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Daft Days are Over Inbox - Monday, February 15, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!! Sorry I haven't sent valentines day cards yet. I dropped the ball with that. I will send some late valentines day cards. I am glad to hear that Kylee's presentation went well and that Tanner had fun on his date. I always loved going to dances. I hope you had fun. Is there anything I can do to help Grandma? Kendra did you get the job? It would be awesome if you did. I am so happy for you. I was thinking a bit about what to do. I think I want to be a pediatric Surgeon. Hey so I have a quick question. I was hoping that I could buy a suit because mine are knackered. I was hoping that maybe I could borrow a few quid from you mum and dad. I promise I will pay you back, the conditions of my suits are terrible though. If it isn't possible don't worry about it.

My valentines was probably the best last valentines on the mission. Haha. We were able to go and just work! I loved it. Yesterday it was so amazing. Mel finally came to church!!!! :) She loved it as well. She said that it really helped her and enlightened her. She felt stronger and more capable of quitting the drink. We later went over to her place. She told  us that she has only had 1 beer and said that is what she is keeping it at. Mel honestly is doing so good. She has cut down so much and she loves learning about the gospel. It was really cool to see her praying during sacrament. (don't worry she wasn't sleeping) haha. We have just been going through the Addiction Recovery Program with her. She really wants this and you can tell that she wants the gospel in her life. It is amazing to see that when the Spirit testifies to someone of the truth all they want is to have the Spirit with them constantly. That is all Mel to have the Holy Ghost with her always. She is doing so good.

Unfortunately the Beever family has asked us to stop coming. They said that the "Mormon thing" isn't for them. We were so confused and really down hearted. We were trying to think why they would make that decision. Well we were talking to a Sister missionary who is a convert with her family. She told us that her family "dropped" the missionaries multiple times for 9 years. At that point we were reminded that seeds are planted. And hopefully in a few years the Beever family will invite missionaries back and have a desire to be baptized.

Alex, Anna, and Maggie are doing so good. They are so cool. Alex knows that the church is true. He has felt the spirit and you can tell. Last week we gave them a chapel tour and he told us that, that night he went home and couldn't sleep because he was thinking about what we were saying. He has read to 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Alex is afraid of praying because he is afraid of the answer he will get from God. This past week we were able to teach about faith. We talked about how it is like building a bridge. How gradually you build a bridge, plank by plank over a huge cliff. Or gradually as you pray and read and come to church, he will be able to build a bridge to bring him closer to God and that is what he wants. I just have a really good feeling about Alex. I know that his family will follow him if he takes this leap to pray about what we are saying.

I will end by saying this church is true. We can know for a surety if we search the scriptures, pray, and attend church. These 3 things will be the tools to anyone who is searching for the truth. Also, I  know that Jesus Christ lives and that He died for us. That He not only atoned for our sins, but every trial in our life. As we trust in Him we will never fail. I love you all and I am sorry that this email is quite short and confusing. If there is anything that you need let me know.

God be with you till we meet again. On our Way. #10sof1000s. He Lives.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"Elders Lauti and Withers.  We went to their nightly planning.  
These guys have the greatest attitudes in the world!"

Mel (she is the one closest to Elder Rife)

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