Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas and Carols - Monday, December 21, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

The snow looks amazing. That is one thing I do miss...the snow, except I don't like the cold. haha. Tanner good job for hitting under 30. Keep pushing yourself you will do great things!! I am sorry to hear about Sister Morrell. But that is the good thing about the Plan of Salvation. Knowing that we can live with our families forever. I can't imagine without it. I think it is really sad when we run into people who don't think that we can live with our families forever. It is terrible. But then when we are able to bear testimony it is amazing! How did the choir thing go? It looked good. Heavenly Father is definitely looking after us. Well just remember that satan is attacking the family. He wants us to fail. But we need to look him in the face and beat him up!!!! :) 

Well I am excited for Christmas. I am excited to speak to all of you on Christmas day. Yes it will be at 12 in America, 7 in England. Be there or be square!! :) I will try to keep it quick because I will probably just tell you the same things on Christmas!! haha. There are so many lights up this year, way more than last. Last year there were hardly any. It was really sad. But this year we have been handing out the Saviour is Born cards. They are great. People these days need to realize that Christmas isn't about shopping and trees and sweets. It is about Christ. Without him, we wouldn't be able to celebrate, there would be no meaning behind it. We had a mission Christmas party and President had us watch the film "its a Wonderful Life" First off it is like my favourite film but second, it really helped me see that Christmas is about giving back. So giving gifts to family and friends. But if you look further, it is about giving back to the Saviour. How can we do that this Christmas? What can we do to follow in His footsteps. 

Well James came to church. Haha, oh James. He is really funny. James loves it at church but gets bored and leaves. He is an interesting bloke. He is reading the Book of Mormon but says he hasn't got an answer yet. Next time we see him we will have to explain the influence of the Holy Ghost. I am hoping that James will make it to his date. 

We are also teaching a lady by the name Suzzanna. She is from the Congo and speaks very little English but she understands everything we are saying. Her family are members down in Manchester. She loves the Book of Mormon and loves church. She is working towards being baptised next weekend. There are few little bits and bobs that we need to teach but she is doing great and I know that she will make it. 

Dawn is doing absolutely amazing. She just takes everything so willingly. She keeps telling us that she just wants to find out. She had read and prayed. She said that she hasn't got an answer yet but knows that if God is there and wants her to know He will tell her. She understands as well that it might take time. She wasn't able to come to church this week because she was on holiday with her family. But she said she is coming next week. 

There are so many other good things happening. I love all the miracles that happen. Something that I have learned this week is patience. haha I have always had a hard time with it, and to be honest I still do. But as we are patient we see that things will not come in our time. Things only come in Heavenly Fathers time. But going along with patience is the faith that Heavenly Father will not leave us hanging. Remember that life is crazy!!! But we need to understand that we need to be patient. Only then will we see the miracles of God in our lives. 

I love you all and look forward to seeing you on Christmas. If you need anything let me know. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

This appeared in my memories today on fb from two years ago and you know How I LOVE pictures!  Well...
Tyler didn't send any this week so...I thought this one would be a good one to share! :)

For ALL of you out there anticipating that exciting call!  I know we are sure excited here at our home and can hardly wait!  
Enjoy everyone and Have a very Merry CHRISTmas!   

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Crazy week! Monday, December 14, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

I am so glad to hear about Austin, it did make me cry! I am happy that he made this decision to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I loved all the pictures as well. It was absolutely amazing. It took me back to a lot of memories that I have had with Austin. Also the new coach will do a great job. He impressed me on Meet the Mormons. I am sitting here freezing to death haha the door is open to the internet cafe!!! ahhhh CLOSE THE DOOR! Well Tanner you will soon beat my times for swimming!! You all  just seem like  you are doing amazing. I love hearing about your amazing days! 

