Monday, July 27, 2015

Dang it....well it makes for a good story!

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

To answer the question, yes I did get the parcel that Sister Rawcliffe sent me. I have been meaning to send her a letter, but as you know it just seems like there is no time...time is flying by and it is terrible. Tell her thank you so much and that I really enjoyed the peanut butter and oreos...they were amazing! How is she doing? I haven't taken the test yet but I am taking it this week so please pray for me. I am going to need it. Don't worry I will be very careful. So many people are changing, Lydia is getting married and the Heatons moved, wow it is crazy to hear what is going on in Utah. Sounds like a very eventful week for you guys. How was the mapleton firework show...I loved going to those.

Well as for my week....we have a lot of good stories! Sit back, relax and let the dining room proudly present your dinner. Be our our guest...put our service to the test...Oh sorry got a little carried away.
Now for the week. To be honest it has been a really good week, a bit frustrating but really good. First off, Jodie and Sinead. Well they were planning on being baptized and we had it all sorted for the 1st of August, and then their parents said no! NO...WHAT ARE YOU DOING! THIS IS TRUE! Well obviously we have to abide by their parents decision, so Jodie and Sinead are going to wait until they are 18. Hopefully as they continue to come to church, read the Book of Mormon, pray and doing everything as if they were already baptized, then things will work out to how Heavenly Father wants it to. And who knows we might be able to get in and start teaching their families and get them involved and coming to church.

So we were sad to hear that and then another miracle happened. We have been teaching Rhys for a while and he said that he wanted to wait for a bit to be baptized until he read the Book of Mormon. So we were teaching him and then we just bore testimony to him and told him that this was a good thing. Well the next time we saw him we asked him if he prayed about baptism and he said yes...and then he said and I approve. Well we asked him if he wanted to work towards a date and we sent the date of August 1st. He was doing so well and is still doing amazing. But unfortunately his parents (although he is 21) told him off and said that he was making a mistake. He then asked us if he could move his date to the 15th of August, to try and get his parents on board with him a bit. He told us that no matter what he will be baptized, because he knows it is true and he loves it, but he wants to try and work with his parents. So please keep him in your prayers as well. He is an amazing guy and really loves the church and knows that it is true. Dang parents!! haha but we have to remember to honour our father and mother.

We have also been working with some other, Steve and Shelli. It has taken a long time for us to actually get in and teach them, but after time and time again of trying by their house we were finally able to get in and teach them. We have taught them a few times now and they are staring to understand the gospel and what we believe. They said that they are going to wait until they have an answer to be baptized as well as they have to be married. But I think that all will work out!

Katelin I hear you are best friends with Caroline now! haha that is good to hear! She is awesome. She is getting her Patriarchal blessing t
Here is the story that will probably scare you guys, but don't worry all is well. So last night, Elder Pryor and I had to go to the hospital. Elder Pryor had to get his eyes checked and got antibiotics so not to get an infection and I had to get super glued and steri stripped on my tricep and fore arm! Well lets rewind a half hour! Elder Pryor and I were joking with each other. Elder Pryor passed a glass door, first off who puts glass in a door?!!! Well he closed the door a bit and I then slipped on an ensign magazine and my arms went straight through the glass pane. Well as a result the glass shattered into and bounced off Elder Pryors eye and my arms got cut up! Don't be alarmed we weren't rough housing and we are fine now. But it happened and almost immediately I stopped looked down and just said "ah dang it....well it makes for a good story right?!!!" haha. I just thought I would tell you guys that! I am all good...they weren't bad cuts and Elder Pryor can see!

Well I hope you all know that I love you and that I love the gospel, it is true. I know that with all my heart.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"Caroline cut my hair.  Just for you guys!"

And I must say it looks so good. 
Thanks Caroline! :)

Sporting a Utah Jazz Hat
He didn't tell us the story behind this picture.

"ah dang it....well it makes for a good story right?!!!"

Ohhh dear!  The bloody shirt and towel!  He will learn to keep things picked up off the floor! Not sure how all this story went down but I guess we will have to save those questions for next weeks email.  Joking with each other....ya right!  No rough housing???!!!  Hummmm!  :)

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