Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nay cast a clout, till may be out - Monday, March 23, 2015

Hey up Mum, Dad, and family,
Dang it...BYU is out of the finals! :( Well I guess I will cheer for U of U until next season. We gotta support and represent Utah right!! It sounds like everyone is accomplishing so much and going so far in life! I am so excited for you all. Kendra congrats on being a vampire, I really look up to how hard you work to get the things that you want. You always give everything you have! NOOOOO Tanner has to go to Timberline!! You know how I feel about it! Kynsie, keep working hard on your portfolio...I know it will be good! I am excited to hear the good news! How are Kate, Nick and the girls doing? Dad you have always been such a good speaker! I always love hearing you speak. I always wished to come even close to how good you speak! You are completely right though! The Holy Ghost works through us. We are merely vessels in which the Lord works through to teach his children the Gospel. It is so amazing how if we are worthy we are able to do His work. I love it. It is super warm here as well! Nay cast a clout, till may be out is a yorkshire phrase that means don't take your coat off until may...but I was burning the other day soooo...I took my coat off. Fun fact for ya.
To answer some of your questions. The members are somewhat involved with missionary work. In our branch there are about 5 men who really want the work to go forward and who have a vision of turning the branch into a ward but that is about it. We are working loads with them. Jamie Ackroyd comes out with us about 2 times a week and the Branch President comes out with us quite a bit as well. We are trying to focus on bringing less actives back to church. Helping them feel the spirit and then helping them be spiritually self reliant. We are working with one lady. Caroline, she went less active quite a long time ago, slowly but surely though we have been working with her. She hasn't come to church yet but she told us it is because she wants to do it on her own. She is looking to rebuild her testimony and it is growing so much. It is amazing the change that we have seen in her! We are working with others as well just trying to help them feel the spirit and re-ignite the flame that is in them.
This week has been so good. Carl finally came to church! After 4 weeks of inviting him! :) we were so excited. It was an interesting thing. We actually lost contact with Carl and could not find him. We called, and texted, and tried by his house but no matter what we couldn't seem to find Carl. We then decided to try by because we were in the area. He answered and we had a really good talk about the power of prayer. He told us that he has had a hard time recognizing answers to his prayers. We invited him to church and told him if he came he would receive answers, we then bore our testimonies of the power of prayer. Carl did show up to church. He said that he really liked it. He felt peace and comfort. Interestingly the whole meeting was on prayer and receiving answers! (and people say it is coincidence)! haha yeah right, definitely inspired! Well after church he told us that he wasn't going to come and then something just pushed him to come and he felt like he needed to show up! Well I know that it was the Holy Ghost and that he received answers to his prayers. We are seeing him on Wednesday and we will follow up with him then. But I do know that he is progressing and that good things are happening in Brid, miracles are happening. This is just a bit of what I am seeing and feeling. I have learned so much and am becoming more of what Heavenly Father wants me to be....I think! :) Well I know this work is true. I know that the church is true and that Heavenly Father answers prayers. He is there and he lives!! I love you all! Keep doing good work. Mosiah 9
God be with you till me meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. Lets do some good in the world. We are disciples of Christ.
Love, Elder Tyler Rife


"My mission family...
Elder Barense is the one my hand is on!"

"I found this sign...
Well of course "He Lives" Come on people!!"

"Seals are starting to pop up!"

"I got a picture with these guys, they are atheist but said they liked reading and said they would read the book. They were really good people and would have let us meet them sometime but didn't live here! :( Missionary work in many forms right!"

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