is well. 

Love, Ty-dye

P.S. that is me and my cup o' Joe (aka Hot Chocolate) it was freezing that day but I was just wearing a scarf and gloves! :)

Playing Minute to Win It games for FHE
having a blast!  :)

Sounds like this is a new found friend of Tyler's!  
 "my cup o' Joe"