As for my week. It has definitely been stressful but we have seen so many miracles it is great! We have been super busy as well. I now have loads of responsibilities. We luckily have a car now but the zone is huge and we have to travel all over. This past week we have had to travel so much taking missionaries places and going to help out in other areas but we have still seen so much success. Don't worry I am being careful while driving. I am serving with Elder Hultgren from Sweden, he was actually in my group as well. I live with Elder Barendse again (I served with him in Brid) And and Elder Davies from England. My new address is 9 Iris Court, 121 Abbey Street, Hull, HU9 1LE, England.  I love it here in Hull, it is cold but I love it. We are seeing so much success. 

We have done loads of finding mainly knocking on doors. It has been way fun. We found this great lady. It was awesome. So what happened... We knocked on her door and I can't even remember what we said but she started laughing and we just started talking. We talked a bit about what we believe and we also talked about why we are here. She then said we can come back and she will sit her family down and we will have a chat. YEAH!!!!! :) We are going back on Wednesday. I am really excited. 

We also are teaching this guy by the name of James. We taught him about the importance of Reading the Book of Mormon and praying and coming to church. He took it really well and then this past Sunday he came to church. He is a funny guy. He really likes church. He said everyone is so friendly and he feels something good about it. We are going to teach him again on Tuesday. He is scheduled for baptism for January 02, 2016. We are excited and he is excited to see if what we say is true. 

We are also teaching a lady by the name of Dawn. She was really really not for it when she was found but we went by. Well she surprised us. She said that she didn't believe but she spoke to her husband and found out that he believes in God. She was really surprised and decided that she would try and find out for herself. She told us that she will do anything that we ask, she just wants to know if God is there or not. We taught her about Joseph Smith, we then shared with your Alma 32. She really like the chapter and said it was perfect for her because she has a desire to believe. She said that it might take awhile for her but she really really wants to find out. We scheduled her to be baptised on January 09, 2016.

We are definitely seeing so much success...I am still stressed out! haha but I know that this is a great time for me to learn and grow. Sometimes Heavenly Father cuts us down so we can grow. (See the Mormon message, Gods Will) I know that Heavenly Father knows us personally and he knows what we need to become the best that we can be. Trust in Him.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

I love you all and hope you are well. If you need anything let me know. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

The Zone

This is another one from "The Zone" is just a closer one of our boy!  
LOVE HIM and MISS HIM at this Wonderful and Magical time 
of year!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Transfers...again...goes by faster every day - Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and family, 

Transfers were this week again. It is so crazy how fast things are going. I really don't like how fast it is going. There is still so much that I can improve and so much to do and yet so little time. I have been serving with Elder Jeng now for 3 transfers. He is just absolutely amazing. He has a heart of gold. It has been great serving with him. Unfortunately he is going to a place called Huddersfield. It will be good for him, great ward and good area.  I have been asked to serve in Hull as a Zone Leader. To be honest I am really scared, because I don't think I am capable of it. But Please if you have any advice to help me, it would be appreciated. 

I love setting up the tree. Thanks for the pictures I really enjoy pictures. As far as the California shooting, people are hearing about it over here as well. Paris got bombed about a month ago as you know. There is still up roar from that. This past week I heard that down south someone was stabbed in a train station by a so called terrorist. That is all that has been happening. It is scary what is happening, but I agree with what you are saying to me. We are on fine lines but as we stay close to the Gospel and listen to the words of the Prophets we will be able to hold tight to the Iron Rod and not be lead astray. I am glad to hear BYU has won, but that is not good that they got into a bit of trouble with Emmery. I can't believe Coach Mendenhall is leaving!!! NOOOO!! Well that was definitely a miracle that happened to Kynsie. There are good people in the world. As far as Christmas is concerned, I guess we can skype the same time on Christmas, 12 in the US and 7 here. I will just Skype Kynsie's account again, hopefully it will work. Is that okay? I will also send my new address to you guys next week, for now send things to the mission office. It might be better to put the mission office address in the (ward) weekly newsletter. 

As for my week it has been super good. Elder Jeng and I have been doing loads of finding and starting at the beginning again. But we have had so many miracles as well. 

