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I didn't think they did Thanksgiving in England!! - Monday, November 30, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

I am glad to hear that the meeting with the coaches went well. It is always a great relief. That a boy Tanner doing your talk at the last minute and getting away with it!!! :) Haha Heavenly Father was definitely helping you out there! ;) But next time do it on time. It is better to be prepared a few days before than late. That is something that I have learned on the mission and something that you will learn. Planning is key to having success. Oh I absolutely loved picking out Christmas trees. I love the traditions that we always do around the Holidays. It sounds like you all just partied the whole week!! Knowing the Rife family, you probably did. ;) Elder Jeng did get your email and he really appreciated it, all though I did have to define a few of the big words that Dad used. Haha! 

I guess first off. We had a great Thanksgiving. England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, obviously because it is an American Holiday. But the Senior Couples in the mission are just so kind that they put together a Thanksgiving dinner. Oh it was so good. I was remembering all the different traditions that we do, and just sitting around the table as a family. It was fantastic. I love Thanksgiving because it helps us realize all the things that we have that we need to be grateful for. The funny part about the whole event though, was there were only 12 Americans out of about 30 to 40 Missionaries. Haha! :) But it was good all the same. 

So it has been a weird week to be honest, because I feel like I haven't been in my area all week. On Tuesday I had to go to a meeting. Which was absolutely amazing. I learned more how I can help missionaries. How to be a better missionary myself and be a better leader. I learned so much and now I have been trying to implement all the things which were discussed. It is all working!! Haha it is like it is true!! Haha. That took up a big portion of the day. Then I headed over to a place called Keighley to go on exchange. It was great. I was there Wednesday to Thursday night. We saw so many miracles. One being we were able to get in and teach and schedule a guy by the name of Ben. It was such a powerful lesson. He had loads of questions and we were answering them all. The lesson was all over the place. Then Elder Rusjberg (I was on exchange with him) and I looked at each other and it is as if we were thinking the same thing. We both just stopped the lesson and took it straight to the Restoration. We told Ben that all of his questions would be answered. He sat and listened. The Spirit was strong. Wow what a lesson. I later found out that he came to church. It was so good. We also did loads of finding. I was able to apply the famous start stop & continue to my finding skills. I learned new ways to find, learned ways that work and things that I need to stop doing. We were able to find loads of people. I also learned that each area is different and we have to mold the way we find to the specific people. 

When I finally got back to Leeds Elder Jeng and I went straight to the streets of Leeds England. We were street contacting and knocking and it was freezing cold!! haha. Well...We decided to stop by a potential, who unfortunately wasn't in. We then stopped and tried figuring out what we should do. We looked at the street opposite of us and decided to knock it. We were doing good. We had loads of good conversations, but not too many were interested in what we had to say. Well the last door comes and the famous stereotypical story now comes. It had just stopped raining, but it was cold. We almost decided to stop. We knocked on the last door and Deborah answered. She was really confused of who we were and just started laughing. It made the situation so good. She said that she didn't think that we would actually do this in the rain. We just got talking a bit about what we believe and then when we asked if we could tell her more, she said she was busy now but that we could come on Monday. :) She told us that we are really persuasive. Well the Spirit is persuasive. We are going by hers tonight so hopefully she will be in!! 

IT was a week full of finding, but yet we saw so many miracles. I love being able to share the gospel with the people of England. Yeah we get rejections and get made fun of, but then beautiful miracles occur which I know come from Heavenly Father. His hand is in every aspect of our lives. We just have to open our eyes and see the small blessings which he gives us. I love you all. I hope you are doing well. For Austin's talk, I will think of some things, and email them to you next week, I know it is cutting it close but I want to think about it a bit first.
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Thanksgiving Dinner 2015 
 "The Senior Couples in the mission are just so kind that they put together a Thanksgiving dinner."

 The Food!!! :)
"Oh it was so good."

'This building is 2000 years old and it was an entrance to a zoo. Fun fact for the day. 

Just a little side note....
OHHHH my how I miss this boy of mine!  
There are just times when I read his emails and look at the pictures he sends and I just get this ache in my stomach and would just LOVE to give him a big ole hug!!!  :)
Today is December 1st!  Soooo just 25 days and I will be able to give him a virtual hug! 
Looking forward to skyping with him!  Love ya LOADS Tyler!  <3 xoxo <3

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