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Dunked - September 29, 2014

Ya alright (that's how people say hi),

Well I guess the big story for the week is, Macy the 13 year old was baptized this Saturday and Confirmed Sunday. Elder Fergurson baptized her and I had the opportunity of confirming her. It was a very special experience. Macy truly is such a good girl. Her testimony is very strong and she has only been a member 1 day. She actually gave a talk at her baptism...which normally does not happen. It has been a very good week. But man it has gone by so fast. She got dunked!!! :) In two weeks we are hoping to baptize Janine. We are honestly doing so good. We were told that the area hasn't baptized for a year. Well I can't take credit because Elder Fergurson and Elder Keen worked really hard. They befriended Macy and Sol. So because of them Macy got baptized...although I do take credit for teaching her all the lessons. :) haha

Drew and Robyn-oh goodness I don't know where to start with them. Drew and Robyn are hard core atheists and very smart, and by smart I mean GENIUS!! Everything they say is over my head. They rely wholly on science. Well the first time I met with them they basically bashed us. They were asking us questions and everything. There came a point when Robyn said you can induce the feeling of the Holy Ghost...but before she could finish, Elder Fergurson basically shut her down...nicely. He straight up said NO, and bore hard testimony. Well we left. This past week we visited them again and they tried bashing us a little more. This time I bore testimony...I told them why I was here, why I'm serving a mission, that I felt the Holy Ghost and know that Jesus Christ lives and loves me. Everything was so silent as I was bearing testimony. In the end we told them to like the Bible and Book of Mormon says become submissive and as a child...to humble themselves and read the Book of Mormon and then pray. We told them we could shove the teachings down their throats all day and they still wouldn't believe. They have to make an effort. So they said they would read. I'm praying for them...cause they really are good people. We most likely will see them again this week. 

Sol-He has taken a couple of steps back. We think that it is because we have spent more time and attention with Macy. But now we are going to focus on Sol. I will update you on him as the weeks go by. 

Well you were all right....I have played the piano multiple times and I gave a talk on Sunday.....

We are teaching a bunch of wasters...we wish more people would realize that what we are telling them is true. So we made up new lyrics to "do you want to build a snowman" here it is:
Do you want a Book of Mormon
Its the word of God
it talks about Nephi
and Lehi
And of Jesus Christ
We can feel the Spirit
and so could you
I wish you would ask us why
Do you want a Book of Mormon...
That is as far as we got. haha wish us luck when we sing it while knocking!

So it is Elder Fergursons Birthday on October 16th, I want to surprise him with letters! EVERYONE send him birthday cards! I think it would make him happy!
Thank you so much for the many many bags of cereal and food. It was very much appreciated. :) I still haven't got the peanut butter and honey one yet. I will let you know when it comes. 

Well I'm running out of time. This week I have been thinking about President Monson's poem of Dare to be a Mormon. As Mormons we will be criticized and it will be hard. It really is not easy being Mormon and standing for what we believe in. But I know as we stand tall and live the standards we will be blessed and we can be the example to many many people. The last principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ is Enduring to the End. That doesn't mean until things get hard, or when you are made fun of, or when you have an argument. It means to keep moving forward, "press forward with a steadfastness in Christ" Dare to be a Mormon, Dare to stand alone, Dare to have a purpose firm, Dare to make it known. When we do this and always remember who we are and that we all represent and wear the name of Jesus Christ through our actions...we won't be standing alone, we will be standing with Jesus Christ. 

God be with you all. On our Way. #10'sof1000's
Love, Elder Tyler Rife

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