Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Everything is flying by! Monday, December 15, 2014

Dearest momsie and Popcicle, and familia, 

President Pilkington allows us to watch Disney films at members houses. So a member invited us over last week and let us watch How to Train your Dragon 2. I'm lucky to have that but I would rather be seeing the sites of England! Well how have you guys been? I like the tree! I loved putting up the tree, it was one of my favorite things to do. I also loved at night when I couldn't sleep going out to the front room and just watching the lights while I would think. It is crazy how it is the small things that I miss the most! So we planned to be at a members house to skype at 7pm over here...I think that is 12 noon in America but I'm not exactly sure....
Has it snowed yet in Utah? What is going on in the life of all the Rifes? It sounds like you are all staying really busy as usual! Thank  you for the Money. Tell sister Carter and Grandma thank you as well! You guys do too much for me and I hardly do anything for you! Dang I missed dads doctrinal Dissertation! I always enjoy those, but it is alright. I'm glad to hear everything is going well. I'm excited to see you guys next week! :) Be safe and if there is anything I can do for you please let me know! What is Kynsie or Kendras skype? or who should I call for it so I can skype you on Christmas? Well I love you all

God be with you till we meet again. On our Way. #10sof1000s. Remember we wear the name of Christ on our hearts. We are disciples of Christ. 

Love, Ty-dye

Hey ya everyone, 

Well I swear it was just December first and in 1 week it is Christmas!! What the heck. Time is flying by and everything is flying by...even birds. There are a ton of pigeons over here and even though it is cold they still fly right in front of your face. I'm telling you they are trying to kill me! I have been lucky enough to not get hit in the face by one, but on very many occasions they almost hit my face and out of pure desperation and a want to live I am able to dodge the killer pigeons! But really like time is going so fast it is crazy! 

This week has been crazy as well. So many things have happened. First the Christmas Truce! Last week Leeds stake was packed so the missionaries weren't able to see it. President Pilkington insisted on us seeing it so he persuaded York stake to let us come. We traveled to York on Friday and sang again for the Christmas truce. It was really good. Then we had to hurry home before we turned into pumpkins! 

Sol-oh my goodness! We scheduled Sol for the 27th of December. He is still working really hard to quit smoking but it is coming really fast. He is just on the E-cig which is a good improvement. He knows that the church is true, he just has to have a desire to do what the spirit is telling him what to do. I'm hoping that everything goes good and I have faith that he will be able to quit smoking and be baptized if he relies on Heavenly Father for help. 

Graham-At first graham kind of lost the desire but we were talking to him the other day and he told us he hasn't had a Cig for the past 3 1/2 hours! OH MY! Miracles are happening everywhere. He then told us he went to the shop to by some beer and he stood there looking at the beer and said to himself why is he doing this and walked out of the shop with out anything. He felt really good about it and I think he has got the kick back in his step and is trying really hard to quit smoking so he can be baptized when he receives an answer. 

The branch threw a Christmas Party this Saturday. Elder White and I were scrambling to get rides for investigators and Less actives and trying to invite more people. Well what happened goes to show blessings come out of diligent work. We got 2 investigators there and 2 less actives! They really enjoyed it and met loads of members and established really good relationships with them. It is really interesting as well, almost everyone of them said that they had a really good time. I know that it was the spirit. You could feel the spirit and the party and the happy feelings. Again miracles are happening, especially during this Christmas season. 

So something I learned this week, 
Someone told me something about the church that sounded really good, and fit perfectly but I didn't feel good about it. Something was wrong. I took the question to a high council men in our branch and asked him. I told him how I felt and asked him what I can do to learn more of the truth. He then looked at me and asked me this question..."what do you ask your investigators to do?" I answered him, "we ask our investigators to pray and read the Book of Mormon." He then turned to me and said "are you not entitled to that same invitation?" My eyes were immediately opened and I realized of course I am. Whenever we have questions, we need to ask them. Go straight to the source. That is how we will find answers that is how we will find truth. We are entitled to the same revelation as everyone else. Heavenly Father will answer our prayers and our testimonies will be strengthened. 

God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember that we wear the name of Christ on our hearts, be an example, be a true disciple of Christ. 

Sincerely, Elder Tyler Rife

The Christmas Truce
"The memorial is really good."

Oh dang how I miss that cute boy!  I think Kynsie misses him too.  Last night while driving home from her concert with the MCO choirs we were talking about Tyler and she asked if I had seen this picture of him and she made mention of how she thought it was such a good picture of him and she said, "Oh I miss him."   Then she asked me, "Mom, don't you sometimes just miss him so bad???"
I also know a week or so ago Kylee asked, 'Mom, when is Tyler coming home?"  I kinda smiled and responded to her, "oh Kylee sweetie, not for a long time!  (Big Sigh!!!)
And... Tanner on a number of occasions has just wished for his big brother to be here with him! 
We are so happy and feel it such a blessing to have Tyler serving our Heavenly Father and the people of England,
your heart just aches to see your missionary son or brother!  :)

Tea with the DelaCruz and Calonge family.
"They are the best and so I took a selfie!  :) "
Yup...That is still our goofy son!!!  

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