Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ni how ma - Monday, August 10, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

You lucky people get to go camping!! Have I told you that I love camping! haha probably all the time. I hope you guys are all safe and have some fun. Tanner I hope your finger is healed. I will pray for you. So Kendra I haven't heard from you for sometime. How are you doing? Congrats to Kylee on first place and second place! My email will have to be quick as well. The time in the library is cut very short, because so many people need to use the computers. 

I will just say I am so happy to be back in Leeds it is truly an amazing place. I will definitely miss Bridlington but Leeds is exciting. That is really cool that Zac served in Leeds 1. I will have to ask some of the long time ward members! That is really cool. 

Well I am serving with Elder Jeng, from Taiwan. He is such a funny and cool missionary. Very hard working as well. Which I like. He is a convert to the church only 2 years. Amazing right! He has a wonderful testimony and another thing, he just learned english 6 months ago. I can't believe it either but he did. Well Elder Jeng and I both area booked. We are both new in the area so we are always getting lost and have no idea where we are going. But on the bright side it is a very good finding approach. Just to ask people for directions. 

Lately we have been trying to go by people that the other elders before us contacted. We have only been able to contact 1 of them. The others have basically disappeared, but no matter. All is well in Leeds one. The guy we contacted is Dan. He is a very interesting lad. He is about 26 and he is very anti social and his views are his views. He has been investigating the church on and off for about 1 year. He doesn't really know what to believe. He has an amazing heart but is not too willing to trust in Heavenly Father. I am finding it difficult to figure out what he needs. He has been taught everything, we have borne testimony to him, we have invited him to read, pray, and come to church. We have proved certain points of the gospel. It is hard because I don't know if he is very open. He has major trust issues but I think we are getting somewhere with him. The last time we taught him he was very very understanding, still a bit hard hearted but I think that we will be able to help him. We were able to schedule him for baptism on August 22. Hopefully that will help him receive an answer. 

We have been doing a ton of finding all week. It is so much fun. I absolutely love finding. I love talking to people and telling them about what I believe and then having a good conversation. It is absolutely amazing. We have found some really good people to go see this week. One of which is called Ece. It is a very interesting name but I think she is from Spain. She knows Mormons and said that she is actually really interested to hear what we have to say. We got her details and set up a return appointment for today. Well yesterday we thought we would try by to see if she was in and if we could confirm the appointment. She was in and oh my goodness, she was so excited to see us. She asked us if we were still able to see her today and said that she will be there and she is so excited. Well her friend was there too. She said that she is going to Scotland for the week but when she comes back she wants to learn more. So it was pretty cool. I loved it. We feel really good about Ece, so hopefully we will be able to help her understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she will be able to find out for herself if it is true. Good things are happening, even miracles...even though they may be small they are happening. I love this church. I know that my testimony is very small compared to some people, but I know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ lives that he loves us and that he died for us. I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that he has prepared a plan for us to return to him. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth...I know it. I love you all and hope you are well. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10of1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Leeds 1 with Elder Jeng from Taiwan
(Not sure what the hand signal is.  We will need to ask him in his next email.)

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