Monday, March 30, 2015

He Lives!

Dear Family,
It is always nice hearing from you all and learning about what is going on in the life of the Rifes! :) Tanner congrats on getting into student government! I love that class. Use what you learn and use timberline skills to help other people. Be kind to everyone. Try and make a new friend everyday! You will do so good! Oh my fitness for life....haha what a class! Just keep up to date on it, get it done as soon as possible, so mum isn't on your back the whole time! :) ;) I love you mum! :) Kendra is a vampire now...a true vampire! GOOD JOB you are now a qualified blood sucker! Kynsie I will be praying for you to get into the Graphics design class! I have no doubt that you will get in. Your artwork was so amazing! Kylee, I see pictures of you and you are growing up so fast, you are so big! Make sure the boys stay away from you! How are the Austins...I haven't heard from them for a long time!? I hope you all enjoy General conference and Easter! Remember that it is because He Lives we are here! He is always with us and is our best friend! Watch the new Mormon message, "He Lives" it is so good!
Well for me, things are pretty much the same. Lots of things are happening though. Carl, Becca and Poppy are all progressing so much! Carl had his interview for baptism on Saturday and he is so ready. He knows what he is doing and has a testimony of Jesus Christ. He loves him and knows that He is always there with him, helping him. He has had quite a few experiences with Heavenly Father's hand in his life and recognizing the strength he gets from him. Carl is prepared and is going to do great things! Unfortunately we had to push his baptism back to May 9th because of General Conference, stake conference and then he is going on business. It will be a very stressful couple of weeks trying to stay in contact with him and helping him continue progressing and staying close to the spirit. But I know he will do it!
Becca, we have been teaching her for a couple of weeks now and it has been interesting because she doesn't believe in God or Jesus Christ...or I guess she didn't. But just yesterday she came to church and we asked her if she has been reading and praying. She said yes and before we could ask her another question she said "and I got two answers" the first was an experience she had while watching the He Lives mormon message and the second was she was at home thinking about Jesus Christ and an overwhelming warm feeling came to her heart. She said at that point she just knew that she has a loving Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ and she knows they are there! She is looking forward to being baptized April 18th.

We are meeting with so many other people and it is amazing how the spirit is teaching them. But the most interesting thing about it is...I think I am learning more than what the people of Bridlington England are learning. Lately I have been having to have a lot of faith and try to strengthen it and it really has been tough but it is funny when someone is trying....Heavenly Father blesses them. I don't know if I have been trying hard enough but I have definitely seen so many blessings! For one we had interviews with President Pilkington. First off, he is just an amazing man, the best mission President out there! We were talking and he said Elder Rife you are a very happy person! haha Well I guess so! He asked me how I have been. I replied that I have had a hard couple of days but then I told him that I have been blessed so much and I can't complain because I still feel happy. He then said, it is good to have bad days! It is good to have bad days because it makes you grateful for the good days you do have! Well I was thinking about it and I agree. It is good to have bad days because it makes you grateful for the good days. So let the bad days come because the thing you can always have hope in is when the sun goes down the bad day is over and it means a good day is just around the corner! President Pilkington also said to tell Mum and Dad this, He said: "I like you both and I can see you in your son, He is polite and respectful and he has a good spirit. I figure that it has a lot to do with you and how you raised him. So thank you for what you have done." I want to say thank you to you all as well, especially Mum and Dad. You guys did raise me right and you have made me who I am. I love you both. I love all you guys. Everyone I know has made an impact in my life and has helped shape me into who I am. Thank you for always being there and for being an example to me! I love you all.
Well good things are happening in little old Brid. God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.
Love, Elder Tyler Rife

York Minster

"Some old ladies!  The one in the pink had bright pink hair, but you can't really see it in the picture. 
They  were really nice...but weren't bothered about religion....not now anyway!  :)"

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