Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Mother's Day - Monday, May 9, 2016

Heya Mum, Dad and Family,
It was so nice talking to everyone. It seems like you all have changed loads and become better. I was so happy to see everyone. It seems like FHE is paying off, it really does bring everyone closer. Something that was mentioned in Sacrament this week was we need as families to do more than just have family prayer and family scripture study. Satan is working really hard to tear the family apart and he is giving it his last hurrah because we know that the "times are nigh at hand". Seeing everyone always lifts my spirits. Sounds like everyone is staying busy and having a good time.
Miracle story. Elder Bailey and I were walking home one night and this guy stopped us! What?!!! That never happens!? Yes this guy stopped us and said that he needs help sorting his life out. His name is Tony. We talked to him on the street for a little bit and then asked if we could come over the next day. So we did. We went over and he told us about all the things that he is going through and how he wants to change his life. So then we shared some Mormon messages with him, the "Because He lives" one and talked to him about the Atonement, we kept trying to share the Plan of Salvation with him but it kept going back to the Atonement and the Addiction Recovery Program. So we explained to him that the Church provides things that can help him change his life and we explained that the messages we share changes peoples lives as well. We then talked about how baptism is a way for us to be cleansed from sin and have a fresh start. We invited him and scheduled him to work towards the 11 of June. We know that it is soon but we also know that Heavenly Father is a God of miracles. He may not make it for him to be baptized that day but he may be able to change his life around. We are excited to see him again.
Well Eloise and Susannah are the only two left talking to us. They have stuck it through. We are almost finished teaching them. They have come to church are reading and praying, they even attended a baptism. And they are still struggling with receiving an answer. We have a feeling they are afraid to give up some of the things that they like to do as students. So our plan with them is to finish teaching them the commandments and invite them to make a decision whether this is something they want to do or not. I know that they have felt the spirit testify to them that this is true as well, they just have to decide to decide. They are great people.
We have been seeing many many miracles but I think the greatest miracle was something I realized myself. I was pondering last night some things. I was thinking of all the things that I could have done, which I still have a lot that I could have done. I also realized that although I don't have much time left, I still have time. I need to use that time to the fullest. I am not finished with this work. I still have a lot to do and a lot to become. I also realized that maybe I wasn't seeing the full picture. I was too worried about what I could have done and didn't see that maybe just maybe Heavenly Father has been using me to his purposes. Heavenly Father's plan for me maybe wasn't to baptize England...all though that would have been nice....maybe it is just to plant the seeds for others to harvest. It is so simple, I completely missed it. But now I see the big picture. I made a deal with myself that I am going to just keep going, and I am not going to look back. There is so much that I need to do and I need to rely on Heavenly Father more. I really do love the Gospel, it has helped me so much. It is amazing. Love you guys. If there is anything you need let me know.
God be with you till we meet again. On our way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

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