Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My last proper week :( Monday, August 8, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

Everyone sounds like they are doing good. Zone preparation day went
really well. Loads of people came. I have seen Elder Blonquist. I
haven't served around him but we have served in similar areas. Also
Elder and Sister Burnett are the senior couple in the zone. They are
great people. Also I am pretty sure I am good with money. I have
gotten Kylee a little something. I sent a few parcels home, but don't
open the box one until I get home. The other one is just letters.
Anyway things have been going really good here. We have had so many
miracles is week.

Carol and Thomas came to church again this week. They really enjoyed
it as well. Carol told us that she didn't have any doubts of coming
and she felt good the whole time. They have really come far this past
week. We have almost finished teaching them and they are just taking
everything on board. Carol has been working of stopping smoking. She
used to smoke about 15 cigs a day and now she has cut it down to 3.
She says she feels really good about it. She loves reading and
praying. Thomas was struggling with reading and praying and as a
result he was saying he wasn't receiving answers or the good feelings
that his mum has been feeling, but this past week we committed him to
sincerely read and pray. He said he would and he did and he said he is
feeling good about it now. They are excited to be baptized.

Ken was a miracle. We invited him to church and he told us that he is
going to struggle getting up, but he got up and came to church. He
loved it. Turns out he has actually been to church already in Leeds
and he knows one of the members as well. Ken is a character, he laughs
at everything but understands all that we are teaching. It was cool
because he saw Joel get the Priesthood and he asked if he was going to
get it when he was baptized.

We found Heather this week. It was a pretty interesting encounter. We
were walking to an appointment and we just said hello to Heather and
this drunk guy called Simon. Well Heather acted like she new us but
Simon started cursing us and telling us to leave. He then started
asking us why we came. Well during this we bore testimony and taught a
bit about the Book of Mormon. We found out that Heather is sitting on
the fence and wants to find out if God is there. We asked her if we
could come back and teach her, she told us yes. So we went back taught
her the Restoration and she took it really well, we then scheduled her
for baptism for September 3rd.

We met Steven, Louise, and Julie a few days ago. They let us straight
into there home. Well they had a Book of Mormon and Louise said that
she had been reading it, but just as a read. They said that they were
curious to find out more. So we started teaching them. Things started
out pretty rough, they just kept asking us questions and wouldn't
really let us answer. But towards the end we just bore testimony of
the Book of Mormon and told them that this is the only way they will
find out the truth. They said they would read and pray and come to
church next week. So then we scheduled them for the 3rd of September as well.

Yesterday we were knocking and Adam just let us straight into his
house. He is a really open minded guy who is looking for answers. He
believes in God and just wants to have an answer. So we taught him the
Restoration and told him that the way to find out is by reading and
praying about the Book of Mormon. The whole time he was listening and
he said that he is going to try this out. We invited him to be
baptized on the 3rd of September.

Well just an update on Joel. He is still doing great. Joel just got
the Priesthood and is going to start passing the sacrament next
Sunday. Joel is just an amazing guy.

This work is so good. I have learned to rely on Heavenly Father so
much. And I have seen His hand in the work. I love it and I am going
to miss it.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof100s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

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