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Just how things go, miracle after miracle - Monday, March 21, 2016

Hiya Mum, Dad, And Family,
I love hearing about everyone's week! It sounds so much fun and very productive. Tanner good job on getting stuck in the work, it will help you loads later on. Kendra you make me laugh that is all I am going to say. Well Elder Bailey claims that he can't cook but I doubt that now! haha I am going to get him to cook now. Elder Bailey and I buy groceries together and cook together most of the time. We have been making some really good and quick food! Speaking of food, if you want to send some easy fast recipes which are good that would be fabulous. The area is big, we were talking about calling President to get us some bikes, because walking right now is the best option, travel by bus is just way ineffective when it comes to time. The traffic in York is Horrendous. So cross our fingers we get some bikes. I will try and figure out if Brother Bates friend is in the Ward. She might be in York 1, but I will definitely ask around. Things are going well. I am thankful for your help in everything. Things sometimes get stressful, but you all know that is just how I am.

Oh my, this week has been probably one of the longest weeks, but most rewarding week ever. First off we were able to teach Rob. I feel like most of his questions were answered. We talked loads about Priesthood and family, but then we found out that he hadn't really been trying to find out. So we explained to him that the Book of Mormon was key to finding out if what we were saying was true. He said that he will sincerely read now and put in some effort. He has asked for a few weeks to read. I still think if Rob truly reads the Book of Mormon he will get baptized. 

I wasn't able to teach Faye and Kenny because I was on exchange with Elder Barendse (I served with him in Bridlington) But Elder Bailey told me that she is really interested still to find out if the church is true and basically find out what happens after death.

So David is doing good. He came to Church this Sunday. Basically it comes down to the Stake to determine where he is at in his progress to get re-baptized. David is so kind though and so willing to try and learn all he can. We had a crazy lesson with him and with James (David's friend) We planned on teaching the Restoration but really it turned into us teaching about the Book of Mormon and the History behind it. David told us that James is still really interested and is looking forward to our next visit on Wednesday. It will be super exciting. David then told us that James is talking about coming to church with his wife. I am really excited for James. We are going to schedule him for baptism on Wednesday. 

We also met Sally who is a less active. What happened was Elder Bailey met her on an exchange. Well we found a potential and had a return appointment. He lived at 56 Brailsford Avenue. So we went and couldn't find 56 (there were no even numbers. But Sally lived at 57 Brailsford Avenue. What a coincidence. Haha. So we knocked on her door and we were let in. We basically just found out loads about her and answered loads of her questions. She told us that she has never let missionaries in before. We explained to her that first we were the coolest missionaries, obviously!!! :) and that we promised her she would be able to find out if what we are saying is true. We then told her that her life would get better as she followed the example of Jesus Christ. She paused and then accepted our invitation. We are going back to see her on Wednesday.

A few days ago we were knocking. We knocked into this lady. At first I got a bit scared because it looked like we were going to have to boot it due to her dog barking and lunging at us. Haha. She said that her dog is actually really nice. It is all bark and no bite. So once the dog calmed down. We started talking to her. To be honest I can't even remember how the conversation went. But she invited us back to share our message with her and her family. We went by yesterday. They are like a proper family, Mum, Dad and 3 kids. Haha. They are Catholic and very open to learning about different religions. We told them about Joseph Smith and and the Book of Mormon. How the Gospel was restored to the earth and the way to find out if what we are saying is true, they simply have to read and pray. Damian the father said that he was going to. He said that he wasn't planning on changing but that he would test it out. I know they felt the spirit and I know that is why Damian even though he is Catholic through and through, said he wanted to find out if it is true. I am really excited for them. We unfortunately can't see them until after Easter, because they are so busy. But hopefully the Macenerney's (I think that is how you spell it) will read and pray. When they do that they will find out that what we are saying is true.

The other day wasn't the best day. Things just weren't really going the way we wanted them to go. But there were still loads of miracles that happened that day. So first we got a referral from Elder and Sister Culbert (the senior couple in the Zone) We decided to try by. The couple called Simon and Ann were in but they were busy at that  moment. Well they were still superb kind and are very interested it seems like. They invited us back on Saturday. We were then walking down the street and we stopped a Uni student. When she heard my voice she was like oh my are you American?! She is American as well and then she asked if we were Mormons. Obviously we are! Haha and so we asked if we could share a message with her about what we believe. She said that she has had Mormons around before and would love to have them over again. We are seeing her next Monday. Later that day we were trying to find a potential but as we were walking there was a little girl selling cakes on the street. Well we decided to buy one...and then we told her that she can have the cake. It was really cool to see the huge smile that came to her face when we said that. At that moment it hit me, I realized that I wasn't having the worst day ever. But I was able to serve people. Sharing the gospel with people doesn't always mean preaching but sharing the gospel is following the example of Jesus Christ and serving those around you. I know that when we are in the service of our fellow beings we are only in the service of our God. Although I still have so much to learn, I am so grateful for the experiences I have had this past week. I have been able to feel the love of God for me and for those around me. I love you all and hope you are well. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"Elder Bailey and I and our fun studies!! :)"


This is just me thinking but....I think Tyler thinks to himself, "I need to take a picture or two for my "Mum" and so he snaps a quick selfie or two here and there just so he will have a few to send me! :)  What I think is REALLY funny is that almost all of these "selfies" have the exact "kinda mouth open" smile in them! (Have you noticed that?!!!)  He really does crack me up with this look!!! I can just hear him saying, "ahhh this would make a good picture to send home...I'll take  it!"  I think I will ask him if my conclusions are correct in about 4 months!!! :) Who knows maybe I'm wrong!!! 

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