The first being on Monday. We decided to try by Deborah, I think I told you about her last week. Well she let us in and she had 3 house mates there as well. We started teaching them. We taught them about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. They had loads of questions. We told them that the way that they will find out if what we say is true is if they read, if they pray, if they come to church. They understood and are really interested in finding out. Specifically 2 people. Natasha and Jess. Both very atheist but very open and wanting to find more happiness. So we then invited them to be baptized on January 2, 2016. They accepted the date and are really willing to work towards it. We unfortunately haven't seen them, because they are "busy" University students, and now we are moving. But I know that the two new elders coming will do a great job. 

Later that week we went by a man by the name of Rob. He is so good. He is in his 60's and very very religious. He is so in tune with the spirit. It was cool because he would before we could invite him to do it, explain to us how he needs to read and pray and come to church and experiment with it. He said that if this church is the true church then Heavenly Father would tell him through the Holy Ghost (Moroni 10:3-5) We taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon as well and he said it all makes sense. It was such a good lesson. We are seeing him next week....well I guess the new Elders. He accepted a date to be baptized on January 2, 2016 as well. 

We also got in with a potential who we found like 2 months ago. We just had a feeling to go by. We had about 20 minutes before we had to go to another appointment. We knocked on her door, and she was in!!! YAY!! She has a little boy named Zion. Super cool name. Well we found out that she really wants to find out If God is there and would do anything for it. So we taught her about Joseph Smith and how he had similar questions and how he prayed and got an answer. We explained to her that she can pray as well and receive an answer. We asked her if she received an answer if she would be baptized. She said she would. So we scheduled her for January 2, 2016 as well. It has been a week full of miracles! It has been great. Now we are both onto new beginnings and new experiences. I will miss Leeds 1 but I am also excited to try new places and get to know new people. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Sorry no pictures :( 

This is for Austin:

Well to be honest my feelings are competing with each other right now. I am absolutely over joyed that you are taking this step to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Like I have told you before you will recognize blessings from Heavenly Father to you. The other side of me is gutted because I am not able to see my best mate enter the waters of baptism and come out a new man. But know that I am there with you still. It is 9 pm right now and I am thinking about you. I am cheering for you. Austin I know I tell you this all the time but it just means so much to me. I know with out a doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ lives. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and that he was called to restore the fullness of Jesus Christ's Church to the earth today. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, it is another testament of Jesus Christ and it is true. I have come to know this myself and now you have come to know it yourself. That is why you are making the decision to be baptized. You are making a wonderful promise to Heavenly Father and He is going to bless you. Always live faithfully, Heavenly Father will only bless you. You will find direction and comfort as you follow this path. You will see that Heavenly Father has a great Plan for you. Your journey has just begun, live it. I love you man. I am right next to you always. Ki Kaha Bruv (Ki kaha means stay strong, Bruv is an English saying, it means brother) #3musketeers.

Since Tyler didn't send any pictures ,,,

I'm going to share a few that were from our wonderful weekend! 

Austin Buckner has been a friend of Tyler's and several other boys that are currently out serving missions since elementary school at Grandview!
We had the wonderful opportunity to witness his baptism this past Saturday and confirmation today. Steve had been asked to give a talk about baptism where he was able to share some of the above message from Tyler.
What a choice blessing this was to be a part of. 

What a GREAT example of Member Missionary work!  
We are so HAPPY for you Austin and the choice you have made. 
Here we are as the parents of the boys out serving missions...with Austin

Some of the friends!  
Tyler has been blessed with a remarkable group of friends.  There are many others...young men and young women out serving our Father in Heaven in various parts of the world.

After Austin's baptism

Austin and Kendra 
After church today where he was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Love these Girls!  
I just HAD to add this fun one! 
Hope you won't hate me Gloria, Kelly and Adri !!!  :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I didn't think they did Thanksgiving in England!! - Monday, November 30, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

I am glad to hear that the meeting with the coaches went well. It is always a great relief. That a boy Tanner doing your talk at the last minute and getting away with it!!! :) Haha Heavenly Father was definitely helping you out there! ;) But next time do it on time. It is better to be prepared a few days before than late. That is something that I have learned on the mission and something that you will learn. Planning is key to having success. Oh I absolutely loved picking out Christmas trees. I love the traditions that we always do around the Holidays. It sounds like you all just partied the whole week!! Knowing the Rife family, you probably did. ;) Elder Jeng did get your email and he really appreciated it, all though I did have to define a few of the big words that Dad used. Haha! 

