Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Don't happy! Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hi ya Family,

Well I have some news for you! Now brace yourselves for this, it is big and I don't know if you will be ready for this...I don't even know if I am ready for this! Alright it is coming and I know that you are expecting something great, but really its not that great but it is great at the same time. So what really is it great or not great..or maybe it is just good. Now you are questioning if I am actually going to tell you something, you were probably sitting on the edge of your seat with your mouth open, eyes wide...even a fly could scare you, that is how focused you are! I don't know if you are ready to hear this I sure wasn't! Alright...It was transfer calls, I am staying here, Elder Stringfellow is leaving me and President Pilkington has asked me to train a new missionary. So I am getting a new Elder here in Bridlington. Crazy right! I definitely am not ready at all! So pray for me! What was President thinking! Well looks like it is a step for me to learn and grow! All week I have been worrying how I am going to do this but I came to the conclusion that I just need to be happy and positive. Heavenly Father with help me! So here is to a new start and new experience. Coach Drury is retiring??? Well I guess it is good for him! Who is the new coach? Do you know if he is good? I did home teach Sister Allman, but it is good for her to get out of where she was. Sounds like you are all staying busy and loving life! I am as well! So many things are happening here it crazy! I can't believe the work that is taking place. I am excited for the next few weeks and what it holds. I love you all and hope you are doing well!

God be with you until we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. Lets go do good work!
Love, Elder Tyler Rife (ty-dye)

Hi Ya Everyone,

Well well well so many blessings, tender mercies and miracles! Really too many to count. It is amazing how many people are prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and are ready to come unto him. Heavenly Father is definitely hastening the work. It is our job to go out and do the work. Be his builders of the kingdom. He is the architect and we are the builders! This month is soon ending so I encourage and invite all of you to make some goals on how you can do better physically and spiritually! You can always improve and become better. If you put your mind to it you can do it.

A few miracles this week. Carl-he was a referral and we taught him the Plan of Salvation first, because we felt prompted that it is what he needed to hear. The Spirit was so strong and it was bearing testimony to him that it is all true. He told us that it all sounded familiar and that he liked it. Elder Stringfellow and I were both prompted to schedule him for baptism. At first we were a bit hesitant but we invited him to work towards March 27th to be baptized he on the other hand did not hesitate in saying yes. What a blessing it was to have the spirit with us in the lesson we had with Carl. He is one who has been prepared, he already knows that the Church is true and right, we are just having to refresh his memory with what he already knows!

The Seckars-This family have been honestly a pretty hard family to teach. They are happy with what they have and are willing to learn more but say they are not going to be converted. Well I have been stressing and stressing on what we can do to help them, we have prayed and studied and still had no idea how we can help them. We decided to go over and hopefully teach them the full restoration and with the spirit they will be moved. Well we walked in and they sat us down and said we found this Book of Mormon and we decided it was a sign from God. They were being 100% serious and so we started talking about the Book of Mormon and praying and how they will receive an answer. We are going to now start teaching them the lessons out of Preach My Gospel. WOW! I guess the saying keep calm and carry on is somewhat true. Sometimes we just have to be patient! Heavenly Father knows his children and knows how they need help and when they need it, and when their hearts will be open to it! Heavenly Father always accomplishes a way for his work to go forward!

Paul and Sue-These two people are in their late 60's and the nicest people you could meet! Our first lesson with them we talked about the Book of Mormon and a bit about their own faith. We invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and they said yes! We went by this last week and taught them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they were in tears! Sue said Why have I not known that their was a living prophet on the earth today! They agreed to having a chapel tour on Thursday and there we have planned to schedule them for baptism! Miracles are happening my friends and I don't know why!

Let me just say that being able to be in the service of my Heavenly Father and Savior is the best thing that has ever happened. I am growing, my testimony is growing, I am becoming more of what He would have me become. I love the Book of Mormon, it is true! The Atonement is true. This gospel is true. I invite you all, to read the Book of Mormon and pray to ask if it is true. Even if you have already done it, read it again. You will receive an answer and your testimony will be rooted stronger in Jesus Christ. I know that! I love you all. I pray for you all. Be safe and do good work.

God be with you. On our way. #10sof1000s. We are disciples of Jesus Christ.
Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"Posh knocking!"
Not sure what Tyler means by this.  We will need to ask him and have him explain!

"Say want a Book of Mormon???"

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