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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

It was so good seeing you all again. I really had a good time, even though the time was short. It was so crazy seeing everyone and seeing how big everyone is. I still can't comprehend how big Mila is and how deep Tanner's voice is. It is unreal!!! I had a great Christmas though, you all were the greatest gift. It seems you all had a fantastic Christmas as well and that you all ate loads of food by the sounds of it. It sure sounds good. I am so glad you got the parcel I sent. I know it isn't much but again it is a bit of England for ya!! :)

My Christmas was good. It was crazy though. We had so much to do. We were asked to deliver parcels around the Zone, so we spent all of Wednesday travelling around playing Santa's Elves. It was great. We were able to see loads of missionaries faces light up as they got gifts from family. We also went to District Meeting on Wednesday, well we overheard a Sister say that she hasn't got a gift for Christmas. Well we decided to go buy loads of silly things and loads of sweets. We wrapped them all up and left a note from Santa for her. We dropped them off and later that night the Sisters rang us asking if we had left them. Well we said no!!!! :) She was so excited and it made our day. 

On Christmas Eve, we decided to go and hit the streets, we started knocking doors. Many people obviously weren't in. But people were so kind to us and loads of them said we could come another time, after the new year. I really liked it. Later that day we visited some members who were just baptized a few months ago. They are doing great. They are struggling with some things but are still awesome. They still see that Heavenly Father blesses them so much. We were invited to attend a Christmas Carol program the Ward was putting on. So we went and were able to listen to loads of Christmas hymns and hear the Christmas story. I love Christmas. The spirit was very strong and just thinking about Jesus Christ and how He came into the world to make it possible for us to overcome sin and death is such an extraordinary act of love. 

Christmas came around, Santa visited. He sure wants me to get fat though, I had loads of sweets and was GREAT!!! :) Loved it. Elder Hultgren and I decided to go visit a sister in the ward and her son who weren't really celebrating, we stopped by, just chatted with them and shared the Christmas Story with them. Again the spirit was so strong and you could feel the love of the Saviour for everyone. The best part of the day was eating all the food.......just kidding it was talking to you all. I really had a good time and loved seeing you all!!! 

The whole week has been a week of miracles. We were able to meet loads of people who are really interested in the gospel and we are now spending this week going to see them!! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know it is. It blesses and changes lives. This coming year is a great time to make changes physically, spiritually, and temporally in our lives. Take the opportunity. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

George Patrick O'Neil and his owl Arthur

Christmas Breakfast 2015
From what I can see...Looks like he is eating well!  :)

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