Monday, July 4, 2016

Transfer Week...I am.....STAYING

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family,

Thank you for the Birthday wishes. I still feel the same immature teenager. I'm gonna stay young, wild and free...haha okay maybe not. Well Thanks again. I hope that you enjoy the parade. I really love the parade and the 4th of July. It is one of my favorite holidays as well. I can't believe I missed Tim McGraw. I will have to catch him another time. Well to answer your questions. I am staying in Meltham for the rest of the mission. I am really excited about that. I am also staying with Elder Cottrell which is amazing as well. We are hoping to see some amazing miracles this transfer. I did meet the new Mission President. He is great and has a desire to help the mission "March North" I am excited for him and sad that I don't get to have the opportunity to work with him longer. I don't know about the plans for my departure yet. I am pretty sure I will get them in the next few weeks and you will get them as well. I have a few questions for you as well. What is happening for Uni? Do I have a schedule yet? Did Kynsie talk to that guy for work? If not maybe you could talk to Dan Williams and Uncle Scott, I would love to work for them again. Also do you know when I am speaking in sacrament, what is the topic, and how long do I have? WOW those are some really trunky questions. Well back to reality, oh there goes gravity, oh its not that easy. (Quoting Eminem)

This week we have seen many many miracles. The first, we have been working with Joel. He is a guy in his 40s. We knocked into him a few weeks ago. Well we have been teaching him for the past few weeks and he has been giving all the right answers. Anyway, he is scheduled for the 16th of July. We were kind of lacking faith that he was being sincere. So we talked to him about all the things that he has to do and the things that we have to teach him. So he told us that he can give up tea no problem, doesn't smoke, drink, or drink coffee. Which was a surprise. So we went on and talked to him about the importance of church. He told us that he understands it and would come. Again he was giving all the right answers. So we asked him if he still wants to get baptized and he said yes. He told us that a few years ago he would have never done something like this but then he had an experience that opened his mind to so much more and helped him have a love for God more. He said that he has kind of been wandering looking for answers. Well the Church of Jesus Christ has the answers. On Sunday he showed up for church and stayed the full 3 hours. Incredible! We were so happy. He really enjoyed it and was getting on really well with the members. After he asked us when we could come again. Elder Cottrell and I really think he will get baptized on the 16th of July and that he really and sincerely wants this. He is a great guy.

We had another great lesson with Ammad. He is still on the fence just teetering. He knows that this is all true and that he wants to get baptized and he wasn't telling us what was holding him back. Anyway he has been meaning to talk to his dad about baptism but hasn't so Elder Cottrell and I felt inspired to show him the little clip from Meet the Mormons about Bishnu from Kathmandu. It talks about how we can still like our culture and live the gospel. I feel like it really reached out to Ammad. We asked him to fast and pray to know what to do and also asked him to make a baptismal date for himself. So we are going to see what happens. Ammad is such a great guy and I know that he has felt the spirit, he knows that this church is true. He just needs a little bit more.

That same day that we saw Ammad another lesson cancelled so we decided to go knock. We both felt inspired to knock the street next to Ammads. So we were knocking and came across this guy. Well I nearly jumped out of my trousers because 2 big Rottweiler's came to the door and it scared me. haha, He then pulled them back and put them in the next room. He told us that they were really nice. I am always scared when a big dog comes to the door. When they come I always try and judge the height of the fence to see if I would be able to jump it! haha. But back to the miracle that I was telling. So anyway we started talking to this guy. At first I though he wasn't too bothered but as we got talking about the Restoration of the Gospel and about how their is away to find out for yourself he just listened so intently. We asked him if he would test it out and he said of course. He told us that he is really open minded and really wants to know what is out there.

There have been so many miracles happening. I know that Heavenly Father will continue to bless us as we are obedient. Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. This is the true Church on the Earth. I know it and I love it.

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"We had  a ward was a Luau. They volunteered us to cut the pig...well there is a first for everything!"

"This is Ammad and us.  Ammad is the one with the beard and John Andrews is the one with the poofy hair."

Happy 4th of July Everyone!
Have a wonderful day celebrating this wonderful country that we have been blessed to live in.
We Love America!

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