Monday, March 9, 2015

Find, Knock, and repeat, ouch my feet! :)

I have decided to add a little of our email to Tyler in this week's post so that perhaps you can understand what Tyler is talking about in his email to us.  If you could really care less and just want to get to Tyler's email just skip over this next paragraph.  It has been an eventful week of mission calls...Love this gospel of Jesus Christ and we are just W-A-Y excited for Tyler's cousin, Josh Jensen and a good friend from way back in Jr. High, Kelly Ormsby! You all are "Doing Good Things"!!!  May our Heavenly Father continue to bless Our Missionaries!!!

"Dad taught the Deacons quorum today…. And we found an hour to go over to Rich and Mar’s to watch Josh open his mission call.  We are guessing that you want to know where he was called.  Uncle Rich sent you a picture of the letter so you probably already know…. He’s going to Japan (the very southernmost part of Japan which includes a lot of the little islands.  He leaves in July so he will have three months to be with Sam when she returns for Korea in April.  Josh said he will be going to Timberline one more year – which the Timberline Staff is excited about.  Speaking of mission calls – Kelly Ormsby came to our house last night with Austin and delivered the news to us where she has been called.  This one we can delay because you didn’t get an email that would tip you off ;)!  You’re probably saying MAN…! Why do they do this to me?  She will be leaving in June (she told us she is ready to pack and leave right now).  Well…. Where do you think she is going?  She told us that she wanted to go foreign so she could learn a language (we actually saw her and a couple of other friends at Magelby's Fresh when we went out for dinner on Friday evening.  She told us that she was expecting her call to come this week and that’s when she said that she wanted to go foreign.  Well she came to our house as promised and delivered the news.  We are glad that they think of us highly enough to do this.  Both she and Austin told us how much they missed having you around.  They really miss you.  We gave Austin your letter and talked to them a little about your mission.  It was a lot of fun visiting with them…. Both of them are looking and doing good!  Okay we have delayed this news long enough.    Sister Ormsby has been called to serve a mission!   By the way it’s an 18 month mission (but you already knew that too).  She will be learning a language…. But the real question is – What Language?  It will be Spanish.  But there are many places in the world that speak Spanish… so where is she going? 

Last night we stayed up way too late because BYU was playing in the first round of the playoffs.  The game started after 9 pm (why we have to play so late is beyond us).  Kelly is going to Paraguay!  We almost forgot to tell you in the paragraph above.  Anyway, about BYU… what a game.  We pulled off a victory by only 2 points (way too close for comfort).   Tonight I will allow the Deseret News sum up the game…"

Now here is Tyler's email....

Mum, Dad, and Family,
Well again it sounds like you all had a very productive week and are all getting so much done. Josh man, what happened to coming to England and killin' it with me!!!??? Well congrats mate, it will honestly be the best thing you decide to do so far! A mission is definitely a great experience to help others build a testimony and many times a faith in Christ but I think the best thing is that your own testimony is the thing that grows the most. Mum, dad I am sorry to say Kelly emailed me and told me where she was going may have had a good idea but I gottcha this time, da da da da da can't touch this...da da da da da. Until next time! :) Congrats to Kelly I am so excited that you are serving the Lord! It is so good. Kylee good job for getting a superior,(on her Piano Junior Festival Competition) and doing good at your gymnastics competition. You are becoming a very talented young woman. I can't believe how far you are going! Keep practicing little girl! :) Tanner GET YOUR GRADES UP, and then we will talk! :) haha! Kenny did you get my card yet? Happy Birthday! Psh A- seriously Kynsie!! WOW! That is really good I am happy for you. except I can't speak (Spanish) to you because I don't know you will have to teach me! :) I am glad to hear everything is going so good across the big blue! Everything here is amazing as well!
(Parentheses added by Mom in the above paragraph for a little better understanding!!!) :) 

This week we have done so much finding and knocking and repeating!!! So much my feet kinda ya know that feeling when you have walked a lot and you just want to sit down...well times that by 1 billion! :) No but it really isn't that bad! I have enjoyed talking to people and because of it we have met loads of potential people who I know have been prepared to receive the message we are bringing them. So just keep your fingers crossed and keep praying that we will be able to help them strengthen their faith and help them come unto Christ. It truly is a blessing that we have in our lives to be apart of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. I love how it gives us the hope that it does and many times we take it for granted. I know I took it for granted and now I realize that it is the most important thing that we have. It is our greatest gift. I love this gospel and I love that I have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ who are always there for me and that I can rely on them. I love my family and that I have their support and I love that I have this opportunity to take the gospel to the world and bare testimony of it that it is true!

We had a really good lesson with Carl, we talked to him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and of the Word of Wisdom. He smokes, but he said I know that it is true and he made a goal that he would give up smoking and work towards being completely free from the burden by Tuesday the 17th. I know that as he relies on Jesus Christ he will be able to make that date and he will make it to baptism.
Good things are happening and miracles are taking place! Thank you for all of your love and support. I know that this Church is true! I love it. I love you and if you need anything let me know!
God be with you until we meet again, On our way. #10sof1000s. We are disciples of Jesus Christ.
Love, Elder Tyler Rife
P.S. for some reason pictures aren't attaching. So I can't sent them home right now. sorry. :(

Darn...No Pictures AGAIN this week!  Hopefully we will get some next week!!!
HOPE....HOPE ...HOPE!  :)

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