Monday, October 6, 2014

Its raining, Its pouring - October 6, 2014

Hello Everyone, 

Lets see where to start....I guess with its starting to get cold here as well. It rains a ton in winter. Its actually raining today, but its the first day it has rained while we have been working. I'm staying nice and warm in my 12 layers though..okay its my suit, sweater and coat but still...layers! 

Janine-Last Sunday Janine left the chapel and she looked like something was wrong but she said she was fine. We later learned that there were somethings that bothered her. Someone said something in a talk that made her feel guilty and like she wasn't good enough. We had a lesson with her and sorted everything out. She said she wasn't going to come back to church. Luckily the spirit was able to have her concerns resolved. She is strong again and still planning on being baptized this Friday. She is such an amazing person. She acts like a mom to Elder Fergurson and I...always asks us if we are eating right and staying well. Its really funny. She is awesome. She really knows that this gospel of Jesus Christ is true and I know that she has been prepared to receive it for a long time. It was just like a light switch being flicked on. The Lord truly prepares people from the beginning to receive Him but it is our job to accept Him. She came to General Conference with us for 2 sessions and watched it on her own the others. She loved it and already loves Jeffery R. Holland...but who doesn't!

Macy-She is staying strong. She came to General Conference with us. We were told that she talks about us at her school and we are what everyone talks about. When people tease about us she always stands up for us and she says to her friends "they are my brothers, don't talk about them like that." Looks like my family is growing. 

Sol-We are still working hard on Sol. He told us that all he has to do is quit smoking and swearing and he will be called brother, he then said I want to be baptized after December when i'm less stressed. What he doesn't know is we are going to change it to be sooner...shhhh don't tell him.  Sol is a lad. He is so amazing. He acts like he is tough but he is such a softy. 

Drew & Robyn-We taught them and invited them to be baptized. We haven't set a date yet and they are still looking for a strong confirmation. Please pray for them. 

Lena-We invited and scheduled her to be baptized on October 24. She is really scared of water, we promised her that as she read the Book of Mormon she would know that she needs to be baptized and that she will overcome her fear. She reads the Book of Mormon every night...she said it took the place of her bible on her night stand. She loves it and said that she has never slept better in her life. 

Well thats about it...we got flogged a bunch. Please keep praying for all of these people. 

3 Nephi 18:24 "Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up-that which ye have seen me do." We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we have a responsibility to be an example to those around us. People look at us and watch us closely...never let anything distract you or make you less than what the Lord wants us to be and wants us to do. We are His disciples and we need to hold our light up and let it shine so all men may see it....that light which we hold is Jesus Christ, for He is the light and life of the world. 

Heavenly Father has provided us with prophets and apostles to guide us and direct us. They spoke to us Saturday and Sunday. They revealed truths from God the Father for you and me. Ponder there them...they will guide us and direct us. When you have pondered their words ask God in the name of Jesus Christ if their words are true and like Moroni promises, if you have real intent and a sincere desire, Heavenly Father will answer you through the Holy Ghost. You will receive a witness and you will gain a better knowledge. 

I love you all! Keep doing good work! God be with you. We are on our way. #10'sof1000's

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Macy's Baptism 
September 2014
Elder Fergurson baptized her and Tyler was able to confirm her a member of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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