Monday, July 27, 2015

One miracle closer - Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello Mum, Dad, and Family,

How are you all doing? From what it sounds is very very busy. You are all just moving place to place, activity to activity. Don't go too fast but take every opportunity you have because before you know it those opportunities will be gone. Tanner be careful as you drive! I am a bit nervous to drive but hopefully I will do okay. I have already taken part of the test (the theory test) that went well, now I am taking the practical driving test. So I will go in the car and actually drive. The only study and practice I get is when I take a lesson. So I don't have much time but I think I will do okay. Yeah preparation days are very busy and honestly the most stressful probably. I would love it if all I had to do was email and then go back to work. I would love it! :) We luckily have a washer in our flat so we can do our laundry in the flat. Shopping is about a 15 minute walk, so not too far. We have a lot of fun. Lately we have been going hiking. Last week we went to Whitby, it is a little village and it was really pretty. It is a seaside village as well. The week before we went hiking along Flamborough (another little village along the sea cliffs. It seriously is so peaceful. I would love to sit out there all day. Your emails are wonderful. I love receiving them! Did you all win the family swim meet?! It sounds like you are all staying so busy.

As for me and my week. It too has been very busy. Elder Pryor and I are working with a few people who are very close to baptism. Dad thank you for you doctrinal dissertation last week. It helped a lot. I read it to Elder Pryor and we applied it. We talked to Jodie and Sinead about baptism and it was really good. I think they were just afraid. So we re scheduled them for baptism on August 1, 2015. They really want to be baptized but are afraid that their parents won't let them. They say that everything we have taught them makes them happy and hopeful. They believe that this is true and want to experience more of the blessings which lie ahead. We asked them to pray really hard, and to walk completely by faith and if it is Heavenly Fathers will for them to be baptized than they will. Please pray for them as well. Pray especially for their families, not just to let them be baptized but for safety as well. I know that if they keep reading and praying and rely on Heavenly Father they will be baptized on August 1, 2015.

The next miracle is with Rhys. We again applied what you taught us dad. Rhys doesn't want to be pushed, he wants to ease into the gospel so he knows for sure that it is true and right. Well we prayed about a date and prayed for him. We helped him understand that more knowledge will come as he takes steps towards following Jesus Christ and his example. We asked him if he would be willing to work towards August 8, 2015 to be baptized. Well at first he was a bit hesitant about it but we told him that we would be with him the whole time helping him and that he would know it is the right thing to do. We also told him that if it came to the date and he didn't feel comforttable that we could easily change the date. He said that he would work towards it. Well Caroline is usually his ride to church, but she was ill so we didn't think he would come. But when time came for church to start, in walks Rhys out of the pouring rain in his suit and tie. It made my day to see him there. He stayed all three hours and loved it. He is definitely taking the right steps to gaining a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of Caroline, she was another miracle. As you know we were working with Caroline a lot. And she let us know that she is going to the temple in a few weeks as well as she is getting her patriarchal blessing soon. We are so excited for her and happy to see so many changes. She doesn't see it herself but, she has become a completely different person. Her whole countenance has changed and it is all because  the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses each one of us.

There have been so many miracles happening and it has helped me. I have come to a better understanding of the purposes of baptism and my testimony has grown stronger. I have had so many opportunities to see Heavenly Father's hand in the work that I get to be a part of. Miralces happen everyday. We just have to open our eyes to see them!! I love you guys and hope you are all doing amazing. Tell Josh to email me sometime! Good luck to Josh, good luck to Anna, and for Kelly, Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. Trust in God, trust that he knows each one of us and trust that he knows what is best for us, because he really does.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Are you curious???
Why this picture???

Today Kylee and I took Tanner to see the doctor to have a finger looked at that he had injured playing ultimate Frisbee on his high adventure scout camp a week and a half ago.  It was still REALLY quite swollen and we wondered if it was more than just a "jam" which Tanner had originally thought it was.
As we sat in the waiting room to be called back, the Disney movie "Tangled' was playing. We were right at the part where Flynn Rider does his famous smolder!  Kylee said, "Mom, comes the Smolder!!!"  For those of you who know Tyler well, he thought he had this Flynn Rider smolder down pretty close to perfect!  :)
I had to snap a picture!
And...I decided right there and then in the doctor's office that since Tyler had not sent us any pictures with his email that morning I would include the picture in the blog post.  

I kinda MISS seeing his smolder every once in awhile!!!

Not the best picture but here is Tyler doin' the Flynn Rider Smolder while we were visiting one of our family's favorites...Disneyland! It was during the Summer of 2014 about 2 months before Tyler left on his mission.  
Guess you'll have to decide but I think he has it down pretty good too!  
Man do I miss that boy!  He kinda made me smile!!! 

Ohhhh....and just in case you were wondering...After an X-ray we found out that Tanner's finger just had some soft tissue swelling and it would just take about another 2-3 weeks for the swelling to go down!. Boys will be boys!    

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