Monday, November 17, 2014

Days are shorter and some how I'm more busy.

Dear Everyone across the pond, 

Again I apologize this week, the email won't be too long. It seems like days are getting shorter, but I'm getting more busy. Although I'm getting more busy, I can never think of anything to write home. 

I guess I will start with Graham-He was a former investigator that told the missionaries he had found the church that was right for him. Well a couple of weeks ago we ran into him and he said he was miserable and realizes now that he wants to try again. He asked for our number and said he would call us. Well weeks went by and he didn't call us. Then this past week we got a random call from Graham asking if would come by. We went and were planning on teaching the restoration...well instead of us teaching him...he taught us. He knows so much and really wants to try and understand more and receive a feeling that this church is true. He is prepared, so prepared he invited himself to church before we could. Before we could tell him that he needed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, he said that he knew if he was to get an answer he would have to put in an effort and that it will take time. Man he is prepared. All we basically did was invite him to be baptized on November 29th. He then said okay and he would work towards that date. Unfortunately we will have to push it to December 6th because stake conference is November 29th and 30th. Graham is really funny, and he loves Doctor who. I feel confused whenever he talks about it because I don't know what is going on. He is awesome and knows what he is doing. We have seen him 3 days now and he came to church and really enjoyed it. Graham is definitely trying to investigate the church. 

This week we also did quite a bit of knocking.  We didn't get anyone, but work pays off. We got a call 2 days ago from the mission office. Some other missionaries were teaching this older couple and family was sitting in on the lesson (the couples daughter and 2 grandchildren),  Well they liked it so much they asked if missionaries could come by. Well they live in our area and we have a visit scheduled for Wednesday. When we talked on the phone she seemed so positive and excited to learn more. It was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord. Hopefully all goes well. 

We also were able to attend a Birthday party for a member with LOADS of non-members. It was crazy how many people were walking up to us asking who we were. My thoughts were when they asked.."well you I'm telling you" they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. We left them with cards and hopefully they look into it. Unfortunately none lived in our area, but it was still a really good experience and blessing. The other really random detail but very cool, there was a nine year old girl who sang at their talent show. She sang let it go from frozen....OH MY GOODNESS SHE IS GOING TO BE FAMOUS! She was nine and I was surprised how good of a singer she was. 

Well here is my doctrinal dissertation for the week, although it will not be as good as dad's. My thoughts this week have been a lot about missionary work in general. From Zone Conference to a Mission Presidents fireside we had last night, I have been thinking a lot about missionary work. Many people think Missionary work is just teaching people the gospel of Jesus Christ, which it is but, it can be really anything. Every member a missionary. It doesn't matter how small, tall, old, or young, every single person can do missionary work. We are asked to follow Jesus Christ...well didn't Christ teach by example? That is what we can do, teach by example. People are looking at us, everyone is looking at us. Missionary work is the example we set. By small and simple things great and marvelous things will take place. It can be as simple as saying hello or doing a simple act of kindness for someone that will hasten the work. That is missionary work, not shoving what we believe down peoples throats, but it is by our actions in which we accomplish His will. Teach by example, through small and simple means, by that, great and marvelous miracles will occur. 

Until next time, God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. Remember we all wear the name of Christ on our hearts, choose today to represent him (through examples) ;) Take care. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife 

Dear Family, 

Oh no Sister Rawcliffe!!! She is one of my best friends. Is there anything I can do for her? Do me a favor...go by as often as you can. I did get her letter...I have not got the package yet. I hope she is doing well. I need to send her another letter. I have got a email from kira and that is it. Janine is truly amazing isn't she? She will do great things in the church. I'm sorry to hear about all the hospital visits. Katelin and Nick were definitely wanting a date! ;) haha of Mila she is so funny. How is everyone doing? I hope alright. Tanner trust me when I say this...don't push the curfew and dad WILL NOT BUDGE...all that comes is chaos when disobeying and cheating the freedom that we have been given. I promise you don't want to mess with them. All it is will be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. You don't know how much freedom they have given us already until you look back and again trust me when I say isn't fun looking back, you will wish you were different! Learn from my mistakes young grasshopper! :) I hope you are all doing okay! I can't remember who's turn it is for letters so I will just write the girls this week. Well all is going well here. I miss you all and hope you are all staying strong. Love you all and God be with you. On our way. #10s of1000s. We wear the name of Christ on our hearts. Ki Kaha (stay strong in Maori)

Love, Ty-dye. 

P.S. sorry no pictures this week! :( 

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