Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Transfer already

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

Well transfers have come again and I am moving...again. It is so weird I honestly don't know why President is moving me all the time. AHHHHH!! GOTCHA haha. I am actually staying. But it has just become habit writing something to that effect. haha. I am excited to stay. Elder Bailey and I are doing some good work. 

You know the Rife boys nothing gets in the way with us chilling with our homies! haha. After all we are Tan tan the ladies man and Elder Rife... his wing man. haha. ( At first when I read this in Tyler's email I didn't really understand what Tyler was talking about.  However,  after reading it a second time I remembered that in our email to Tyler, Steve had talked about Tanner "hanging" with his friends even though he had had surgery on his arm and was on pain meds. They definitely LOVE their friends and have always had a good time with them! :) )    Ky I am so sorry to hear that you got stung (by a wasp or a hornet) so many times. It isn't fun, but the hornets just like us so much that they can't resist how amazing we taste! (Tyler absolutely HATES bees, wasps hornets or any other thing that stings!!!  He has been my child that has been stung numerous times throughout his life. Ask him sometime to relate the story of being in Bruce's backyard!  Bruce was our wonderful crossing guard at Grandview Elementary.  It is NOT a fun story.)  Kylee... I hope you feel a bit better. Kyns and Ken good work with all the success. Everyone is doing so good. Seems like you are all just loving life. I am loving it as well. You heard from Sue our investigator. She wanted us to send a quick message. We told her probably not but she insisted. 
Sue is a great lady though. She is doing really good. She laughs so much it is insane. Sue at first wasn't really interested in the church, she just wanted to be nice to the missionaries and then over time she realized that what she was being taught is good. She is still working towards the 30th of April to get baptized, and is doing great. She is a little afraid because she has to stop smoking and doesn't really want to. She knows it is bad but she is afraid that later down the line after her baptism she will slip up and she doesn't want that. So lately we have been trying to help her understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ and help her understand repentance. We are teaching her the Plan of Salvation again today so hopefully she will grasp the idea a little more and know that if she slipped up she would be able to get up again and try again. Keep her in your prayers. 

James is amazing as well. James came to Stake Conference and loved it. He is such a great guy. He really does love Heavenly Father and Jesus  Christ so much but he has so many questions. He takes notes during our lesson and when he was at stake conference. This is really testing Elder Bailey's and my knowledge and study skills. But it seems to be that every time we teach him the questions are answered and he understands it more. We are seeing him on Wednesday again and this time we are really going to teach him the Plan of Salvation because last time he had loads of questions still about the Priesthood. He is such a smart guy. He is taking everything in and really trying to understand it all. He hasn't really been reading the Book of Mormon so we have been trying to help him understand that everything that we are sharing comes down to him reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. I know that if he does though he will progress way faster. 

Remember I told you all about Eloise. She is American and is so cool. She went away last week but we were able to teach her yesterday, basically just about faith and about praying and reading. She said that she looked at the Book of Mormon and then prayed just to know if Heavenly Father was there. She told us that she didn't really get a solid answer but she felt good about it all. We explained to her that answers may not come immediately and then shared with her the analogy in Alma about faith and how it is like a seed. She really liked it. We are planning to teach her the Plan of Salvation tomorrow. It will be great. 

This week has been good for us. We really are seeing loads of success. We need to be better at following up with our potentials we find but we are seeing miracles take place. I hope you are all doing great. If you need anything let me know. Tell Max congratulations! ( Max Hoopes...he is a neighbor of ours that received his mission call to Bangkok, Thailand) Miracles are happening. The Church is true and the Book is blue. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"This is an actual street name in England....haha!  What the heck!" 

Elder Bailey and Elder Rife with Sue

I woke up to a wonderful surprise Sunday morning...
I think I have mentioned in an earlier blog post how we have all become good friends by way of fb with a gal in Tyler's mission by the name of Caroline.  Such good friends too...I'm not sure she feels the same but I have told my mother that although I have never met Caroline in person I feel like I have known her forever. :)  
Anyways...she posted this picture with the statement "look who I bumped into!"  Such a fun surprise to wake up to.  Thank you SOOOO very much Caroline.  You really are a dear friend to all of us in our family.  Love ya!  

Stake Conference in England
Elder Bailey, Caroline with her daughter and Elder Rife

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