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Goin' back to Leeds - Tuesday, August 3, 2015

Hello Mum, Dad, and family,
Well it is Tuesday that I am emailing home and guess what that means!! Yes that is right. It was transfers! Already, WOW time just is flying by. It just seems like yesterday that Elder Pryor and I became companions but now we are both separating and both leaving Bridlington. What the heck...after 7 months I am leaving little old Brid. I can't do that. I have met so many good people and it is like my home now! Well I know that it is a new experience and a new start to make goals and be better than I am. I am now going to Leeds 1. So I am going back to leeds! It will be fun. I love Leeds. And I am excited to do better and gain more experience. I will be serving with an Elder Jeng, from China...I think. Which will be fun. Maybe I will learn some Chinese! :) If you send any letters please send them to the mission office until further notice. I can't believe I am leaving, it is just so unreal.
Carl told me he added Dad on facebook. That was a very kind note that he sent you. I am going to miss Carl, but I will definitely see him again. Yeah Caroline is very happy that Mum added her on facebook! She shows me all the messages you send each other...hahaha no hiding from me! :) Jodie and Sinead have been trying to get Tanner to accept their friend request forever!!! They are funny girls. They are always messin' about and that is why we did a burping contest! haha it was actually a lot of fun...I obviously won! We tried setting some things us with Jodie and Sinead's parents to teach them, but unfortunately we haven't been able to set anything up yet, so hopefully the Elders staying here will be able to do some good work! I understand their reservations as well, it makes complete sense I just wish that we would have been able to help them understand the importance of the gospel. But no matter, they will definitely be baptized! As for the glass thing, I really did slip. The ensign was on the floor because we take them into the bathroom to read them! I swear nothing more happened haha. We were messin' about a bit but nothing major and then I just slipped. President Pilkington was just worried, we are completely fine now. My war wounds are healing up very nicely. I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! It was actually not as bad as I thought. I think it will be hard to change back to the American side, when I am home. But that is forever away so I won't worry about it.
As for the week, we have been trying to work a lot with Rhys. He has kind of backed off a bit, because of what his parents are saying to him. But as of right now he still has a desire to be baptized. Just not yet. It sometimes is very frustrating how Satan works through the people that are supposed to be the support system. I mean Rhys trusts his family and they are saying this is bad, but Rhys also trusts us and we are saying it is good. I can see he is stuck. But I know that overtime his family will open up to the gospel. After all the church is all about families. Who knows miracles will happen.

We have also been working with Steve and Shelli. They are a couple that I have told you guys about just briefly. It took forever to get in their house and actually teach them but after try bys and try bys they finally let us in and we were able to teach them. They told us that they trust us and that they are looking into the church more, that it sounds good. And potentially they will be baptized. Well Yesterday we had a lesson with them and we were teaching them and all of a sudden Steve asked about women in the Priesthood. Well at first I was looking at Elder Pryor and Elder Pryor was looking at me and we didn't really know what way to go...then out of the blue we just started teaching. We explained that The Priesthood is a responsibility for men but women play a huge role in it as well. We showed him the talk by Dallin H. Oaks about women in the priesthood and we were going to go back and explain more to them but obviously it will have to be the other elders. In the end they said that it all made sense. We were very surprised. I guess it goes to show that the spirit does place words in our mouths and we are just instruments in the Lords hands.
Another miracle happened this week which was absolutely amazing. We went by to teach Nessa and Nathan. They weren't really progressing anywhere and we were about to drop them but then Ness said that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday and she has been cutting down on smoking, coffee, and drugs. We were stunned when she said this. She said that she doesn't know yet that it is true but she is going to give it her all to find out. We promised her that if she continued doing the things that she is doing, she would for sure receive and answer that the church is true.
My week has been pretty good. I have looked back on it as well as the whole transfer and realize that I have a lot to work on and a lot to change, but that is what the gospel is all about right? It is about change, repentance and becoming better. Learning, growing and becoming more like our Father in Heaven. I an very excited for this new experience in Leeds to start over again. It will be good. I love you all and hope you all do something to change for the better everyday! :) If you need anything let me know.
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.
Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Well Tyler didn't send pictures BUT....
Whether he sends them or not we have our ways of getting them!  

We have connections!!!  :)

Thanks to our friends in Bridlington and Social Media....

Tanner has become Instagram friends with two of the girls Elder Rife and Elder Pryer were teaching!  The girls posted these pictures on Instagram and Tanner saw them!

Here is one of those a little closer up!

Thank you Caroline for all you have done for our missionary the last 7 1/2 months while he has been in Bridlington.
So glad we are fb friends!

"Thank goodness in today's world it is so easy to stay connected through social media etc. when we part our friendships don't need to end."

Ouch!  That cut on his arm looked like it was a little sore!  
Lesson learned...."Don't leave things laying around on the floor!
You may slip on them!"  :) 

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