Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ki Ora & I'm Back! September 3, 2014

Our first weekly email...

Ki Ora Everyone,
Well Ki Ora means Hello in Mauri (i think that is how it is spelled), it's what they speak in New Zealand! My companion taught me that. Elder Turner is my companion, he of course is from New Zealand! He is really awesome. We get along really well! He is so funny, I am laughing constantly but so spiritually at the same time. Don't worry we are learning and getting the work done! The food is actually really good...I can't tell a difference between it and the U.S. My teacher is really good. She has taught us a lot but I honestly think I have learned the most from role plays. We are teaching 3 "investigators" and each time I have felt the spirit so strongly even though it is teaching people who already are members. ITS CRAZY! We went to the temple this morning and it was so beautiful. The Preston temple is amazing. I will send Pictures next week...I forgot my camera...haha sorry! It was such a cool experience cause there were about 25 missionaries in the celestial room and it was just completely silent it was such a cool thing to see and feel. There are not that many people here...maybe 50 people max! It is very small but I like it alot! I have slept so good every night! Right when I get in my bed I'm out!!! I love it here and I would right more but we are going into town to the shops! I love you all and I will send you pictures and write more next week! Tell me everything about your week and how everyone is doing! Again I'm sorry I haven't written much this week! Love you guys. I do still need a watch but if you guys can't send it, it's completely fine. Love you!
Elder Tyler Rife
God be with you, On my way...#10'sof1000's
P.S. SEND ME MAIL!!!! :)

It was so fun to see this a few hours later...TWO EMAILS in one day!

I'm back again,
Well I had to go to the shop so I only had like 15 minutes to write! England is so beautiful! Everything is so small. The houses....streets....cars....everything, It reminds me of main street in Disneyland, as well as privot drive in Harry Potter! Seeing people drive on the other side of the road is weird too, it is gonna take me awhile to get used to that. Alright lets see maybe I can go more in depth about it here

(He must have accidentally hit send because right after seeing the above we also got this...)

Oops didn't mean to do that...
FOOD: Everyone said the food was gonna be bland and not good but like I said before...I can't really tell a difference! We had something that reminded me about Mom's hot dog and mashed potato casserole, but it is hamburger and mashed potatoes with cheese on top, it was called shepherds pie. Everything else tastes pretty good. I had a dream the other night that we were having family dinner...yep that was my dream, very exciting!
Companion: Like I said my companion is Elder Turner...He is from New Zealand but sounds very much english! He is an amazing companion. I was very lucky to have him as my first companion. As we teach, I learn so much from him and we both have agreed that our teaching techniques work amazing together...He always says we are in tune with each other! He always knows what to say and knows so much about the gospel...his testimony is so strong and it strengthens mine a ton. I have learned so much. It makes me think that even though I grew up in the church and thought I knew a lot, I actually don't know as much as I thought. But I'm learning so much and am very excited to keep learning.
MTC: There are maybe 50 other missionaries here, many are from England, Germany, and America and a few from other places. There are people learning Greek, which is very cool, and German, and English...thats it. The Training center itself is very small...I will send a picture next week. Thats really it about the MTC.

Well thats about it so far. I'm doing well! learning lots! sleeping well....sometimes I find myself almost falling asleep during class but I promise I don't! I will write you about more next week...but it may not be on wednesday...it may be the monday after, I don't know yet! Tomorrow we are going out to find contacts and I'm very Excited! Thanks for the scriptures to read, I will make sure to read them. I took £10 out of the ATM I don't really know how much that is...but yeah! Well everyone thanks for all of your examples and strong testimonies that have helped my own testimony grow, and help me out on a mission! Tanner Learn and study as much as you can before your mission, it will be such a big help! Love you all and I hope everything is going well. I think you should send me those swedish fish...cause technically you did get them because of me! Have you found out who they are from yet? Well tell me everything that is going on...the good, the bad, the dirty secrets...I WANT DETAILS ON EVERYTHING! And I really like letters!!!!!!! For real now I'm going. God be with you. Love you all. On my way. #10'sof1000's.
Elder Tyler Rife

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