Monday, May 30, 2016

Look to the Lord in all things

Hiya Mum, Dad, and Family

I can't believe that school is out already. That is so crazy. It just
seems like yesterday that I was graduating. It also seems as though
all Kendra and Kynsie do is party!!! Let's see Mrs. Pierce; she taught
me a lot. Helped me to love English because she made everything fun
and interactive, and yet kept things on track. Here in The Mission we
talk a lot about being human and finding common ground with the people
we meet. Because by doing this we are able to relate to the people we
meet and then bear personal testimony to them and help resolve their
needs. That is something Mrs. Pierce did. She was human with the
students. Just a few thoughts. Sorry for not sending pictures....I am
really bad at it. I have pictures I just forget to send them.

Well these past few transfers have gone by so quickly. It is a bitter
sweet moment right now though because President has asked me to go
back to Huddersfield Zone as the Zone Leader again, but I will be in a
different area called Meltham. It is a small little village but a
great place. I am excited to be back in the Huddersfield zone but
gutted that I have to leave the wonderful York Zone. Leaving all the
people I have met is so hard. But I am excited to get started again. I
will also be area booking again. My companion's name is Elder Cottrell
from Utah and he is a great guy.

These few transfers I have had the opportunity to train Elder Bailey
but I have learned more from him. To be completely honest with
everyone I have had a hard time due to "not seeing success" but what I
realized is that I have seen loads of success. I have see the Lord's
hand in all things. Elder Bailey and I have taught and testified to
many people and each of those times the spirit has testified of the
truthfulness of the beautiful message we share. I know again that I
have had he blessing and responsibility of planting many seeds for
missionaries to harvest in months and years to come. This email I
wanted to change up a bit and take a step into the past. By doing this
I hope you all who read this will be able to take a peek into the many
miracles that I have seen. I have truly seen the Lord's hand in this

When I left the Huddersfield Zone I prayed for peace and assurance
that I would be able to not be so stressed and that my new companion
and I would be able to find, schedule, teach and progress people to
baptism. Well we got here and we have been able to do just that. As a
result of the prayer I have been able to see Sue and Eloise progress
towards baptism and I know that they will be able to make it to the
waters of baptism.

I was struggling with words coming to my mouth in Huddersfield. I
prayed that Heavenly Father would open my mouth and work through me.
There have been many cases where I have opened my mouth and words
which have not been mine have flowed from my voice.

Elder Bailey and I really wanted to find a family to teach so we
fasted and prayed for he opportunity to find a family and that we
would be able to teach and schedule them for baptism. We found the
MacInerney's. They were a family of 5. They were very open to us and
our message. We were able to teach them a few times and then schedule
them for baptism. On multiple occasions I know that he spirit
testified and pierced their hearts. I know that they will a few years
down the line will be found again and they will accept the restoration
of the gospel into their lives.

Sue was a former investigator. We went by and taught her once and we
didn't think she was interested in the gospel at all. We decided not
to go by again. Then we walked by her house one night and we both felt
inspired to knock on Sue's door. She opened it and let us in right
away. She explained to us that she felt like she had been missing
something since she had stopped meeting with the missionaries. It has
been a long journey and it is not yet over but Sue now believes that the
church is true and she has progressed so much. I know that Sue will
accept the invitation of baptism.

We many times prayed that Eloise would get an answer to her prayers.
We have taught her basically everything that we can. She loves coming
to church and loves the feelings she gets when she prays and reads the
Book of Mormon. She has come from not believing in a God to almost
being a full fledged Mormon. Haha. She one night was on a walk and
prayed to Heavenly Father that she would get an answer right at that
moment. As she finished her prayer she ran into two of the YSA. They
exchanged a conversation, hugged and left. Eloise then told us that,
that was the answer, that it was not mere coincidence. As time passes
she will too enter the waters of baptism.

These have just been a few of the wonderful instances where I have
been able to see Heavenly Father's hand in all that we have done. I
know that this work is true and Heavenly Father answers our prayers.
Sorry for such a long email. I love you all and hope you are well.

God be with you till we meet again. On our Way. #10sof1000s. HE LIVES.

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

I'm thinkin'...
Another last minute selfie just because Mom wants a picture!  
That goofy missionary!!! 

I'm really thinking this because Tyler sent this one and only picture 2 minutes after he sent his regular email.
Just about the amount of time it would take to take a quick selfie! 
Just sayin'! :)
Guess I can ask him in about 21/2 months!!!

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