Monday, September 21, 2015

Everyone plays a part

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

How are all you doing? Tanner did you cheer for the Powderpuff game? haha! Wake up dad, the days are going fast and you can't miss out on anything!!! Well how are Kynsie and Kendra? I haven't heard from them or about them for a while. Are they still alive?! I'm telling ya dad you gotta let me come with you to England!!! Thank you so much for keeping my bank account up, I guess I will just have to keep running on fumes!! :) It sounds like you are all doing good, even though you are tired dad! haha. 

This week has been pretty good for Elder Jeng and I as well. We definitely have had ups and downs but that is apart of missionary work, well it it apart of life! Without the ups and downs, life would just make you dizzy!! 
First off I guess, Karis is doing alright! She likes learning about the gospel and coming to church for the first hour....but she gets tired really easy and goes home. We are trying to help her understand that she can learn so much more as she stays all three meetings, but we can't figure out how. Any suggestions? 

We were trying by all these people one day and NOBODY was in. We got flogged so much and nobody wanted to listen to what we had to say. Elder Jeng and I were talking and we came to the decision that we were just being tested, that Heavenly Father wants us to learn something. So we kept going. Well we were walking to try by a potential and this lady called to us outside her window. She asked if we were Christian, we obviously said yes and she said me too! She asked if she could come to church. We then said yes of course. She then invited us into her house. So we walked in she has a little daughter and doesn't have much else. We talked for a while. She told us that she loves Jesus Christ and just wants to do the best that she can to follow Jesus Christ. We taught her about Baptism and told her that that was the way to show Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that she was willing to follow them. She accepted it. Her name is Alzbeta and she is from Hungry. She told us that she had prayed the day before to know what church to join and said when she saw us, she felt it was the right thing to do. Well we have only seen her  twice but hopefully more will happen. I know that if she reads the Book of Mormon and Prays she will find out that what we are saying is true. We will see! 

To be honest we have just been doing a lot of finding all week. It was a hard week because we were both tired and quite a few people are not too interested. I find it really sad when people don't have a belief in God. I just think...come on people!!!!!!!!!!!! But we found some good people we are going to go by this week so just pray for us! haha! My email was short this week too!! haha. We are even! 

Something cool I learned this week was something that most everyone knows and even I knew it. But it just stuck out to me this week. I learned that each one of us are very special. We each have special things about us. Heavenly Father has created us by design. He has designed us for a certain things, certain people, certain purposes. Sometimes we just have to dig a bit deeper to find out who we are. But I think if we each know that Heavenly Father loves us so much and know that we each play a part in his great plan of happiness, we will one day find out who we are and be able to move forward. I love you all and hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for being apart of my life. You have all played a part in my life. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife


"My pancake turned into more of a volcano!"

Guess Mom should have involved Tyler in a few more cooking lessons before he left on his mission!!! :)
This is definitely an interesting pancake! 

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