Tuesday, June 30, 2015

WOW IT IS HOT! - Monday, June 29,2015

Cheerio mum, dad, and family, 

I loved all the pictures! I think you are partyin' a lot! haha...well I guess just having fun! Wow if there is one thing I miss that is going camping with the scouts, I really love the scouts. I think it was one of the greatest preparations for a mission as well as life. I definitely learned so much through scouting. I wish I would have put in a greater effort to learn more. Keep all the boys involved in scouting, it really is one of the greatest mission preps. I felt the spirit sometimes the strongest when I was up on the mountain. I loved it. I think Kynsie and Kendra should take me to Florida when I get back!!! :) Yeah that is a good idea! Did you guys like the rodeo? It seemed like it was really fun. Thank you so much for your doctrinal dissertation. You know I really love getting them. It helps me and helps me learn so much more about the gospel and how I can improve. 

Lets see for the week. First off, Elder Smith did leave. He went to a place called Louth. It is a very small village. I am still here in little old Brid! At the end of the transfer I will have been here about 7 1/2 months! What a long time right? Elder Pryor is my new companion. He actually has been on the mission the same amount of time as I have been. He is from Layton, Utah, and he is a really good guy. Kinda shy and quiet (different from me haha) but a good missionary. We also got two missionaries who white washed in. One of them Elder Green has been on the mission for a little over a year and the other is a greenie. He is a good missionary, another quiet one, but I think it is just because it is something new. 

We have seen a lot of things happen this week. You guys know that we have been working with Jodie and Sinead. Well last week we asked them to pray about baptism. They said that they did and they told us that they know that it is the right thing to do. They are really intent about this and want to learn more. The only problem now is they think the 10th of July is too soon, so we are going to now try and help them understand the blessings which come from being baptized and we have asked them to pray about it. They love coming to church and spending time with the youth. They really like reading the Book of Mormon, they say they feel good every single time. They have gotten to the point where they want to read it during class. We know that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and if the 10th of July is the right date and if this is the right thing to do I have no doubt that they will be baptized on the 10th. 

We have now also started working with some "Chavs". So normally "chavs" don't care about anything, they make fun of "bible bashers" But these "chavs" are probably the coolest people we have met. They love God and love Jesus Christ. We met them because we stopped to help them move and they told us we could come to their new house. They can't believe that 2 young lads would leave their homes to do what we do but they say that they think that if we have that much commitment and confidence in what we believe something about it has to be true. We are trying to work with them and help them quit smoking and understand the importance of what the message is that we have to share with them but I know that if they find out this is true they will be baptized. All in the hands of Heavenly Father. 

This week has been probably the hottest week in England known to man!! We have had the great opportunity to find LOADS this week...in the blistering sun! Unfortunately we haven't been able to find many people but I have had the great opportunity to bear my testimony to many people and to be honest I know that my testimony has been strengthened because of it. We bear testimony so much but this past week I feel like I have really born my testimony and it has helped me realize how much I actually know, and the feelings that I have received. If you know you have a testimony...bear it all the time, in word and in deed. If you don't think you have a testimony, bear it anyway and I know that you will receive a testimony. Luke 19:15-26. Bear your testimony frequently and I promise that it will grow. 

I know that this is all true. I love it. I make mistakes daily but I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is there to cover for me. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and he did translate the Book of Mormon. The fullness of the Gospel IS on the earth today. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES

Love, Elder Tyler Rife


"Hey man the church is true.  (We were teaching Jodie and Sinead and they had these cool glasses!)

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