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We are New in York! - Monday, March 7, 2016

Hiya, Mum, Dad, and Family,

It was a surprise to me to be moved as well. I am definitely going to miss all the people I met there but I know that this new area and new experiences will help me grow some more. I am serving with Elder Bailey from Tasmania, Australia. He is a great guy. Really really humble. He wants to learn all he can and just get down to business. I am very excited to work with him. Tanner congrats on getting into Student Government again. You will really enjoy it. I am glad to hear you are just getting involved with everything at Provo High. You will look back and love the experience. Happy Birthday to Grandpa and Happy Birthday to Kendra. Congrats Kendra for getting the job at the Hospital. I hope you really enjoy it. Mum are you okay?  I hope so, if not please tell me so I can help. (Just so everyone knows....I had the flu!  Yuck!  By the time Tyler was writing this email, I was just fine. :) )
Well because Elder Bailey and I are new in the area we have just been hitting the streets. We have talked to so many people. It has been a wonderful experience. We are just getting lost in York and then finding our way back. As a result we have seen so many miracles. First off we went through the area book and found a few "formers" that we could try by. We went by a guy named Rob. He is really cool. Rob is basically a Buddhist but is very open to everything. We went by and he knows almost everything. We were talking to him and found out that he has never been taught the Plan of Happiness. So we decided to teach him about the Plan of Happiness. He listened really intently and they expressed his views and beliefs. He wants to know more and he committed to read the Book of Mormon and Pray. He couldn't come to church this week because he was working but we are hoping that he comes next week. We also invited him to be baptized on March 26th, he accepted it and we are very hopeful for him.

We also found some formers named Sam and Jim, they are twins. We went by and they invited us in right away. We were really excited. So we went in and learned about what they believe and what we need to do to help them. They are two of the most intelligent people I know. Almost too intelligent. I think that this is holding them back a bit because they literally want the answer to every little thing. We have tried to explain to them that they need to just show a little faith. They accepted to at least read the Book of Mormon and Pray about it. We are seeing them again this week.

We have been going by loads of formers and we have set up a few return appointments with some people which I am really excited about. Two of them are families. I am very hopeful.

We have also been knocking quite a bit. We have found so many good people, too many miracles to count. But I will tell you one we had yesterday. We were knocking this street and to be honest we weren't seeing too much success. It was getting cold and we were hungry from fasting. We talked to each other about our plans and said we can street contact home or we can just finish these few doors. Well we decided to finish them. We knocked on the next door and these 2 Uni students came out and invited us in right away. We were really surprised because we didn't say anything to get them to let us in. They said that they saw us down the street and were hoping that we would come by. They said that they don't know much about God but want to know more. So they said we also looked up loads about what you believe already and said we know you don't drink tea but we have hot chocolate and want to give you some. We only had about 15 minutes with them because they had to leave. But we are going back this weekend. It will be amazing.

So much has happened just the past few days and I know more will happen. I have learned this week to keep to the simple things. We don't need to know everything. All we need to know is that Heavenly Father loves us enough that He has restored His  gospel to the earth and has a plan for us to return back to Him. I love it.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Elder Rife and Elder Bailey with Sam and Jim

A picture of Elder Bailey and Elder Rife with President & Sister Pilkington

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