Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eat Like Kings - September 22, 2014

Good Morning Everyone,

It is probably about 5 in the morning right now for you guys, but it is noon here. WAKE UP YOU LAZY PEOPLE!! Just kidding. To ease your worries. Don't worry we don't provoke those kids, they just really like provoking us. We try really hard to turn the other cheek when people are rude to us. You actually wouldn't believe how many people cuss us out and give us dirty looks and are really rude. But it actually makes me laugh so hard because I just think...if only you knew what we had to share with you. Elder Fergurson and I, when we are finding and someone rejects us we will always joke about it afterward and say something like "its your salvation" or "only 6 more encounters" anyway, I promise you all we are very respectful to the people and always wear the name of Jesus  Christ. We are representatives of Jesus Christ. I live at 169 fountain street, Morley, Leeds England, LS27 0AL. You can send stuff there or you can just send it to the mission office because most of the time Elder and Sister Iverson will bring us the mail on Sunday's. As far as packages...I don't care really, you can send me anything, and Elder Fergurson says he doesn't need anything. Honestly I don't need half the stuff I brought! Like we have to wear suits all the time, we can't wear slacks so I maybe sending hope a couple pairs of my pants. Um the best thing for your Friend to do is probably take it to the mission home. I don't think we are aloud to have people come to our flat. Taking it to the Mission office would be the best thing for packages.
 Food-so there were 2 pairs of Elders here before I came in, but they took the other pair out. We have a ton of food. We really are eating like kings, and members give us tons of food as well. I'm learning how to cook, and everything. Of course I am cleaning the flat...geez who do you think I am!!!!
I'm glad to hear everything is going well back home! You are all staying really busy, we are staying busy as well. We don't have hardly anytime to go finding because we already have so many referrals and people to see, its crazy! I just thought of something you can send me. Pictures of the leaves changing in the mountains! The leaves don't really change here. I'm Happy to hear everyone misses me!! :) looks like I made a difference back home!
Alright now for my week.

Macy is still getting baptized! She is a very smart girl and really understands what we are teaching her! She is getting baptized this Saturday, Elder Fergurson is going to baptize her and she asked me to confirm her. After her baptism we are going to work on Sol. They are really good people, I pray that Sol will open his heart and have a desire to be baptized. The picture attached is of Sols friend Mikey. He won gold and bronze in the paraplegic Olympic games for archery. The cool thing, he is standing in the picture. Sol always tells us that he is an inspiration because every time he visits he gets out of his wheel chair and walks down the path. He does it because the doctor told him he would never have mobility of his legs again. Mikey can't feel his legs but he proved the doctor wrong. Hopefully we can reach Mikey too.

Janine-SHE IS GOLDEN. All I can say is Heavenly Father prepared her for this day! The first day we met her we walked in her house and the spirit was so strong! She knows this church is true and we have set a baptismal date for October 10th. I can't even express how strong the spirit was that day!

This e-mail won't be that long...I'm having a hard time focusing and writing. It's kind of a bad email.

Many of you have already heard my testimony of the atonement but I know that Jesus Christ suffered for my sins, I know it, I have felt his love for me and I have literally felt burdens lifted off my shoulders. I don't have a strong testimony of many things, I don't know that much about the gospel doctrines but I know the Atonement...it is real...it works. That is why I'm out here, that is why I'm serving...I want others to feel the love and happiness I felt through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that it can play a role in everyone's lives, if they themselves accept Him into their lives...and make an effort. Use the Atonement. You all have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, who care so much about you and want only the best for you! I'm here because of them...that's why I'm here! Until next time. God be with you. On my way. #10'sof1000's.  Scripture study-Mosiah 27:28-30, 3 Nephi 5:13

Elder Tyler S. Rife

Sol's friend Mikey with the Elders
He won gold and bronze in the paraplegic Olympic games for archery.

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