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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....maybe it will happen - Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Grandma, Katelin, Nick, Kynsie, Kendra, Tanner, Kylee, Kinley, Mila, and Maddie!!!

Oh my I did that all in one breath! Impressive right!! :) Is Sister Rawcliffe doing better? Is she out of the Hospital? I got one parcel from her, I don't know which one...everything in it was wrapped in gift wrap paper. I also got the parcel you sent me. The mission office was holding onto all parcels until Christmas but then they decided there were too many so they distributed them out and I couldn't wait until Christmas so I opened them! :) Thank you for it! I hung the tree up and the little note ornaments are so awesome! :) Thank you for the deodorant as well! Tell Sister Rawcliffe thank you for all the things she gave me, as well as say I will still remember 1 for each hand! She will understand it. Her idea is if you eat biscuits (cookies) you have to have one for each hand! :) Well I'm very happy that I got all I did, you really didn't have to send anything..except the deodorant...I needed that! :) I will let you know about skype for Christmas...I think we will do it about 6 or 7pm here which would be 11 or 12 am there..I don't really know. I will sort things out and let you know next week! :) 

We live on £29 a week...I don't know what that is in $. It is sufficient for what I need! I'm doing really well. I have bought some things. I bought some winter boots, and a proper english suit, it was really cheap (£40) which over here is very cheap!!! So thanks for that Christmas Present!! :) um and then your gifts but i'm not telling you what they are!!! I pay for food and grooming with missionary funds and then really everything else that I use for myself is out of personal funds. I don't know if that made sense. I'm glad Mila got her card!! :) I did see the pictures...I thought it was the card but I couldn't really tell, thats why I asked! Well I hope you are all doing awesome! Keep doing good work and I love you all. If you need anything please let me know! It sounds like the week has been very productive! I love you. 

God be with you. On our way. #10sof10000s. We all wear the name of Christ on our Hearts, choose to represent him in all we do. 

Love, Ty-dye


CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!! I hope you all have been good for Santa Claus to come! I have had the song White Christmas stuck in my head like for the past 20 days!! I don't even know why I haven't heard it over here once!! But I really am dreaming of a white Christmas because it seriously looks like spring time. There are flowers blooming and everything is still green, it is crazy! Granted everything is soaking wet but there is no snow! :( Has it snowed in Utah yet? I like sledding! (there is a random fact for ya). During this Christmas season, remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas. He is the first gift. Don't worry about the sales and dinners. Christmas needs to be about Christ. Serve others and love others You can make such a big impact on peoples lives during this season. Always remember Jesus Christ and what he did for us. I challenge you all to show the pure love of Christ everyday. I would love to hear stories of how you helped someone remember Christ this year or how you know you were able to serve someone and help change their lives! Please send me your stories! 

Sol- Well dear sol is taking baby steps, and by baby steps I MEAN BABY STEPS! But I am impressed with all that he is doing. He bought an E-cig to help him cut down smoking and he has told us multiple times that he knows and has seen Heavenly Father's hand in his life the past two weeks. 

Lena (sols mom)-We have been teaching Lena for quite a while now. The other day she was telling us about how stressed she was and that all she wanted was some peace. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and prayer and how it can help. She committed to start reading again and praying because she remembers that it did bring peace to her when she started. She then out of the blue said I think I'm going to come to church next week, I can't come this week but I will come next week! WHAT THE HECK!!! RANDOM! I got this big smile and all I could say is that is amazing we would love to see you there. I was speechless. She has never wanted to come to church! Slowly but surely...even if it is just baby steps. 

We have so many other people that we are teaching, like Caroline, and Sarah, and Drew. Every single one of them are taking baby steps. But something I realized was this: They are coming...although slowly, they are making a difference in their lives and trying to change so they can come unto Christ. I remembered that it is Heavenly Fathers will not mine, as long as I am trying my hardest to help, they will do their part and progress will come. Baby steps steps!!! Miracles happen everyday! 

The missionaries sang at a Christmas Program yesterday it was called a Christmas Truce that happened during WW1. On Christmas the British and the Germans ceased firing on each other and met in the middle of the field and played a game of Futball. There were many non members there. President Pilkington wanted us to sing two songs to open the program because his family was impacted by the war, his grandfather was apart of the Christmas truce. and this is what I learned from it and now I am telling you! We were singing and it was so powerful. The spirit was so strong and I know everyone could feel it. I then thought of how missionary work isn't just teaching and baptizing. We represent Jesus Christ, we have his name on our hearts and as such we have been set apart as disciples of Christ. Christ asked us to follow him and do as he did. Well the biggest part of his "missionary work" was being an example, loving, serving, doing all he could to share the gospel. As disciples we must do as he did...that is be an example. Missionary work shouldn't be teach teach teach teach and if we aren't teaching than all of our efforts are going to waste. Yes, missionary work is trying to share the gospel, but missionary work is also being an example, loving, serving and doing all we can to represent Jesus Christ and help people understand that they can be happy, that there is a plan for them and that the Book of Mormon is 1000% true, that Joseph Smith restored Christ's church back to the earth, and that we have a living prophet today, but most of all Jesus Christ lives. That is missionary work. As we do all this, when we put it all together and make it not just a two year thing and only do it when we have to but to make it our life. When we do that, when we apply the principles we are trying to teach, that is when we will be able to leave a legacy and help people come unto Christ.

I love you all and hope all is well across the big blue. God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

P.S. Christmas season, calls for Christmas tree from the family!! :) 
We found a cat and I wanted to knock some doors with it and ask if it was their cat and then get talking about the gospel! :) Elder white wouldn't let me....

We sent Tyler a little Christmas Tree with these fancy little ornaments!  
The ornaments are actually notes from family and friends.  
The notes are under the decorated Christmas paper and hooked together with a brad fastener.
I'm sure he enjoyed hearing from us ALL!  
Merry Christmas!

Tyler and the cat he found

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