Monday, April 25, 2016

An eventful week

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,
Tanner you are a stud. You look great in your Tux. Did you enjoy Prom? I loved going to dances with friends. It was a party. :) As far as Uncle Rich's Father in Law. I asked about her and the missionaries in Ward 1 said that they don't know. A family with that name lives there, but I haven't followed up with it. I will ask them. For Skype. It will be Sunday. We could do the same time, like 12 in America and 7 pm here? Is that okay for you guys?
Well this email will probably be pretty short, I have a really bad headache right now so I can't concentrate. I am sorry. But we are having so many miracles. The first obviously being Sue. Sue is doing great. You all probably know because of what she says to all of you guys. I don't know why she is saying there is contention about who baptizes her...haha we haven't talked at all about who baptizes her, other than us saying it has to be a priesthood holder. We try to take members, but they are pretty hard to get out teaching with us. Mainly just because they are very busy people, and we can never seem to catch anyone free. This week we have set up some good appointments with some members everyday, so I am hoping we will be able to help her progress. She is so close. Just teetering on the edge, she just has a few questions. But our plan is to go through all the lessons with her again and just help remind her of why she wants to get baptized. We did move her baptism to May 7th so hopefully that gives her a bit more time to receive an answer. Sue already believes it all. She has told us so many times that she loves the church, and that she loves the people here. I think she is just a little bit afraid to take this next step. She honestly is a great lady and she is progressing so well.
We are also working with a few Uni students. Eloise, Susannah, and Becca. Eloise and Susannah came to church this week, and they loved it. They don't believe in God but they have told us that they are really close. Eloise said this is the first time she has ever believed even a little bit. We are trying to get them involved with the YSA here but again it is pretty hard, because everyone is so busy all the time. We have a few lessons set up with them as well. They are great though, we have some good laughs while we teach them. Today we are planning on going by with a few members and we are going to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wish us luck. Eloise and Susannah are doing everything they can to find out if what we are saying is true and they are working towards the 14th of May to be baptized.
I know that this email has been short. I am so sorry. But please pray for all of these. They are doing so good. They just need a little bit of a push. I am so happy for them. I hope you are all doing wonderful this week. Elder Bailey and I are doing good. Thanks for your love and your support. I really couldn't do it without you.
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.
Love, Elder Tyler Rife

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