Friday, March 6, 2015

"March"ing North - Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello Mum, Dad, and Family,
Another week has gone so fast! I agree with what you said. WHERE IS THE TIME GOING! February just started but now march is here! I guess all we can do really is "March" North! Bu dum chhh....did you get it, haha it was funny. March hahaha! But really March is here and like always it is a time that we can start over and decide to go forward. To rely more on Jesus Christ and make our focus on His gospel and the atonement.
It sounds like you are all staying busy like always! How did Tanner like the Missionary thing? I remember doing it when I was a deacon and I just remember how strong the spirit was, I wanted that to always be with me, I wanted to do that. Well now look at me...I am doing it and it is seriously the best thing ever. The spirit is so strong and I can see how Heavenly Father works trough us to help us testify to those around us of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I am always afraid but some how I see the spirit work through me. It is truly an amazing thing. I am seeing so many miracles. Tanner stop following in my footsteps and focus on school! Get your grades up! I promise you will feel good about yourself. Pack it in and focus! :) I love you! :) Kendra you are 21!! What the heck! You were just 20 last year! ;) haha! Happy Birthday beautiful! I will send you something special! I am glad to hear everyone is doing good! Tell Sister Worthington hello! Tell her thank you for being an amazing example and teacher to me!
Well this week has been pretty crazy! Elder Barendse is my new companion and he is from South Africa! Oh my he is such a good lad. He is a really good finder and has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. All he wants to do is work and bring people unto Christ. It is showing as well. We are both working hard and seeing so many miracles. We have been able to talk to so many people and many of them have invited us back over to teach them.

We had a really good lesson with Paul and Sue. We invited them over for a chapel tour. They came and we showed them around the chapel, explained to them about Relief Society and Priesthood and the Sacrament. We then took them into the Baptismal font and talked to them about the Atonement and that because of Jesus Christ we can be cleansed and made whole. We then decided to schedule them. The spirit was so strong. They sat there for a moment and said if we found out that it was true than we would. They are going to continue reading the Book of Mormon and Praying. They can't come to church this week because they are on holiday but they said they will come next week. I know that as they learn more and act on the invitations we give them they will know that it is all true and they will want to be baptized.
We had another lesson with Carl and you know when people say you are taught when you teach? Well that happened to me this week. We were talking about the Restoration. I asked him a few questions about how he feels. He said it feels right and that it makes him happy. It brings peace to him. And right then it hit me, I got a confirmation that Joseph Smith was a Prophet, that The Book of Mormon is true and that this church is true. It is because it feels right, it makes me happy and it brings me peace. I just want to bear my testimony to all of you that this church is true. That the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored back to the earth, that the

(oops, didn't mean to do that)
That the Book of Mormon is revelation from Heavenly Father to us in this day. I invite all of you to do as Joseph Smith did.  Find out if all of this is true and that is to ask God. He will answer you and you will know that it is true. I love you all and I love this Gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I miss you and hope you are all doing well.
God be with you until we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. We are all disciples of Christ. Do good work.
Love, Elder Tyler Rife (ty-dye)

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