Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tyler's Mission Call

April 9, 2014
Steve had a business trip which took him down to Las Vegas and because it was Spring Break we decided it might be kinda fun to join him.  So we took the three younger children and headed down.  We had a fun time and it was a much needed break from the everyday tasks of life. 
( At least for us...Steve was involved in conference meetings all day but then we got to play with him in the evening.)

Tyler had decided before we left Provo that he wanted to do Baptisms for the Dead at the Las Vegas Temple so he took his temple recommend along.  Tanner looked for his recommend but could not locate it so he was not able to do baptisms with his older brother.  Darn!  He needs to keep track of that important little paper!  :)  It was Wednesday morning and with the help of Suri :)  we located the temple. While Tanner, Kylee and I enjoyed the temple grounds outside Tyler did baptisms.  He told us later that he was the only one inside to do baptisms and that they actually had to call workers down there to help with the baptisms.  Definitely different from his experiences at the Provo Temple!

While Tyler was inside I received a phone call from Kynsie! 
As I answered, I heard her say "Tyler got his mission call!"  We knew that it would be coming soon but because of LDS General Conference the weekend before, we all had thought he would most likely not get his call until the next week.  We were all really surprised! 
Shortly after this, I saw Tyler coming around the corner of the temple on his phone (with Kynsie) with the BIGGEST SMILE one could ever have!!!  (She had tried calling him but because he had turned his phone off while in the temple.,.she had left him a message.  So he returned the call and got his exciting news...that IT had arrived!  
I think I will have that picture in my mind forever!   

For the rest of our stay down in Las Vegas, I was surprisingly calm!  Not too over anxious to get back to Provo to find out where he would be serving our Heavenly Father for the next two years.  We finished our time there and set out for home the next afternoon.  

While driving home on late Thursday afternoon, I remember thinking and anticipating him opening up his call.  I became a little overwhelmed and tears welled up in my eyes as I thought to myself..."I can't do that MTC thing again!!!"  We had just welcomed Kynsie home from her mission just two months previous to this and the memory of taking her to the MTC came quickly back to my mind.  
As many of you who have experienced this,,,it is one of the choicest blessings a parent can do but yet one of the HARDEST things you will ever do!

(Don't mind the lifesaver mint Kylee has in her teeth...Goofy girl!!!)

 Opening The Mission Call  :)
Wow...England Leeds Mission
He will report to the England MTC August 28, 2014
(Guess I won't have to do the MTC drop-off like I was worrying about as we drove home from Las Vegas. Instead we get to take him right to the airport!  HELP!  That will be an interesting experience for sure!

Tyler with some of his closest fiends.  As a mother I'm so grateful my children have had great examples to grow up with all these years.

Not sure you can see it but this cookie actually has kind of a "Smiley Face" on it!  
Because we had been in Las Vegas Tyler's wonderful older sister, Katelin, (she seems to  think of everything and helps her Mother out ALWAYS!)  had decided we needed to have some treats for all his friends when they came over to be here when Tyler opened his call.  So...she made a family favorite!  Oreo's!!!  
As we were driving she sent me a text with a picture of this cookie and said "LOOK"!  
It was surely a HAPPY Day!

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