I guess first off. We had a great Thanksgiving. England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, obviously because it is an American Holiday. But the Senior Couples in the mission are just so kind that they put together a Thanksgiving dinner. Oh it was so good. I was remembering all the different traditions that we do, and just sitting around the table as a family. It was fantastic. I love Thanksgiving because it helps us realize all the things that we have that we need to be grateful for. The funny part about the whole event though, was there were only 12 Americans out of about 30 to 40 Missionaries. Haha! :) But it was good all the same. 

So it has been a weird week to be honest, because I feel like I haven't been in my area all week. On Tuesday I had to go to a meeting. Which was absolutely amazing. I learned more how I can help missionaries. How to be a better missionary myself and be a better leader. I learned so much and now I have been trying to implement all the things which were discussed. It is all working!! Haha it is like it is true!! Haha. That took up a big portion of the day. Then I headed over to a place called Keighley to go on exchange. It was great. I was there Wednesday to Thursday night. We saw so many miracles. One being we were able to get in and teach and schedule a guy by the name of Ben. It was such a powerful lesson. He had loads of questions and we were answering them all. The lesson was all over the place. Then Elder Rusjberg (I was on exchange with him) and I looked at each other and it is as if we were thinking the same thing. We both just stopped the lesson and took it straight to the Restoration. We told Ben that all of his questions would be answered. He sat and listened. The Spirit was strong. Wow what a lesson. I later found out that he came to church. It was so good. We also did loads of finding. I was able to apply the famous start stop & continue to my finding skills. I learned new ways to find, learned ways that work and things that I need to stop doing. We were able to find loads of people. I also learned that each area is different and we have to mold the way we find to the specific people. 

When I finally got back to Leeds Elder Jeng and I went straight to the streets of Leeds England. We were street contacting and knocking and it was freezing cold!! haha. Well...We decided to stop by a potential, who unfortunately wasn't in. We then stopped and tried figuring out what we should do. We looked at the street opposite of us and decided to knock it. We were doing good. We had loads of good conversations, but not too many were interested in what we had to say. Well the last door comes and the famous stereotypical story now comes. It had just stopped raining, but it was cold. We almost decided to stop. We knocked on the last door and Deborah answered. She was really confused of who we were and just started laughing. It made the situation so good. She said that she didn't think that we would actually do this in the rain. We just got talking a bit about what we believe and then when we asked if we could tell her more, she said she was busy now but that we could come on Monday. :) She told us that we are really persuasive. Well the Spirit is persuasive. We are going by hers tonight so hopefully she will be in!! 

IT was a week full of finding, but yet we saw so many miracles. I love being able to share the gospel with the people of England. Yeah we get rejections and get made fun of, but then beautiful miracles occur which I know come from Heavenly Father. His hand is in every aspect of our lives. We just have to open our eyes and see the small blessings which he gives us. I love you all. I hope you are doing well. For Austin's talk, I will think of some things, and email them to you next week, I know it is cutting it close but I want to think about it a bit first.
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Thanksgiving Dinner 2015 
 "The Senior Couples in the mission are just so kind that they put together a Thanksgiving dinner."

 The Food!!! :)
"Oh it was so good."

'This building is 2000 years old and it was an entrance to a zoo. Fun fact for the day. 

Just a little side note....
OHHHH my how I miss this boy of mine!  
There are just times when I read his emails and look at the pictures he sends and I just get this ache in my stomach and would just LOVE to give him a big ole hug!!!  :)
Today is December 1st!  Soooo just 25 days and I will be able to give him a virtual hug! 
Looking forward to skyping with him!  Love ya LOADS Tyler!  <3 xoxo <3