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Ya Jam what I'm manning? September 15, 2014

Hi ya,

Lets see where do I begin.....I guess I will start at the beginning.

I was called to serve in the Leeds, England Mission. When they give a calling...they give a calling. I'm serving literally in the Leeds, England area. The mission home is pretty close, I actually don't know where it is. I don't really know where anything is, I just get off the bus when my companion gets off the bus. I'm serving in a very very ghetto area. You will see some pictures of where I'm serving. STORY TIME!!! So we were in this place called Beeston and there is this little gang of kids...they are seriously like 10 years old. Anyway they apparently love throwing rocks and bottles, basically anything at us. But when we start walking towards them they run so its all good. They swear like non other and one of them had a smoke in his mouth. I was like "man you are like 4". So carma right?! We all know what it is. We were on the bus and this kid (the one that was smoking) gets on the bus with a hoodie on and kinda looking down. We then went to this stop that was right across from the po po station, and all of a sudden this kid gets off the bus and starts booking it. Well we didn't move and a bunch of coppers started showing up, apparently this kid nicked a really nice phone and ran. We ended up getting off a little later. As we were walking we saw this same kid but he had dropped his hoodie and was in all black. My companion called to him and said "their comin' for ya, their coming" the kid just gave us a dirty look and started walking. We got on the phone with the police, the kid looked back saw us and started running again. Well we told the police that we saw him and told them where he lives. Long story short...carma stinks and don't mess with the missionaries!!! :)

My trainer is Elder Fergurson, he is a good guy. We get along pretty well. He has only been out 3 months and he is training already...everyone was telling me he is such a good missionary, and he really is. I have learned so much from him and we are having so much success. He is 20, he came out on the mission a little late but that's because he needed to be my companion. He is from Canada eh!! We work well together and are getting a lot done.

Well we are teaching this guy. His name is Paul, he is an Irish Catholic and has a terrible addiction problem with smoking and alcohol. My eyes burn every time I walk into the house. Honestly everyone smokes here, its bad, I'm starting to smell like smoke...don't worry the mission President only allows us to smoke on preparation days! ok ok just kidding we don't smoke. But I really think I am starting to smell like smoke...I don't know though. Anyway Paul. The other day we were talking to him about the Atonement and he told us that someone said he was damned to hell and he didn't feel like he could be forgiven. It was a sad story. We just talked to him about Christ and His Atonement, and then about Heavenly Father's Mercy. We read from Enos and we told him that when we leave he needs to do as Enos and pour his whole soul out to God and ask for forgiveness. The spirit was so strong it was amazing. He promised he would and I think he felt comforted. We well see what happens with that.

Sol and Macy. Sol is a tattoo artist and Macy is his 13 year old daughter. They are both just amazing. They come to church almost every week. Macy is getting baptized September 26th. Sol wants to get baptized but he can't quite smoking. He gets stressed a lot and so he says its a stress reliever. He knows that the gospel is true and wants so bad to get baptized. He has expressed his feelings about that to us. He is a good lad. They are both really smart and are so kind to us. Sol told us that if it came down to kicking us out of the house or his friends he would kick his friends out. He says he respects us so much and would do anything for us. It was funny, the other day we were talking a little about coffee and tea and how addicting it is. Sol said that its not addicting and he said he could stop anytime he wanted. Sol likes making deals so we said you stop this week and if you drink coffee or tea, then you have to speak in church. We are pretty excited because we know he isn't gonna make it. Here we come fast and testimony meeting sol! He also teaches us the English slang! Ya jam what I'm manning is York. It is what Zac Rowley spoke to us. It basically means do feel me? or do you understand. Anyway there is so much I could say about Sol and Macy. They are just amazing. Everyone told me I would grow to love the people, I honestly have I love the people here. I love little old Ghetto Beeston!

That's been the week Here is my spiritual inspiration moment. READ ENOS! And then really figure out what it all means. Such an amazing Chapter. Well love you all and I hope you are all doing well. I'm on my way. God be with you. #10'sof1000's #

Love, Elder Tyler Rife

 Tyler with his MTC companion (I think)
Elder Turner from New Zealand

The street where he lives

Tyler didn't give an explanation on this picture
(perhaps it is in his neighborhood)

 Preston England Temple 

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