Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Life changing experiences - Monday, September 19, 2015

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family, 

I know I say this all the time but I absolutely love getting emails from you all and hearing all about the week and the crazy things you are all up to. The weather has been crazy too....but weather in England is always crazy. haha. I haven't received Tanner's letter yet but it probably will come within the next couple of days. Before I forget, the mission office has asked us all  to let you know that Christmas parcels need to be sent to the mission office by December 1. Don't worry about sending anything! It is too expensive! I will be happy with just skyping you all on Dad's new skype! haha ;) Tanner I am so proud that you are doing good in Swim. You will definitely have me beat! I miss ya man! Kylee you just seem to be doing everything. Giving talks and teaching FHE. Wow everyone is growing up too fast. I loved what Kinley said. I miss those two girls as well. I love you all. I am glad to hear that BYU won and Provo High. Definitely miracles, and life changing experiences. 

I have had some life changing experiences. They  aren't too big but to me they have definitely changed my life. Well I guess everything that has happened on the mission has changed my life. It is crazy how much I have learned and all the things I will still learn. 

I told you guys about Stacey last week. She is having a hard time, she drinks quite a bit and really likes it. So we had to push her baptism back to the 30th of October. She still has some concerns and is feeling as though she isn't ready for baptism. It is hard for me to communicate because she doesn't speak much English and Elder Jeng sometimes has a hard time translating. I guess that is where the Spirit has a huge role. Although she doesn't understand the Spirit definitely bears testimony to her that what we are saying is true. She says she feels really good when she reads and prays and when she meets with us. "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." -Moroni 10:5

Talia came to church again this week. Lately I have been feeling like she doesn't actually want to change but I have been thinking wrong. She got a lift home from church by a member. The member rang us and told us when she got in the car she asked if she could come again next week and if he could give her a lift. She then started asking all sorts of questions. We taught her that evening and the Spirit was very strong. She says she believes that Heavenly Father is there and that he cares for us. She feels good when she is around members of the Church. She told us that she really wants to change and that she thinks that this is the way. We can't schedule her for baptism due to some other issues but she is definitely on her way. We have had quite a few good lessons with her this week. I learned not to be quick to judgement. I think that has been a problem of mine for a long time. I judge people all to quick. Talia is really cool though, Tracey, the lady that emailed you is a member that has helped us out so much. And has helped us loads with Talia. I think that the progress that Talia has shown has come down to the members. Do all you can to be member missionaries. We all have such a great influence on the lives of people we meet. Heavenly Father prepares people for us. We are missionaries by design (everyone is a missionary). There are Children of Heavenly Father who are confused, feel rejected, are lost, they all need help. We are the help. Heavenly Father does use us as instruments in His hands and when we recognize that we are instruments in His hands we will see miracles happen. We will see many people change but the biggest change we will see will be in ourselves. I love you all and hope you are doing absolutely amazing. Keep strong. Bear testimony every opportunity you get. This Church is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

"This camper is probably the coolest camper in the world. So we decided to knock the door. This guy walked out and immediately I thought oh know another door in the face. We got chatting and he is really cool. His name is Nick and we were able to set up a return appointment with him tonight! Wish us luck! :)"

"Lunch with Talia and Bernard and Tracey. Very good! :)" 

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