Monday, May 11, 2015

May is full of miracles - Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dear Mum, Dad, and family,

First things first....I have forgotten every week, but now I won't!  ON sunday if it is okay I will be skyping @ 7 English time and I think 12 Utah time! I know that is right during church but it is really the only time that is available for me! I can only Skype for 40 minutes so you will be able to make it back to Sacrament if you want! Be there or be square! :) I hope it is okay for you all! So many things have happened this week! Congrats to Morgan! Elder Turner my MTC companion doesn't live too far from Auckland New Zealand! I am still learning to get my license, it is different on the opposite side of the road but it isn't as bad as I thought! And the guy that is teaching me is very good and very patient! I was able to pass my theory test so now I am just waiting on a practical driving test. Now for the miracles of the week...although I think me driving and not causing chaos is a huge miracle! :)

Bob-We were walking home from church and Bob stopped us. He tried "bible bashing" us abut we were just really chill with him and kind of turned his own questions and comments on himself. Well in the end he turned out to be a really cool guy...we asked if we could come over sometime and he said "Yes, why not". We went over and taught him and he is really open to knowing more. We are excited to work with him.

Carl-We have been preparing all week for Carl's baptism which is May 9, 2015! He is really prepared and we have had the opportunity to see him progress towards this wonderful date. His testimony has grown and my testimony has grown with it. Now we are just sorting out the details. He told us a miracle that happened to him. He has had a hard time with smoking. He finally gave it up but he told us that on Thursday he was having a horrible day. He said he pulled a cig out to smoke and he lit it but he couldn't take a drag! He said that he almost came to tears, because he was able to feel the spirit so strongly. Carl put the cig down and he said he felt complete peace. He felt good and happy! He knows that it was the Holy Ghost warning him. He is so prepared, Heavenly Father has helped him so much to come to this point.

Caroline-WOW! for a moment I thought Caroline was going to drop us. she was giving up. But we had a really good lesson with her about doing everything in Heavenly Fathers timing, we watched with her the Mormon message continuing in patience! Well we prayed and she left. We then got a text later from her about how she has finished 1st Nephi for the first time in her life! She was really excited and ever since that lesson her attitude and whole countenance has changed. It is amazing how Heavenly Father works.

Speaking about how Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. About a month ago Elder Barendse and I ran into 2 girls, Melanie and Melisa. We had a good conversation with them and asked if we could meet with them again. They told us that they were leaving for a month but would like any leaflets that we have. We gave them cards and a Restoration leaflet. Well we then lost contact with them. One week ago we ran into both of them again. They told us they looked at and read the Restoration leaflet and want to know more. So we taught them about the Atonement and gave them a chapel tour. We then felt impressed to invite them to be baptized. They said yes...we want too!! We have taught them again and they were both still wanting to find out more and more about the church. Miracles are happening.

I can't tell you in words how much I care and love the Gospel and my Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ. It is all 100% true. I know it! I love the Atonement. The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet, he did restore the truthfulness of the church to the earth! How do I know this? I will quote Brother Larsen (Tyler's Seminary teacher from Provo High) on this "I already know it because, I have been taught the truth my whole life" and because the Holy Ghost has borne a confirming witness to me that it is true! I love you and hope you are all well. Moroni 10:3-5 Alma 37:6
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

I LOVED his simple but sweet testimony at the end of his email. 
It is such a blessing to have a missionary serving our Heavenly Father.

No pictures again this week but HOPEFULLY tomorrow when he emails 
some will be included with that email!  
for those of you who read this far, 
I'm so sorry for being SLOW in posting these last two weeks.  :)
I'll try to be better.  
Life sometimes just happens!!!  

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