Monday, October 27, 2014

Ups and downs...its all a big roller coaster.

Hello Love, 

Alrighty then this week what have I done...its been kind of a blur honestly! We have done so much and so many things have happened. To start of the week. Last preparation day Elder Ferguson and I went to Trinity (its a mall) and we got some jumpers (sweaters) the other thing we were looking for was a small side bag that could just carry scriptures. This is because our bags are so bulky and they get heavy...but all we need is our scriptures most of the time. So we check every single shop possible that may have a small side bag. For about 2 hours we looked around. Either the shops didn't have any or they were way way way out of our budget. So we decided to check one last place and then we were done. Walked right in and on the back wall there were bags we were looking for, for very cheap. Well you could say it was inspiration from the Lord. Okay maybe not but we were very happy we found them. 

All week we stopped by peoples houses and shared messages with them. Lots of people flogged us, you know how the mission life is...up and down, good days, not so good of days. But we were meeting with this African guy named Sadge. We ran into him on the street and just asked him how his day was...well he told us how his day was. We talked to him for literally 20 minutes on the path. He has had so many problems within the past couple of months and he said he was praying to God for help. So confidently we told him that we were the answer to his prayer and had a message for him. We have seen him 3 times already. The first day we just kind of tried getting to know him and let him vent to us (he wouldn't stop talking so we couldn't say much..haha) The next time we talked about faith and he already has an insane amount of faith. The next time he started talking about repentance...we were going to talk about something else, but of coarse that was the direction we were going. We talked a little about repentance and he said he has already started repenting and has felt forgiveness. He says he prays every night and is reading the Book of Mormon. Well I had the feeling we needed to schedule him for baptism. So I said Sadge you have so much faith and he agreed (very humble ;) haha) You know about repentance...will you be baptized by proper priesthood authority from God? He said, I want to follow Jesus Christ...I will do anything God asks me. At that point we set a date for November 14. But then I was about to ask him to pray about it, so he can receive an answer, if this is the right step, and before I could say anything he said I will be baptized if God tells me. So I will read and pray about it. 

Oh man Sadge is so perfect. He is a real nice guy as well. We invited him to church but sadly for some reason he wasn't able to make it. But i'm still very hopeful. 
So there was an here is the down. 
An issue was brought to our attention by our relief society president. A member has a crush on Elder Ferguson...we don't even know the whole story. So we decided to call President Pilkington about it and sadly but it was the right thing to do, President decided to Emergency Transfer Elder Ferguson, for his protection and for this young girls protection. He was gone the next morning. I have a temporary Companion, Elder Sim, he is such an amazing missionary, but he will only be with me for a few days until they sort another companion out. It was hard for Elder Ferguson to leave because we had so many good things in the making. But it definitely was the right decision before things got out of hand. I'm a little nervous because although I am still being trained I have to take over the area! I'm very nervous. Elder Ferguson was such an amazing, dedicated missionary and I learned so much from him. I know that I will keep growing and learning from these experiences.
As you can see this week has had ups and downs, really its been a crazy roller coaster. But something that I have kept in mind this whole time is that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. He has a plan for each one of us and His plan for us is what molds us into the person we were sent here to be. Trust in the Lord and rely on Him in everything you do and say. He knows what you need and will help you and carry you the whole way. Elder Ferguson told me he had been praying for a challenge and he said he got it. President Pilkington sent him to an area that hasn't baptized or had any success of any kind for 2 years. But he had a good feeling that Elder Ferguson will do great things. So there proves that everything happens for a reason. We don't see the full picture but Heavenly Father does. He is the artist and knows what colors to choose and where to put those colors! 

Well I hope your week has been just amazing! God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Dear Mummzy and Pops, 

Thank you for the emails. It makes me happy when I get them! :) Is Nick doing alright? Is there anything I can do for him? I won't say much because I basically explained everything already. Oh man you have no idea how much I love you guys. That is awesome that Landon got his call to hong kong. Say congrats from me and tell Brother Ledgingham Hello back! Is there anything I can do for you all? I'm doing well! Thank you so much for the Spiritual Dissertation. It will help me alot. It is so crazy how you sent it to her on October 27th and I got it on October 27th. Well I love you all and miss you. But know I'm always praying for you and I'm out here for a reason! :) I love you. 

Love, Ty-dye

Elder Ferguson and Tyler  

Don't know much about this picture!
He didn't say anything about it...
but he sure looks happy!  :)

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