Monday, October 5, 2015

The Miracles and blessings

Hiya, Mum, Dad, and Family, 

I absolutely loved conference! It was so amazing! I had so many questions and every single one was answered in the sessions that I was able to watch. I didn't get to see Elder Durrant because I assume it was in the Sunday evening session and in England they play it late at night so missionaries can't watch it. But something cool I was able to watch Sunday Morning in Chinese. Haha didn't understand one word, but luckily there were subtitles. I will have to wait until it comes in the Ensign. I loved conference though. I did receive Dads letter in the post last Monday. Thank you so much. It was very inspiring and brought a smile to my face. I know I am bad at writing letters but you know I love getting letters from you all.  How is Sister Rawcliffe doing? I am glad to hear that Provo High won again!!! :) Finally they are doing good. It sounds like the week was very eventful. Who is the Given guy? I want to see him! Kynsie be careful!!!! I need to meet him first. Remember that I have to talk to him face to face on Skype before!!!! If it doesn't happen be prepared for the fire indignation of the wrath of your little brother. I can assure you there will be weeping and whaling and gnashing of teeth! hahaha. Just kidding...but seriously tell me more about this mysterious guy. I love you all! :)

As for the week. We are doing loads of things. I was on exchange with Elder Stirling in Wharf Valley. It is a very nice place with loads of elderly people. Finding was fun and it was good to be able to learn from Elder Stirling. Elder Zheng and I had a hard week of finding, we weren't able to find many people. But it is just a little bump in the road. We will find loads this week. We are teaching a decent amount of people. There are a few who I just want you guys to know about and the miracles that we are seeing. First at General Conference, a man by the name of Allan came. He is investigating in the church and the cool thing is....I found him and started teaching him in Leeds 5 with Elder White. It is just so cool to see him and how far he has come since the last time I saw him. Shows that Heavenly Father plants seeds in the hearts of his Children. We never know how much good we do. But our efforts are never wasted. So always bear testimony, because it will reach deep into the hearts of everyone you meet. All because this Gospel is true. 

Stacey our Chinese investigator came to General Conference! That is why I watched it in Chinese. It was so cool though. She said she still didn't really understand it but I know she felt something special or she would not have come. She is doing really good. I was on exchange when we taught her so all I know is that she is still doing really good. She really wants to know more and wants to know about the history and background of the church. She is reading the Book of Mormon and Praying. 

We are also teaching these University students who are so cool. Their names are Fraiser, Sam, Jack, Emily, Jessica, and Taylor. They are so cool. We just met them on the street and set up a return appointment. We went by and they were so excited to see us. They are not too religious but are very open to the idea and say they love visitors anyway. We were chatting for a bit and they just started asking us so many questions. At first they were trying to make us contradict ourselves but by the end their minds were blown. You should have seen the looks on their faces. They were in awe at everything we were explaining to them but yet it was all so simple. It was about the creation and obedience and prophets. We went by a second time and they said they all came up with a list of questions to ask us. But then some piped up and said that we need to teach them...well that is exactly what we are doing now. They are so cool.

We tried by Alzbeta and instead of catching her in we ran into her house mate. Her name is Talia. She was telling us about how bad her life has been and how she just wants to change. We told her that the message that we share will help her. She said she will do anything to be happy. We invited her to General Conference. Without teaching her anything she came and at the end told us that all of it made sense and loads of things stuck out to her. It was so good to hear. It is going to take loads of work to help her but I know that as she relies on Heavenly Father she will see a significant change in her life and will be happy. 

Miracles have been happening. I have learned this week to treat each person as a person. All to many times we treat the people we meet like objects, we use them and we don't help them. But as we have been able to truly help some people I have felt the Saviours love for me and for them. It drives me to want to be better and help others be better. This Gospel is true. It changes lives. Heavenly Father is there and he loves us. Jesus Christ did die for us. We have a living prophet on the earth today. If you do not know all this as the Prophet and Apostles invited us, Pray, study and ponder the scriptures, and obey the commandments. I love you all so much, I do miss you but I love this work and it is true. 

God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES. 

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

Sorry no pictures....I slacked :(

Ohhhh how I just LOVE this sweet missionary of ours!!! 

When Tyler's email came in this morning I was awake and up trying to encourage Tanner to get up for his swim practice!  (Sometimes it is just soooo hard to get up and know that you have to go jump into a FREEZING COLD pool!  This morning was one of "THOSE"mornings!!!)
I quickly scrolled down to the end of Tyler's email and saw his comment about "sorry no pictures...I slacked :( "
I decided to quickly email Tyler back to see if I could catch him!

"Hi Tyler! Ya there???
I quickly scrolled down and saw no pictures!   Man you DID slack!!!!  I'm just kidding!   I LOVE Ya anywho!  Know I'm just kidding but yes I do LOVE them.
Love MOM"
Tyler responded with saying..."I know I slacked.  I realized this morning that I didn't take any pictures!  haha"

Then within a few short minutes I got this response 

"I got a picture! :)"

I asked him if that was a picture of them watching conference and he said,
"no, it is of us emailing everyone!  Haha, I seriously just took it!"

He really LOVES me and knows how to make his Mom's day! 
Just decided to share this on his blog!
Have a GREAT MONDAY all!  
I know I will!  :)

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  1. Just love Monday mornings. So fun to hear from him and know he is doing great things. So pleased with him.