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Easter!!!! :) Tuesday, March 29, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,
Happy Easter!!! It sounds like you all had a great Easter Holiday and that the Easter bunny came. Easter was good here. We got to go share the #Halleluiah video with people and it was so good. I loved it. Not many people here actually celebrate Easter for the right reasons, but I guess that is everywhere. As far as the bombings, I know what happened but it hasn't effected up here yet. Don't worry I will stay on my toes. Thanks for always caring and worrying about me.
It has been a good week. I have been absolutely shattered, but it has been good. We have been able to find quite a few people and we are starting to help people progress. So James is so good. He is a scripture genius. He knows the bible really well which has tested mine and Elder Bailey's knowledge and study skills. We saw him last Wednesday with David. We followed up on the Book of Mormon and he said he liked it. He said he is trying to take it all in. But we started talking about the Priesthood authority and he was showing us scriptures from the bible, and things got really confusing. In the end we realized that the problem was we were trying to teach him about priesthood authority. He was thinking it was the Holy Ghost and was trying to explain to us that anyone can have the Holy Ghost who is worthy, which we agree with. So anyway, we explained a bit of it once we understood what was going on. We are teaching him more about the Priesthood authority tomorrow. He is a great guy. His dad is a preacher so he too knows his stuff. David is doing awesome too. He is so excited to help us teach and learn himself as well. He knows his stuff too. He wants to take us larping. haha and he wants to teach us how to play table top games...haha I don't really know what they are. He said they are a lot like the game Stratego, so it sounds alright. But those two guys are great. I love 'em to death.
Elder Bailey and I had a pretty cool experience the other day as well. We were trying by a few people and both of us had a feeling to try by a former named Sue. We went by and Sue let us in. She told us that she has felt like something has been missing from her life and said that she was thinking about the Book of Mormon. So we told her that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and that the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Jesus Christ fills that empty space. She said she wants to try this all again. She expressed a concern of why she needed to be baptized again, so we explained priesthood authority to her and then read 2 Nephi 31 with her, which talks about Christ being baptized. We then showed her a Mormon message by Dieter F. Uchtdorf and she loved it. She wants to come to General Conference this Sunday to hear him speak again.
Last week we found an American lass. She has had Mormons around before. We asked if she would have us around again and she said yes. So we went over and found out that she is looking for something more. So we taught her the Restoration and explained to her that it is how she can find out just as Joseph Smith found out. The spirit was so strong. She was listening so intently and we were able to schedule her for Baptism on the 30th of April. I am excited to help her find out if there is a God and if he does care about us. Her name is Eloise.
So we have also been working with Sally. She is so awesome. We went by and taught Sally the Plan of Salvation and she said for the first time it all made sense. She said that she wants to know more and that she wants to find out if there is someone out there who cares about her and her family. Sally is afraid a bit so we showed her the tea bag trick, when you light it on fire and hope that it doesn't burn me. Well she had the faith so no worries, I didn't get burned. We explained faith to her, how sometimes we just have to put trust in something until we know for sure that it is true. She said that she wanted to try it out. So she is going to start reading the Book of Mormon and praying. Sally is great.
I have been learning so much on the mission. Something that I realized this past week was so great. I was studying a bit about Joseph Smith. What I came to know is that Joseph Smith is truly a Prophet of God. I maybe didn't know it to begin with, but I know now that he is and that he was called of God. The Gospel has been restored to the earth.  I still have a lot to learn and so much to improve but I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet and I am so thankful that God loves us enough to never let us wander in darkness. I love you all and hope you are doing well. York is a great place, very old and loads of tourists, but I love it. If you need anything let me know. 2 Highcliffe court, Clifton, York, YO30 6BP, England. Love ya guys.
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Well Tyler didn't send us any pictures this week (darn him)
 but thank goodness we have become "good friends" with his companion's Mother via social media 
and she emailed me some pictures that her son had sent home to his family all the way in Australia! We have had some fun interacting with her.  So THANK YOU Kylie Weston Bailey for the pictures this week of our son.  

Tyler with Elder Bailey and Elder Barendse

Two cute Elders working the streets of England!  :)

A week or so ago Tyler sent us a picture of him with a frog they had caught.  
Here is Elder Bailey with their new found friend!  

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