Saturday, January 23, 2016

On the Road Again - Tuesday January 19, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

Well I am off again. For some reason I am moving. I only stayed in Hull for one transfer. :( I am so sad. So many good things were happening. But they will continue to happen. I am so excited to hear how things go with all the people we were working with. I am now going to serve in Huddersfield. It is near Leeds. I will be serving with Elder Miles. I lived in Leeds with him for a bit. He is such a good lad. I am excited for it. I loved the FHE's we always had with family. They were great. I can't believe everyone is growing up. Seeing all the pictures...Everyone is so old now! Tanner you are going to be a fantastic missionary. Just remember to bear testimony at every opportunity you get. Your testimony WILL ring out and loud to everyone that listens. I love ya bud. I miss those late night bed time talks. They were great...even though Mum and Dad probably weren't too happy with us the next day. I am sorry to hear that your swim meet didn't go the best. It is okay. Elder Holland said "We have to have a good, bad day every once in a while. It helps us be more grateful for the good days we do have." I Still can't stand the is too cold. Kylee you are lucky you don't have to go. Haha I love camping except the Klondike. 

Well as for my week. This week has been so hectic. I reckon it was probably one of the most tiring weeks. But it was so so good. We got so much done. The week started off with an exchange. It was great. I was able to go with an Elder named Elder Armstrong. He is great. A wonderful missionary. Really out going and really willing to do the Lords work. We did loads of knocking. Which was so much fun. I really do love knocking. Sometimes I have no idea what to say but when you talk to the one person who Heavenly Father wanted you to meet...It turns into the best experience you can have. Everything seems to just fall into place. Elder Armstrong is a great lad. 

Later we were able to teach Mary and Michelle again. They are still so good. Unfortunately they didn't come to church because Mary was working,  so we have to move their baptismal date to February. I will not be able to be here. But they are so excited to be baptized and they just want to learn more. We were able to teach them about the Plan of Salvation and how we can be families forever. It was so good. They really want to be a forever family. I really loved teaching them and hope that they will continue down the beautiful path that our Saviour paved for us. 

We also were able to teach Nigel this week. Oh goodness, Nigel is still Nigel! He is such a character. We also taught him the Plan of Salvation and he really wants to live in the "Sun" haha. He really wants to live with Heavenly Father and have a perfect body as well. He recognizes that he has made mistakes and he is so willing to change. Nigel's prayers are the best. Oh I love them. The last prayer he said with us he said "I hope that you haven't sent Elder Rife away because I have offended him or you!" He chuckled a bit and then said, "Sorry I shouldn't joke I know I didn't offend him and he will do good." haha I loved it. He is so interested in The Book of Mormon but said he can't read it. We asked him why and he said because the words are too small. So then he said, "will you get me a bigger book?" Obviously we said we would. He is really excited to read it though. The last joke he said was this: There were two Irish men in an airplane. One turns to the other and says if we turn it upside down will we fall out? The other than says, no I hope we will still be friends. haha. Sorry if you didn't get that...English Banter (Humor). Well I will miss that man! 

We also got like 6 hours of sleep in 48 hours because we had to go help loads of missionaries around the Zone. But I am not that tired. I think Heavenly Father is helping me not be tired....either that or I am just so tired I don't realize it. I think the first one is the more correct one. 

Well everyone... I know that this church is true. I love it and I know that it changes lives for good. There is no doubt about it. If you don't know it, or don't believe it...test it out. I know that you will find out. I love my Saviour Jesus Christ and what HE has done for me. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our Way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Mary, Michelle and Alisha (a member) 
Raz wasn't there!
Elder Kalolo and I were on exchange.
"They are awesome."

"This is my main man Nigel!"

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